How to Make A Backpack | Step By Step Guide 2022

Choosing a backpack is one of the most anticipated moments for the little ones when they are going to start school; you always need to learn how to make a backpack. They still want to wear the prettiest, the one with the most original prints, or their favorite colors. In addition to filling them with books, pencils, and notebooks, these backpacks load with dreams, illusions, and energy. And are one of the main tools that accompany them in their growth.

Parents who promote eco-friendly values ​​and add to their children’s development path, from an early age, decide to make personalized fabric backpacks to instill in them the importance of reusing and recycling materials (instead of generating waste and practicing disposing of them).

Sustainability is only achieved with the sum of small actions that respect the planet. If you want to know whether a backpack is a personal item or not, just click on the link and read the article.

How To Make A Backpack At Home | 5 Easy Steps

If you are nursing, maybe it is something you can start up in your class to bring backpacks for nursing school. Thus, you will motivate your students to develop their creativity and understand the need to build a more sustainable world.

They will have so much fun as they learn to cooperate with peers! But how to make comfortable and the best backpacks for school? That is precisely what we are going to see here. We will give you How to make a backpack easy & simple steps so that you can help the little ones in class or at home to make their backpacks.

Ready to take note? Attentive, stay with all the steps for how to make a simple backpack and tools that you are going to need. Please start thinking about how you are going to put it into practice!

If your children have outgrown a shirt, pants, or any other garment, do not take them in the trash to take them out! Because we are going to reuse clothes to make personalized fabric backpacks with their fabric. These backpacks can use both for school and to go out to the park or go on a family outing.

You can make them in various sizes of the backpack, depending on your child’s age (or for you), and with more or less resistant fabrics. Let’s see the step by step for How to make a backpack for school!

1. Prepare The Materials

Take your notebook, and start taking note of all the utensils and resources that you will need to learn how to make the best backpacks for college from fabric or backpacks from leathers.

  • To start, you will need fabric. Take out those clothes that were too small or torn or old and let them decide which of those clothes to use to make their super backpack. Try to involve them in the process from start to finish. Help them learn to make their own decisions!
  • You will also need cords, or if you are thinking about how to make a fabric backpack with a zip, this other material. Maybe you can take advantage of old pants or bags or that you no longer use. Or another from a ruined backpack.
  • Lastly, don’t forget about scissors, sewing machines, and thread. Be careful with the first two; they can be dangerous for children.

An alternative to not using a sewing machine (or using it as little as possible) is to take advantage of the seams that pants and shirts already have to shape the backpack (and even your homemade costumes). In this way, the sides will already sew; only the base and the opening we will place the zipper or cord for closure will be missing.

easy tips to make a backpack

2. Cut Out The Pieces

Here you will have to think always care about what size you want to make the best waterproof backpacks. Depending on your child’s age or the use that is going to give it, it should have one size or another. When you have it clear, draw the pieces on the fabric. Let’s cut!

Start with the main part, for which you will have to draw two rectangles, and then with the accessory pockets that will be smaller and go where you prefer.

3. Sew and Sing

Finally, join the pieces with the help of the sewing machine. Here it is good for the little ones to learn. But be very careful with the handling of needles, better that they see how an adult does it and that, little by little, they learn to handle this tool. You can take care of sewing, they can sing!

As an important fact, when you are going to join the two rectangles of the main compartment, do it facing their visible faces and leaving the upper side open, and then, once they sew, you can turn it over to make it look professional.

If you’re using a zipper, sew it on the side you left open. And if you’re using a drawstring, make a hem at the top that you can tuck into to pull the ends closed. For the handles, you can use the same cord or straps from old and best messenger backpacks or bags.

How To Make a Backpack From Custom Fabric Backpack

Your little one can intervene more in this process. Here what we are going to do is decorate the backpacks to taste. Let your imagination run wild! We will try not to use scissors or a sewing machine so that it is easier to teach them how to make a fabric backpack.

