10 Best Backpacks with Shoe Compartments in 2022

Backpacks are a popular item to hold your plethora of daily used stuff. From moving from the station to roaming around in the city, the best backpacks with shoe compartments are way more helpful than a typical suitcase. Moreover, backpacks are an easy-to-hold product even for your school or gym.

Speaking of the best backpacks, you will pick one with the maximum number of compartments to hold your goods. Hence, a backpack and gym backpacks with shoe compartments are something you may need. The built-in shoe pocket benefits from having your footwear securely regardless of whereabout you take them off.

Backpack with shoe compartments is available in different color schemes and designs. Further, whatever you want to pack, this best bag with shoe compartment will hold everything within.

Hence, if you are looking forward to some worthwhile backpack, either a casual laptop or sports backpack, to put your baggage in, then you are absolutely at the right spot. Here you will find our best picks of some shoe compartment backpacks. Check out the description.



1. Amber & Ash Everyday Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2. Mardingtop 28L Tactical Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
3. Adidas Unisex Utility Team Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
4. Nike Sport Golf Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
5. Thule VEA Backpack, 21 L-Best Customizable⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
6. Thule Subterra Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
7. Solo Everyday Laptop Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
8. Mouteenoo Travel Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
9. ArcEnCiel Tactical Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐
10. SHOULDCAT Sports Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐

Choosing a multi-purpose, the Best backpacks with shoe compartments may be time-consuming because everyone will go with the best quality and stylish one. However, picking a travel backpack and several main and small compartments is of no use.

Hence, one must comply with a well-built backpack having all-inclusive in it. A bag with a shoe compartment inside will be best for traveling or outdoor staying. We have come up with you a list of dedicated school backpacks with shoe packets. Other details are given next.

1. AMBER & ASH EVERYDAY BACKPACK-Best For Extended Luggage

Backpacks with Shoe Compartments
  • spacious compartments
  • exclusive bottom zip compartment with shoulder straps
  • sleek and ultra-functional pockets
  • no side-mesh to hold the water bottle
  • hard to wash due to cotton fabric

The Amber & Ash Everyday Backpack is a wholesome organizer to keep the stuff intact. Moreover, it is a soft travel bag inculcating an atypical streamline shape to avoid overburdening.

It is an optimized travel bag with fully padded straps. In addition, this is a separate laptop compartment and a lightweight laptop sleeve. Both zipped internal and external pouches protrude outwards.

They are meant for small accessories like cards, keys, earbuds, etc. However, you have to put the water bottle in the innermost pocket as the side mesh is not available.

The magnetic enclosure will secure your essentials every time. This everyday backpack comprises polyester, PU Vegan leather, and water resilient backpacks material. Moreover, the backpacks with shoe compartments and laptops have a spare bottom shoe pocket to keep sidewalk debris flecked shoes within.

Amber & Ash backpack is for travel purposes and can be used as a gym bag. The slim and sustainable ultra-functional packer is second to none.

Bottom Line

Resultantly Amber & Ash’s everyday backpack is all you need to keep your stuff safe and sound. Somehow, we ended up recommending this great backpack because it is the best option to put everyday goods in an organized manner.

This bag has a hunch to experience comfortable traveling along with an all-in-one assembler? Yes, this backpack is the solution to your query. Try this durable backpack with a separate shoe compartment.


2. MARDINGTOP 28L TACTICAL BACKPACK-Best For Military & Camping

backpacks with shoe compartment
  • bottom ventilation compartment to store shoes
  • padded compartment for tech devices
  • zipper closure with the USB charging port.
  • immobile waist strap.
  • Not water-resistant

Hiking or camping requires a lot of stuff to keep on. Thus, a military backpack is something more helpful in this situation. Mardingtop Tactical backpack is far roomier with 28 Liters capacity.

Moreover, it is enormous enough even to fit a hydration bladder within. It has separate compartments for holding quick accessories, including keys and cards, etc. Made of high-grade polyester fabric, it is water repellent and easy to clean.

This tactical backpack has the main laptop compartment and small padded pouches inside to keep tech devices. From holding ipad to sleeping bags, Mardingtop is very useful for motorcycle hiking or trekking.

The bottom compartment is adjustable and well-aerated for holding dirty shoes or gym pants. This bag contains a side pocket to keep your water bottle or umbrella inside. Due to its thoughtful design, it is user-friendly too.

A sternum strap is one of the best features of the Mardingtop 28L Tactical Backpack. Overall, it has every fantastic feature you look forward to in a travel backpack while buying.

Bottom Line

Overall, Mardingtop is much like typical military bags, but it is more well-equipped. Hence, we chose this backpack, whether for overnight traveling or trekking. It is roomy enough to hold laptops, sneakers, or even a sleeping bag.

