Hi guy, welcome to you. Your laptop is one of the most important and valuable devices that you have, but. A laptop is used in an office, home, as well as during the traveling. When you want to travel from one place to another place, you worried about how to protect laptop while traveling. If you want to save your laptop, you always need a Protective laptop backpack for your laptop to carry.

 All the students, clerks, government servants, doctors, lawyers, engineers, both male, and female, used Best Laptop Bags for Air Travel to keep it safe during the traveling. Without a backpack, it is not possible to carry your laptops safely form one place to another place. 

Are you feeling anxious about your laptop that How to Protect Laptop While Traveling, if yes, then read this guide?


How to Protect Laptop While Traveling



Yes, these tips must help you in the protection of your laptop in a backpack from damages during the traveling. You keep a laptop in a separate compartment in a backpack. Do not put sharp things in the bag, which causes damage to the laptop.

Also, Protect the laptop from moisture. You must be turned off your Laptop in a backpack when you keep in it. You must carry the laptop bag carefully while you are traveling. 

For this purpose, you need a Protective laptop backpack. But without your full attention to your laptop during your traveling, it is impossible to save you a laptop. So, care and attention are also a must during your journey.


How to Protect Laptop While Traveling


How to Protect Laptop While Traveling

Ten ways to protect your computer (Laptop)

There are some tips, which prevent your laptop from damage during the traveling; you should follow these tips and keep in mind during your traveling.

1. Keep your Laptop in the Laptop Compartment

There are many backpacks in the market, which have separate sleeve or compartment for laptops.  When you are buying a laptop bag, you should buy that one, which has a separate compartment for your laptop. So, you should always keep your laptop in the laptop compartment, not into the other pockets, or other section inside the bag.

The best laptop backpack has a padded compartment from all sides. This padding foam in the laptop compartment will make your backpack looks bulky, and also protects your laptop from sudden bumps or drops. 

This point also should keep in mind, when you are carrying the bag, try to put your laptop position in a bag vertically, so the bulk of the weight is on the bottom of the back and not the laptop.

In this way, you protect your laptop from damage, also reduced your tension during the traveling.

2. Invest an Anti Theft Backpack

How to protect my laptop from theft? It is another question that arises in mind. For this purpose, you can use an anti-theft backpack. An anti-theft bag is a travel security product, made for safe traveling.

An anti-theft backpack has many hidden pockets and compartments, which is hard for the pickpockets to reach it. Pickpockets are common problems nowadays in all big cities around the world. Where you want to go, you should protect your laptop and other gears belonging in your backpack from pickpockets.

For this purpose, to protect your backpack and other items from the thieves, you should buy an anti-theft backpack. This backpack prevents your laptop and other devices form the thieves. An anti-theft backpack has a different design form other ordinary backpacks.

The Best Anti-theft Backpack Has Some Good Features

Some anti-theft backpack comes with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) blocking material. It prevents the thieves from getting sensitive information from your credit cards.  So, you are safe from both types of theft: physical and technological.

Anti-theft bags are anti-cut for thief hard to rip it open quickly with a knife; this is also have hidden zippers and pockets in the shoulder strap, the side and the back where you can keep small items like cards, cell phone passport, and other items. It also has an anti-theft lock. If you are wanted to travel to a city where the pickpockets have existed, then you should buy this type of backpack.

How to Protect Laptop While Traveling


There are some drawbacks or cons to the anti-theft backpack

  • It is mostly without water bottle pockets.
  • These are mostly non-washable.
  • It is hard to open without support.
  • It is slightly expensive to buy.


3. Keep Your Backpack With Yourself at all Times

When you start a journey or travel, you always keep your backpack under your eyes. Laptops are hot-ticket items for thieves.  So, do not trust those you don’t know. Even if you are at the rest stop, hotel, or an airport, do not leave your backpack. By this track, you also can save your laptop in a backpack.

You should keep a grip on your backpack during the traveling, and do not throw it randomly to any place. It can damage the laptop.

4. Keep Your Laptop and Other Stuff an Organizing Way

When you want to travel with your laptop, you must put a laptop, and laptop related stuff like power cable, USB Cables, phone, adapter, charger, and other necessary things in separate pockets. If you want to prevent a laptop from scratches, then do not keep all the items together. When you keep all the items in one compartment, then these things cause damage.  Do not keep water or other liquid in the backpack with laptops.

5. Must Lock Your Laptop in Backpack

When you are traveling, somewhere, you should lock your backpack carefully. You must buy a stander lock or a security cable lock that will keep your backpack safe. An extra lock makes secure your laptop from stolen. It also keeps in your mind; do not give your laptop to strange peoples. In this way, you also keep your laptop safe from thieves.


How to Protect Laptop While Traveling


6. Turn off Your Laptop When You Keep in Backpack

If you are on traveling, then you must shut down your laptop, when you keep it in your backpack. In this way, you also prevent laptop battery from charge losing. If you do not want to shut down your laptop, then you must keep in sleep mode or hibernate mode. In this way, your laptop also does not waste charging.

7. Checkpoint Friendly Backpack(TSA Friendly Backpack)

If you travel lots, then you should buy a checkpoint-friendly backpack that is recommended by the TSA (Transportation Security Agency). The transportation Security Agency provides guidelines for the backpack, that backpack should be checked friendly that is can easily be scan without removing a laptop from the backpack. In this way, your time does not waste in the checkpoint. 

8. Protect Your Laptop Backpack From The Rain

When you are going somewhere, and there is rain start, it also damages your laptop. So, then,  How to Protect Laptop from Moisture. Make sure your laptop is off when you are traveling in a rainy season. There are some ways you can do to protect your laptop on a rainy day.

First, to use a water-proof or water-resistant backpack for your laptop, if you have do not a water-resistant backpack, then wrap the backpack with an extra plastic bag that prevents your laptop from the rain. You also use an umbrella to save your laptop backpack from the rain.

9. Buy a Laptop Sleeve for Extra Protection

If you have an expensive laptop like a MacBook, you must buy a laptop sleeve for its extra protection. An extra sleeve provides an extra layer of protection to your laptop. The sleeve is also must well padded to provide a safe surface to your laptop. In this way, you also secure your laptop and other electronic devices like a camera from damage.

10. Handle your backpack with care

When you keep a laptop in the backpack in a proper way, then your second responsibility is to handle your backpack with care. Do not keep any heavy things on top of it because any heavy things damage the laptop screen. During the traveling in a car, bus or train also keep a laptop bag in your hand, not in the vehicles.

Laptop Theft Infographic
How to Protect Laptop While Traveling


You can secure your laptop in a backpack with some safety precautions, like, laptop sleeve for its extra protection, Anti Theft Backpack, separate sleeve If you follow these steps, that mention in the given guide,   then you have no  confusion about the question which arises in your mind that” how to protect laptop while traveling.” So, always keeps these steps in mind when you are traveling to reduces your worry about the protection of your laptop, but there are no guarantees that it will be saved because bad things can happen at any time.

A good backpack not only protects your laptop but also has a separate pocket for your other electronic devices like Mobile, and tablets and etc.