You can use any decorative element you can think of; buttons, caps, paint, pieces of cloth, key rings, and dolls.

How to Make a Zipper Fabric Backpack

We’ve already talked about making a zippered fabric backpack, but not how to customize it. Something that children and adults alike are key chains.

These hang from the zippers and give a distinctive and personal touch to any backpack we carry. These keyrings can also make from repurposed material. You will only have to buy the ring or, why not, use one that you have at home. It is possible to make key chains with wood, plugs, wool. There are many ideas to develop!

How To Make a Lined Fabric Backpack

And finally, if you are interested in knowing how to make a lined fabric backpack, the easiest option is to duplicate each piece of fabric that you cut in step 2 and join them before sewing the pieces.

Typically, these types of backpacks are more resistant. And if your little one has to carry heavier books, this reinforcement will come in handy.

What do you think? Eager to start making custom fabric backpacks? We encourage you to make it an activity in which children participate and that they become echo moments that they always keep in their memory.

Let’s help live in a more sustainable world!

We suggest that the children themselves decide what materials to use to decorate their backpacks. And as for the design, the same; let them make their creations and look proud.

How To Make a Backpack From Durable Fabric

Who wouldn’t like to go on trips? To the forest, to a cottage, for culture, for sports, on foot or by bike, on a longboard or a scooter. It’s always a good idea to have a candle and a thermos of tea on hand, and then the best backpacks for laptops are our best friends.

But finding the right one is sometimes a cashew nut, so today, you can learn how to make a comfortable backpack. If you think that drawstrings only exist with a Nike pipe or as promotional items for crazy political parties and supermarkets, you’re mistaken.

The drawstring backpack can be not only practical but also a super trendy piece. Find a fabric that you enjoy and sew a healthier substitute over your shoulder during the afternoon. All you need is a sewing machine and four “ingredients.” And on the way to evening yoga, you can throw your outfit into your new creation!

backpack making process

What Need For This Best Backpack For School

  • Outer more durable fabric
  • Inner fabric
  • Cord for grommet straps


If you have an older advertising backpack at home, you can use it as a model. We drew its dimensions on the outer floral fabric. If you don’t have a sample backpack, try the size 42 x 36 (our size + additions 1 to 2 cm for seams) or make it a focus larger. Fold the fabric and draw a rectangle from the bottom edge to save on stitching. Then turn the fabric upside down and sew the sides to make a big pocket.


Cut out the same rectangle from the inner fabric and turn it upside down and sew the sides. Turn your face out and “dress” your outer fabric (which you still have inside out) into your inner fabric (you have it face out). Sew the fabrics together at the top edge. Create a nicely sewn hole for the strings on each side of the backpack, on the right and left, in both layers of fabric.


Now it’s the turn of the drawstrings, which will form the straps or the backpack’s ear. Turn the backpack face out and mark the triangles in the corners with the same size triangles, which you can then sew on the machine – you will create space for bushings and attach the inner fabric to the bottom of the backpack. Then, according to the instructions on the box, pierce one pass in each corner.


Finally, thread the cord through the tunnel with a safety pin so that a circle forms inside.

  • thread the cord through the whole tunnel so that both ends come out of the same (first) hole
  • thread the cord again, this time only from one side, from the first hole to the other, pull the cord out, pass it through the passage and pass it back through the other side of the tunnel and out of the first hole
  • Pull the cord out, pass it through the second pass and connect both ends with a knot


Your new backpack is ready. Put a book or your favorite lipstick in it and head out into the streets. Combined with a denim jacket, it looks great! What do you think?


After reading this informative guide, I hope you will understand, that how to make a backpack. There are different types of backpacks brands and companies. Some brands are JanSport backpack, Osprey backpack, Jworld backpacks, Hersial Backpack, etc.

If you want to understand how to pack or attach a sleeping bag with a backpack then you must click on this link and read this article. For packing a backpack from gear click on the link and read the article.

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