Moreover, this 3-day assault pack has flexible chest drops too. Searching for a cross-ventilated packer to keep your shoes or wet clothes? Then you just pick Mardingtop 28L tactical Backpack that will stink out rationally.



adidas Unisex Utility Team Backpack
  • laptop compartment with shoulder strap.
  • water-resistant crossbody bag
  • huge travel backpack along with a bottom pocket
  • most backpacks give an odd outlook when teemed up
  • zipper quality is the bare minimum.

While choosing a backpack, you must select a versatile one. Thus, a casual daypack assembler is somewhat you should pick. Adidas is well-known for travel or sports bags. Therefore, will ideally recommend this Adidas Unisex Utility Team Backpack.

It is well-built with A1 quality polyester, making it perdurable and stout. It has a duly padded chest strap for comfortable carrying. Furthermore,

This team backpack has an exclusive moisture-resistant base to protect your stuff from wear and tear. On the other hand, a variable 16.25″ shoulder drop makes it worth wearing. Its storage capacity is not a bare minimum; however, it can hold a helmet, baseball bat, or armor adult.

Make sure to experience the tip-top utility backpack, as it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Bottom Line

In brief, the Adidas Unisex Utility bag is a casual daypack backpack. A resilient water base provides extra protection to the stuff inside. We suggest this assembler to you as it is a duly padded Backpack.

Moreover, it comes with shoulder and sternum straps that make it easy to carry. Are you probing to get a classic and enduring backpack? You seem to be in the right spot. Because Adidas Unisex Utility Team Backpack is long-lasting and has a lifetime warranty. Experience a durable backpack along with roomy compartments to hold your cleats, sticks, or even soccer ball.


4. NIKE SPORT GOLF BACKPACK-Best Moisture Resistance

Nike Sport Golf Backpack
  • water resistance
  • main laptop sleeve pocket
  • super-adjustable straps and numerous pockets
  • polyester linings are for a short timeframe
  • no side pockets to put water bottles.

If you are searching for the best backpacks brands, you must pick a Nike Sports organizer. It comes in elegant designs along with black or anthracite colors. Hence, an adjustable top-flap will provide easier access to the gear inside.

It has a spacious front pocket to store min-items of daily use. Zipper closure will keep the loadings secure and sound.

Nike Sports Golf Backpack contains a vast lower portion that caters as a shoe pocket. Moreover, you can put your workout clothes inside too. However, holding multiple golf balls within serves as an extensive sports backpack like JanSport backpacks.

I sheerly suggest you use this Nike backpack for a road trip or camping. This assembler is also available in customizable designs like a logo or a name tag.

Bottom Line

In short, Nike bags made of polyester linings are trendy sports backpacks. This backpack is easy to put on your back as it provides a customizable carrying facility. I used it myself, and honestly, I find it aesthetic and lightweight.

Thus, if you are eager to explore a fine-looking assembler of A1 quality, then Nike Sport Golf Backpack is a far better option indeed. Moreover, it has an adjustable zipper closure, even for small pockets. With easy access to your gear in no time, Nike Sport Golf Backpack is comfortable for sure.


5. THULE VEA BACKPACK, 21 L-Best Customizable

Thule VEA Backpack, 21L
  • great backpack with padded shoulder drop and back panel.
  • huge capacity even for hydration system
  • flexible sternum strap
  • main compartment zip encloser is invariable to extend.
  • It may not fit in extra sports gear.

A top-grade quality backpack is way better than an aesthetic one. So, if you are interested in a sizable assembler with A1 quality, I suggest the Thule VEA Backpack. It is because it has a lot of incredible features.

You can carry in 3 different styles depending on your comfort. As in the duffle bag to the sling in the crossbody bag, the top handle has various carrying patterns. The storage capacity is up to the mark. Thus, it can hold a 15″ MacBook or tablet in it. The padded interior compartment will keep your devices intact for sure.

Being a gym backpack, it distinctly stores the workout clothes or related essentials inside the interior storage pockets. However, a separate exterior compartment withholds the sneakers, and thus, it is well-airy containing meshed pockets.

This bag is made up of 800D nylon and polyester mélange and has an invading capacity of 21 liters. Give this Thule VEA Backpack ago, and you will find it usable for sure.

Bottom Line

Summing up the whole thing, a versatile packer is merely the most demanding item lately. Thule assembler will cater to a wholesome packaging of stuff from holding your MacBookto gym clothes.

Hence, this backpack is a multi-purpose backpack with a flexible strap system. Stating some fantastic facts about Thule VEA Backpack, I assure you that it is an excellent backpack with good storage of up to 21L inside.

Hence, if you consider buying a duffel or sling bag, you should go with a Thule backpack. It is because you can hold it either as a backpack or crossbody packer.


