Top 10 Backpack Brands in the USA: All Reviewed 2021

Buying a new quality comfortable backpack is a lot of hassle. Because now, bags are not what they were when you were in school anymore. They are also one of the best pieces of luggage to carry for work, school, and travel. There are many backpack brands in the USA, different types of backpacks.

There are some famous companies in the USA that make quality, stylish, and the best backpacks for both genders. That’s why I have compiled a list of top backpack brands in the USA.

Imagine wearing a backpack that makes you look like a geek makes you fashion savvy. Then think of your daily routine in which this backpack fits beautifully. That is what I looked at while selecting a backpack brand that is also Made in America.

Top Backpack Brands in The USA

I have only mentioned those backpacks brands that have made their name due to the quality and trust of people. People love these brands due to their quality and are willing to buy their backpacks at any time. So, the following is the list of top backpack brands in the USA:

Now let’s have a look in detail at each of them. What do they offer? How is the quality of their backpacks? And most important, do they provide value for money? Because these are the common question that an American thinks of before buying a backpack.

Top Backpack Brands in the USA

Now we mention all the best backpacks brands one by one in this article:

1. Topo Designs

To no surprise, Topo Designs is the top manufacturer of backpacks in the United States. They have a solid track record in backpack manufacturing. Their backpacks give overall the vintage and old school look.

They are also among the most common backpack brands in the USA. Their backpacks are crafted to utmost precision using high-quality materials. Some of the best backpacks by Topo Designs include:

  • TRIP PACk Backpack
  • DAYPACK Backpack
  • 22L KLETTERSACK Backpack

Topo Designs backpack

2. Filson

The uniqueness of designs attracts people, and that’s what I like the most about this brand. They are the brand that needs to be well and truly on the radar.

They have something for every season, every type of person, and for every occasion. Their backpacks also top the quality. Some of the best backpacks by Filson are:

  • Filson DRYDEN 2 – Wheel carry on Bag
  • Filson RANGER Backpack


Filson backpacks

3. Timbuk2

Though Timbuk2 might not be as old as other brands mentioned here but serving from1989, they made themselves great till now. Timbuk2 backpacks are built to last generations and seasons without any problems.

They are one of the best backpack brands for travel in the USA. Some of the most famous backpacks by Timbuk2 are:

  • Timbuk2 SPIRE Backpack
  • The Timbuk2 ROGUE Laptop Backpack
  • Timbuk2 AVIATOR Travel Backpack

Timbuk2 backpacks

4. Mission Workshop

Mission Workshop has made its name by making military-grade backpacks for the American people. That’s why everyone loves their backpacks. Their backpacks offer quality that is 2nd to none.

They have paved their path as one of the cool backpack brands. Notable mentions from Mission Workshop include:

  • The RHAKE

Mission Workshop Backpack

5. MIS Calif

As the name itself suggests, MIS Calif (Make It Simple California) has the most elegant yet straightforward backpack. Their backpacks are crafted by expert people due to their high standards.

The designs of their backpacks look trendy yet straightforward. They offer a wide range for both men and women. Some of their best backpacks are:

  • ROLL UP Backpack
  • 3 WAY BRIEF Backpack

MIS Calif Backpack

6. Chrome Unisex

If you are a cyclist or someone who loves to travel a lot on his bike for long journeys, then you have come to the right place. Chrome Unisex Industries is famous for its messenger backpacks.

For the past 20+ years, the company maintained its name as the roll-top backpack design. The most famous backpacks by Chrome Unisex Industries include:

  • Chrome Urban Roll-top Backpack
  • The Chrome Barrage Cargo Backpack

7. The North Face

The North Face Backpacks are paid attention to detail, crafted to maximum durability, and are insulated beyond comparison. Because they have the best outdoor backpacks. This made their backpacks travel-friendly.

The North Face Backpacks are equipped with features that fit every situation. That’s why American people love their backpacks. Notable mentions are:

For your information we have written a complete guide on North Face backpacks washing. You can read it.

8. Mystery Ranch

Mystery Ranch fills the need for hunting backpacks for mountaineering customers because of their military-grade backpacks. Their backpacks are lightweight due to the material but without compromising on the quality of backpacks.

They have also manufactured bullet-proof backpacks for the Navy. Even after that, they haven’t lost the thirst to perfect the quality. Some of the best backpacks by Mystery Ranch are:

  • Mystery Ranck METCALF Hunting Backpack
  • The Mystery Ranch TERRAPLANE EXPEDITION Backpack
  • Mystery Ranck POPUP 38 Backpack

Mystery Ranch Backpack

9. North Street

The best handmade backpack business in the country. North Street has made itself recognizable due to its perfectionist quality. The Flanders Backpack hand-stitched by North Street fits the best for anyone’s hike plan or a normal daily commute. The best backpacks by North Street are:

  • North Street FLANDERS Backpack
  • The North Street DAVIS DAYPACK
  • North Street WEEKENDER Backpack

North Street Backpack


10. Cilo Gear

The world’s most rugged and versatile backpacks are made by this American brand. This backpack brand has fitted itself the best in the American culture. They use a clever strap system, a removable frame sheet, and a bivy pad. Because these are the things that should be on a backpack to attach every kind of bulky gear with your backpack. Some of the most famous backpacks by Cilo Gear are:

  • Cilo Gear 45L WORKSACK Backpack
  • The Cilo Gear 45L HAULY Backpack
  • Cilo Gear 30L Commuter II



Basically, the backpack mentioned above brands has established itself as trusted and durable in the eyes of the American people. They offer hand-crafted, fabric and leather backpacks having the best quality, not in the United States but in the world. Although all of them are promising, my favorite ones are:

  • Topo Designs
  • The North Face
  • Mystery Ranch

You can go for any of the above brands without any second thoughts. Also, let me know in the comments what you think of these backpack brands? Also, share your experiences with them.

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