What Size Osprey Pack Do I Need: Informative Article 2022

what size osprey pack do i need

Most of the guys think about how to select an Osprey backpack and what size Osprey pack do I need, and what is the right size backpack for traveling. The best size of the Osprey Backpack is that fits best with your body. You have to choose the correct size of the Osprey Backpack according to your body size (e.g., Large, Medium, or Small).

You need Osprey Backpack according to your torso length and not according to your height. After reading this osprey backpack sizing guide, you will learn what size Osprey pack do I need, and how to pack an osprey backpack.

Except for Osprey backpacks, there is some best backpacks brand of the two famous brands Herschel Backpack for school and JanSport backpacks. These are the high-quality backpacks that you need. 

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What Size Osprey Pack Do I Need | Some Tips 

 This osprey pack sizing article will also cover why you go for only Osprey Backpack and how to adjust an Osprey backpack according to your body so you can feel comfortable during your hike. 

Measure Your Torso Length, Not Your Height

You need a friend and flexible tape to measure your torso accurately. You have to tilt your head at the front side and feel for the bony bump; your shoulders slope must meet your neck. This will be your C7 (7th cervical) vertebra, and it is the top of your torso length.

Now you have to slide your hands down the ribcage to the top of your hip bones on each side of your body. The thumbs will point backward, and the index fingers look forward, now draw an imaginary line between your thumbs. This spot of the lumbar is the bottom measurement of your torso.

Now again, stand up straight and say your friend to measure the distance between point C7 and the bottom point of your body, this is the length of your torso.

osprey backpack

The following table has options for Backpack sizes according to your Torso Length:

Backpack Size Torso Length
Extra-small Torso Length
Small Up to 15 inches
Medium 16 to 17 inches
Large 18 to 19 inches
Large 20 inches

Measure Your Hip Size

You have to carry most of your backpack weight on your hips, so a fitted hip belt is also critical. Now to measure the accurate size of your hips, you have to wrap the tape around the top of your hips.

This backpack size will be slightly higher than your belt line. So hip belt size always differs from pant waist size. Don’t mix both sizes. 

What Size Osprey Pack Do I Need

Osprey Backpack Selection Formula

If you are planning your upcoming trip and you are looking for the best Osprey Backpack for your travel, then you are in the right place because we are going to share our top ideas that you should keep in your mind during the selection of your Osprey Backpack for your outing.

1. Determine What You Want To Haul

What size Osprey pack do I need, and what do I want to haul? The Osprey backpacks have a variety of sizes and shapes. You have to select the right size of Backpack according to your travel plan. We have found the following sizes of Osprey Backpacks according to travel plans.

You need a 15 liters/ 915 cubic inches Osprey Backpack for a day trip

The Osprey backpack with 35-50 liters / 2000 to 3000 cubic inches is best for weekend trips. 

The Backpack with 50 to 60 liters / 3000 to 4000 cubic inches are best for a trip of a week or so. 

If your trip is longer than a week, then we will suggest an Osprey Backpack with 65 liters / 4500 cubic inches or higher. 

2. Determine What You Want To Do With Your Osprey Backpack

You should have an idea of what you want to do with your Backpack. If you need different types of backpacks for hiking in your local park and if you are going for a tough several days hiking. You need an ultra-light Backpack for sturdy and long hikes, and ultra-light backpacks are expensive.

 If you want to go for a few hours hiking, then you can use any pack without worrying about your weight, and you don’t need to spend on expensive bag stuff. 

3. Select The Best Fit Osprey Backpack According To Torso Length

We already have shared the way of measurement of your torso length. If you select the Osprey Backpack according to your Torso length, then it is the best option for most conditions of your travel plans. 

Why you Should Choose Only Osprey – The Number One Reason

Osprey Backpacks are a comfort, but the warranty of backpacks will surely surprise you. Osprey offers a lifetime guarantee, and they will repair your Backpack of any damage or defected type free of charge, whether it was purchased many years ago or you just purchased a new bag.