6. THULE SUBTERRA BACKPACK-Best For Holding Tech Gadgets

Thule Subterra Backpack
  • functional bags along with a pass-through panel
  • multiple compartments with padded interior
  • storage pocket for all your essentials
  • shoulder straps are not duly padded
  • inflexible and less roomy than other backpacks

Looking for a large capacity backpack, you should choose Thule Subterra. Made up of 100% pure Nylon, the fabric texture is relatively top-notch. It has different storage volumes, but 23 and 30 liters are the most popular.

I am startled because it is far more wonderful than ordinary assemblers. Moreover, these backpacks are available in appealing colors and designs too.

The innermost compartments are meant for tech accessories as these pouches are soft inside and firm on the outer side. A well-managed power pocket is also present to upkeep the cords evenly.

Relating to the shoe pocket, this is well-equipped indeed. This backpack is because it has a separate shoe compartment within. So, you can keep your footers inside anywhere anytime.

This rolling backpack has a top-loading and a metal zipper to secure the gadgets. An adjustable pass-through panel will also tuck the other baggage items rolling them fluently.

Bottom Line

In a word, these backpacks for girls’ schools are well-known for holding tech devices safely. For laptops or iPad, Thule has well-padded separate compartments. For my part, I opt this backpack because of its built-in safety pockets that comply well during a collision to protect the valuables inside.

If you find a perfect tech holder bagger and power pocket inside, you should pick Thule Subterra wittingly. As it has soft inside pockets that keep your accessories intact, even if it’s a bump or a jolt.

Moreover, it can carry additional baggage too. With a laptop sleeve and padded shoulder drops, Thule Subterra is a comfortable backpack for hiking or traveling.


7. SOLO EVERYDAY LAPTOP BACKPACK-Best For Securing Accessories

solo Everyday Laptop Backpack
  • stylish backpacks along with organizer section
  • lightweight school bag to keep stationery and other essentials
  • two side pockets in one backpack
  • no sternum strap
  • limited built-in separate compartments

Browsing a lot of webs to get a budget-friendly bag? Solo Everyday Laptop Backpack comes at an affordable cost along with ultra-awesome quality. This laptop bag has built-in padded edges for extra protection of devices. With two front pockets and zipped side pouches, it is the best organizer.

Further, these types of backpacks are easy to use due to the padded shoulder drops and an exclusive carry handle on top. It can hold a 17″ MacBook inside as the storage is ample.

I will suggest this backpack if you are a student or fond of camping. I have used it in person, and I figured it is suitable for the masses. Students can also use them as lunch box backpacks. Thus, you should give a go to this slim and lightweight laptop backpack even for once as it is worthwhile.

Bottom Line

Overall, it is meant explicitly for upkeeping tablets and MacBook up to 17.3″. Thus, this backpack for high school has padded edge construction as well as stiffened bottom side. I am delighted with this Solo backpack to test its longevity and cozy material.

Facing difficulty in finding a functional backpack? Don’t need to worry, as Solo Everyday Laptop Backpack is the only solution to your hassle. It has fully ventilated shoulder drops and pockets inside for secure holding of accessories. Check out the backpack with an organizer section specific and a carry handle.



Mouteenoo Travel Backpack
  • perfect for weekend trips or camping
  • separate compartment for gym essentials along with metallic zipper
  • just one bag to put work and traveling stuff both within
  • this gym bag won't fit in the full-sized basketball.
  • Available in mere one color.

If you are working out actively, you may require an accessory organizer. Mouteenoo Travel Backpack is a gym bag that keeps your workout stuff or shoes within. Moreover, you can use this assembler while traveling.

These backpacks for travel have a fully padded interior with top loading to save laptops or tablets. The laptop sleeve is well-built to tuck around the shoulder rationally. However, the most remarkable feature of Mouteenoo is the motile strap system which allows you to use it either as a duffel bag or travel backpack.

It has about 36 liters of vast storage to hold many essentials. A full-size basketball can even fit inside this backpack. Further, a breathable mesh pocket keeps the sweaty workout outfits or dirty shoes separate.

While traveling, you can keep your umbrella, sleeping bag, or toiletries inside multiple pockets. Lastly, this is all-in-one bag means inculcating both gym and travel essentials.

Bottom Line

As expressed here, Mouteenoo backpacks are of great use whether for traveling or mere strolling around. This packer is an ideal assembler for all your essentials like sweatpants, sneakers, iPad, or a lot more. When I tried this travel backpack, I felt a true sense of comfort.

Finding an all-in-one backpack with multi-purpose compartments is not easy at all. But we have the Best backpack with shoe compartment picks for you.

