Can You Wash a North Face Backpack | Clean & Care 2022

Can you wash a north face backpack, yes, you can do this, So, read this article step by step and follow these steps one by one. The North Face backpack brand has a reputation for using high-quality materials, which sets it apart from the competition.

It’s due to the high-quality materials used that you won’t discover any shoddy travel backpacks here. Many people find north face backpacks useful for a wide range of purposes (not just traveling).

Cleanliness is the most excellent method to ensure that your pack serves you well in various situations, whether hiking, biking, or just going to school. People ask a question can you wash a north face backpack? The answer is yes but with proper guidelines.

Can You Wash a North Face Backpack

Why Backpacks are Important?

Outdoor enthusiasts like hikers know all too well that a high-quality hiking backpack is essential to their survival. Make or break your next outdoor journey depends on whether or not you have the right bag to carry all your goods and apparel. Hikers, climbers, and campers use them and tourists across the globe to store and transport their gear.

How to choose backpacks that are suitable for you depends upon the purpose for which you want to buy a backpack. Moreover, Backpacks come in a wide variety like school backpacks, leather backpacks, college backpacks, and girls’ backpacks.

There are many backpacks brands from which you can buy your bag like Jansport backpacks, North face backpacks that sell high-quality leather backpacks, or many other varieties.

Practicality is the main reason why backpacks have become so popular with those who are no longer in school. You can have backpacks for middle school also. When you’re wearing a backpack your hands are free, and it’s robust, comfy, and long-lasting.

In this article, we’ve provided detailed instructions on how to wash a North Face backpack including laptop backpacks by hand and wash it in the washing machine.

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Is It Necessary to Wash Your Backpack?

Even though we’re about to begin the process of cleaning a backpack, to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding, it is an important question to keep in mind.

So, washing a backpack is generally not recommended. Goods inside the backpack remain dry with the DWR coating even in the event of a rainstorm. This thing makes them ideal for outdoor activities.

In addition, there is the possibility that it may be destroyed during the washing process, mainly if you use a washing machine or strong detergents. You may prevent these problems in the following sections.

As a result of all this, how to clean the North Face backpack properly?

As The North Face points out in its Product Care Q&A, the best way to clean it is with a damp cloth. Do not wash or soak their backpacks thoroughly, as they advise against it. If your backpack has acquired a lot of dirt and filth throughout its travels with you, spot cleaning may not be adequate.

Even though your bag looks like a complete mess, you should only wash it if it’s in a dire position. So, how to wash a north face bag in such a way that it will deteriorate its quality? Stay with us to get all your answers.

How to Clean a North Face Backpack

Just follow north face washing instructions properly. So, when it comes to washing your The North Face bag, here is a quick list of everything you will need:

  • a backpack that required cleaning
  • An area big enough to accommodate a backpack;
  • Mild, non-toxic detergent;
  • Hand towels or paper towels
  • With a gentle brush or toothpick,

Washing Hands First

Before you begin cleaning your backpack, make sure it has nothing inside that needs cleanliness. Remove all of your belongings from every nook and cranny of your body.

To get all of the minor and hard-to-reach dirt out of the bag, unzip all the zippers and give it a vigorous shake from top to bottom, with all of the zippers open.

How To Wash a North Face Backpack Step By Step

Take the following step after taking all the things out of the bag.

Brushing the Grime and Dirt off

Cleaning the backpack outside and inside with a brush or a damp cloth is a crucial step. Dirt removal from a wet bag may be complicated since it can make the dirt attach to the fabric much more strongly than dry.

It will be helpful to use either a toothbrush or soft brush at this point. We recommend using a paper towel to clean more extensive surfaces and a toothbrush to get into the nooks and crannies. But keep in mind that you should do this thing carefully so as not to harm the backpack’s surface.

Wipe It Down

To clean any backpack, even those made by The North Face, wipe it down. By not using any detergents or water, it’s less likely to damage your backpack’s DWR coating.

Taking Care of the Insides

In some instances, cleaning the inside of the backpack isn’t essential, but it’s a good idea to keep it looking fresh for longer and remove any dust or debris if you have to wet the backpack later on. If you don’t mind getting dirt on a paper towel or a regular towel, you may use them for this.

Using a wrung-out cloth is the most straightforward approach to get rid of the surplus water. Keep in mind that you’ll want to use very little water, to begin with. In the end, ensure that you clean every drawer and pocket by wiping them all down.

Exterior Cleaning

Spot cleaning or a more extensive cleaning technique may be necessary once you thoroughly clean the inside.

Use a moist cloth directly on the place that needs cleaning. It is the quickest and most effective way to do spot cleaning, as advised by The North Face. The time required to spot clean a backpack is tiny.

In this way, you won’t have to deal with the potential problems that a comprehensive clean may present. In contrast, utilizing a moist cloth or paper towel would suffice if you plan to clean the outside of the bag.