Moreover, if Osprey is unable to repair your Backpack, then they will replace it happily. Trust us; you don’t need to fix your Osprey backpack due to its durable material.

Furthermore, Ospreys have great international customer service support. If you send them an email about any issue with your Backpack, then you will receive a phone call from customer service within a half-hour.

You will feel amazing to know that the repair centers are almost in all significant countries like, Australia, China, Canada, all over Europe, Taiwan, Hongkong, Israel, Japan, Indonesia, Mexico, South Korea, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, Singapore, Philippines, and New Zealand. 

Osprey was founded in 1974, and will you believe that every single product design of Osprey Backpacks has passed through the hands of founder Mike Pfotenhauer and owner. The first retail shop of Osprey Backpack was opened in front of the rental house of the founder.

Later on, efforts and quality of bags make it accessible, and now Osprey is the most popular brand in the world, and you can find its branches in all the cities as mentioned above. Now the Osprey Backpacks headquarters is in Colorado. 

How To Pack An Osprey Backpack “How To Adjust Osprey Backpack”

You have selected your Osprey Backpack and now want to pack it and hit the trail. You need to know how to pack an Osprey backpack and how to adjust an osprey backpack for your travel.

First of all, you have to consider the time duration of your outing. You are going for multiple days or only for a day. You have to pack your bag with clothes (Must check weather conditions) and food and with other accessories according to your travel plan. 

Secondly, you must pack your Backpack according to the weather conditions that you are going to face. You must have the right kind of equipment with you for the cold/warm or rainy options. Must bring warm gear with you if the weather is cold. You need waterproof clothes in case of rain.

If you want to use a camera in the rain then you have to bring equipment for it. Don’t forget extra batteries for your torch and gas for your stove. The more you have, the travel will easy, but the Backpack will be heavy. Therefore, think again and again about your needs and the weight of items. 

The next step is how to adjust the Osprey backpack with all the essential equipment for your trip. If it is not your first trip, then you know very well what has to pack and what to not. But if you are going on your first trip, then you may carry plenty of weight, or you may leave many important things at home. 

How to Adjust Osprey Backpack

How to adjust an Osprey backpack is an easy question if you set your things as per our guidelines. 

  • Put all heavy stuff in your Osprey BackPack close to the middle of your back.
  • Pack lighter weight on small packets of your Backpack and away from your back. 
  • Your Backpack should look tall and thin, it will keep the pressure in the right place on your body. 
  • The use of Osprey Backpack compression straps will help to ensure that you are not ending up with a short and fat backpack. 
  • Maintain side-to-side balance as well, the load on one side can make you uncomfortable on your shoulders and spine. 
  • Try to pack all things in small sets of equipment so you can manage all items easily. If you put all things in the bag without management, then you may feel a hurdle during searching for any item. 
  • Try to make the top small pocket free for further use during your track. You may put gloves, glasses, food, etc. in this little pocket. 
  • After loading your Backpack, you must try wandering around with your Backpack on your back. Try to Stomp up and down on the stairs. If you feel you are in comfort tires, then it is ok. Otherwise, re-arrange your Backpack for the best solution. 

Where are Osprey Backpacks Made?

Osprey is a specialized company in the design and manufacturing of backpacks and bags. Their products are manufactured in China, Vietnam, and Thailand. We have already written a detailed guide on this topic that where are Osprey backpacks made

osprey backpack for traveling and hiking


There are different types of Osprey Backpacks in the markets like Osprey Packs Porter 30 Travel Backpack. Osprey Backpacks are the best in Design and Quality. You only need one Osprey bag for your hiking. But it is essential to ensure that what size Osprey pack do I need or what size backpack do i need? Hiking type, and then select the bag according to your requirement.

The second important thing is how to pack an Osprey backpack with the essential equipment that you may need during your hiking. Don’t forget the weather conditions during your packing. A medical kit is also an essential requirement for your hiking. 

Visit our next articles to find the best Osprey Backpack for you. We will describe each Backpack according to your requirements and will guide you as per our best experience and knowledge. 

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