Thus, the Mouteenoo Travel backpack is a multi-functional assembler. Either you put on gym clothes or dirty shoes; its stink-out bottoms will carry the stuff nonchalantly. Being easy-to-carry thus, it has both a top handle and shoulder straps within.


9. ARCENCIEL TACTICAL BACKPACK-Best For Holding Outdoor Equipment

ArcEnCiel Tactical Backpack
  • partially permeable side pockets
  • scratch and water-resistant
  • the front pocket is for holding a pair of shoes
  • non-separable side pocket
  • in-sufficient MOLLE webbing travel backpack

Are going through the problem of muscle stress when carrying loaded backpacks? ArcEnCielbackpack is the proper answer to this hassle. This backpack is made up of the highest quality nylon fabric that enables it to go down particular decompression at times.

Moreover, when I tested the easy carrying system of ArcEnCiel, I was mesmerized because it was super light to handle. Speaking of the storage space, it is ultra-vast so that you can keep up to 15 shirts, a pair of footwear, and two water bottles.

Hence, the left and suitable pouches are meant to store small items; meanwhile, the front pocket is used to put sneakers. It is well-famous for the MOLLE design, on which you can mount some extra accessories, i.e., quite significant for camping.

This bag gives excellent shoulder protection while carrying on back. Try this three-day assault backpack for outdoor sports or daily traveling.

Bottom Line

In the final analysis of tactical packers, ArcEnCiel Backpack is way easy-to-use. However, it has a unique carrying system supporting the vertebral column while carrying loads & goods. We find this backpack a worth usable bag both for men and women.

Looking for a backpack to attach some other stuff? Then it would be best if you chose ArcEnCiel tactical Backpack because it is well-built to get several pieces of equipment to fasten with it.


10. SHOULDCAT SPORTS BACKPACK-Best For Traveling Enthusiasts

best backpack with shoe compartment
  • stylish backpack with wet and dry pockets
  • sponge padded shoulder straps
  • separate shoe compartment backpack at an exterior side
  • non-ventilated bottom shoe compartment
  • not a separate side pocket to keep water bottles

Finding it hard to keep your sneakers along with yourself while traveling? Sports Backpack is exclusively meant for this purpose. It is a backpack with a shoe compartment to carry the footers besides. A 30 liters convenient assembler is well-built for easy carrying and securing the luggage.

It can also be an excellent replacement for school bags. One of the best features of this backpack is the sponge padding that works for alleviating stress.

Moreover, the design is recently upgraded. Thus, a shoe compartment is available now. A double zipper shoe compartment is handy to fit any sneakers. Furthermore, it has separate wet and dry containers to put essentials.

You can either put wet towels or clothes in this backpack or anything you want. In short, this backpack is a super organizer with an adjustable spacious bottom pocket.

Bottom Line

To conclude the discussion of Sports backpacks, this is absolutely the best option. A convenient and straightforward assembler can be used as a school bag or traveling packer. I have used this bag in person and thus discovered some incredible features.

With a removable bottom shoe compartment for water-resistant stuff, it is innovative to experience. In search of a fantastic multi-functional backpack? Sports Backpack is an exclusive packer, giving easy access to all other essentials. Carry your stuff in this backpack, along with a dedicated shoe compartment.



Amber & Ash Everyday Backpack is the best backpack with a shoe compartment because it is lightweight, durable, and water-resistant.

Nope, these backpacks are not bulky at all. However, they are easy-to-handle as well-built shoulder straps or top handles.

When it comes to water-proof backpacks, most of them are water resilient due to the Polyvinyl Chloride seams. While others are not specifically water-resistant, they may be due to poor PVC coating.


Dirty shoes seem to be a total mess during traveling both inside and outside. If you’re facing this problem, you better try travel backpacks with shoe compartments as they have specific bottom shoe pockets that are well-ventilated to stink up the stench.

Furthermore, the best backpacks with shoe compartments are meant for keeping shoes or clothes and easy access to gym and sports gear. They contain various features to appeal to the travel buffs like an anti-theft pocket, shoulder drop, and clever pocket placement inside. It can either be a casual school bag or a gym backpack.

Lastly, we will sum up our topic in the hope that you might find this helpful review. Thus, you must pick some of the given products to enjoy the worthwhile packaging of your stuff. Being fully aware that a competent backpack is the most demanding luggage item.

Moreover, here are a bunch of budget-friendly backpacks for you. After our insightful research, we are reviewing the best backpacks with shoe compartments. Before enlisting, these products have been tested evenly. These multi-featured packers are best for busy workout days and camping.

I am Lily-Rose, an outdoor gear staff expertise with tons of practical knowledge. My favorite hobby is moving around the world and being adventurous in all the parts of the earth. I have been a worldwide traveler for over 5 years now with no sign of slowing down. I’m happily espoused and residing with my kids.

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