Moreover, when reusing the cloth, make sure to wring it out entirely before soaking it again. Keep in mind that we’re trying to keep everything dry up to this point. After this last procedure, the backpack should be clean and dry enough to hang to air out.

Soak in a Bath

Can you wash a north face backpack by soaking it in the bath? Yes, you may soak your bag in a bucket of soapy water to get rid of any stubborn stains or grime that has remained. To soak the backpack, you should use lukewarm water and fill up the basin, sink, or bathtub, whatever you are using for this stage.

Moreover, you should keep out detergents and soaps of any type for the time being. Most of the time, soaking can thoroughly clean a backpack without having to resort to the use of chemicals.

With the tub full, immerse the backpack in the water with all compartments and pockets uncovered, which will enable the bag to become clean fully.

So, to make sure that this step is practical, we would suggest using a brush or toothbrush to get into the hard-to-reach portions of the bag. They may also be used on the cloth itself, softly, to assist in scraping out any dirt that might be remaining.

Can You Wash a North Face Backpack By Using a Detergent

First off, we would caution against pushing things this far since there is no assurance that the detergent, even fragile ones, would not react poorly with the backpack and DWR coating. You should apply this thing only when there are stains that won’t come off.

So, using a moderate, bleach-free detergent is the best way to go about it or it is better to use mild powdered detergent.

The water should be tepid for this procedure, too. Pour the cleaner into the water first, do not pour it immediately on the bag. Use as little as you can get away with and mix it thoroughly so that it completely dissolves in the water. Once again, immerse the bag in the water, making sure that the discolored region stays underwater.

Now, allow it to soak for a few hours, depending on how severe the stain is. We would urge you to inspect it after the first 20-30 minutes and see whether the color rubs out or is lifting. The shorter the period that the bag spends in the water, the better it is. After washing it with this final procedure, it is vital to rinse it properly.

So, rinse and then rinse some more by soaking the backpack in clean water until no residue is left from the detergent. This thing is visible when bubbles cease forming when you shake the bag underwater.

to wash north face backpack


To dry your bag, you will need a hanger and try to hang it in a shady place. Such a place will allow the backpack to dry slowly, such as your garage. While it may dry faster if hung outside, this may cause it to shrink, and you would want to avoid that.

Please do not use a dryer or any other fast-drying device. because they will harm the fabric and cause it to melt or shrink. Hang it upside down for optimal benefits since this will also help the water to drain out quickly.

Washing North Face Backpack in The Washing Machine

Most people ask this question can u wash a north face backpack? Well, if your washing machine has a hand wash program, then at the lowest temperature setting and with the lowest amount of spins. It is ideally also using a laundry bag for the backpack, you may be able to get away without hurting the pack.

That being stated, we would strongly advise against it. It simply isn’t worth the risk.

Can You Wash a North Face Backpack (FAQs)

Are all North Face Backpacks Waterproof?

This backpack is not waterproof, but the fabric gives a fair amount of water protection. In our shower testing, we placed this bag under the nozzle for approximately one minute, moving the fabric to check whether any water had gone inside. We have a list of the best waterproof backpacks.

How Do You Wash a Backpack Without Destroying it?

Use a tiny quantity of mild detergent and wash the pack on the gentle cycle in cold water. (If it becomes bunched up during the spin cycle, stop the machine and attempt to spread the bag back out to enable it to be fully cleaned and also to prevent the machine from going imbalanced with a little load.)

Are North Face Backpacks Durable?

The 30-liter North Face Recon backpack is ultra-durable and offers enhanced suspension for all-day comfort. It offers lots of compartments and pockets to store away your belongings.

Mesh water bottle pockets help you remain hydrated while you’re on the run. Large yet cozy, it’s one of the finest backpacks for college.

How Much Weight Can a North Face Backpack Hold?

At 31 liters capacity, the Recon pack is substantial enough to endure multi-day excursions. It is across the globe without being too hefty to be recognized as a carry-on.

Can You Put a Backpack in The Washing Machine?

Secure the unzipped backpack inside a mesh laundry bag or an old pillowcase, or turn it inside-out to prevent it from being stolen.

Moreover, this will help to keep the backpack’s hardware in good condition. Make use of a little amount of mild detergent that is free of chlorine and wash your backpack on the gentle or delicate cycle of your washing machine with cold water.


A North Face backpack is a terrific investment, so keep your investment safe by sometimes cleaning it. Can you wash a north face backpack is this a common query among users? So, the answer is a simple yes. But follow all the guidelines about how to wash a backpack north face.

It’s advised that you wash your backpack by hand, but in severe instances, you may use the washing machine. Just be careful to wash the bag on a moderate cycle and hang it to dry.

In the same way, you can wash JanSport backpacks, Hershel backpacks, and other types of backpacks.

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