Today I have brought you some best backpacks that are very field related. Like if you want to choose from the best backpacks for travel in 2020, then you will get a recommendation from this review.

But I will also guide you for some of the best backpacks that you can use them as multipurpose. You can use these bags as your daypack because they are best in business. All of these bags may or may not provide some protection.

best backpacks

Most of the businessmen and students use their bags for carrying a laptop. They carry a laptop for a small duration, but travelers who take their laptops for a long time outdoor face serious protection issues. They need to protect their laptops from thieves. So, to address this, we have also written a guide to protect a laptop while traveling.



Today in this comprehensive review, I am going to write a review for each type of individual like a business person, a traveler, a student, and a person who loves to hike.

These bags will serve the purpose of all of them. These are durable and beautiful bags. I am also using some of them. They did a great job. Let’s have a look at each type of everyday bags.


Targus Drifter

Targus Drifter II Backpack Design for Business

  • Laptop Pocket
  • Carry Handle
  • Water-resistant


Matein Backpack

Business Travel Backpack,

  • USB Port Design
  • Durable & Solid
  • Plenty of Space



 AmazonBasics 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Bag, Black, 10-Pack

  • Pack of 10
  • Perfect for Laptops
  • Padded Strap


List of The  Top 15 Best Backpacks



  • Weight: .851 Pounds
  • Material:  100% Polyester
  • Color:  Sunset Blocks
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best backpacks


  • Weight: 1.94 Pounds
  • Material: Polyester Fabric 
  • Color: Black Charcoal
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best backpacks


  • Weight: 2.8 Pounds
  • Material:  Durable Fabric
  • Color: Black Gray
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best backpacks


  • Weight: 1.001 Pounds
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Color: Winterscape
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best backpacks


  • Weight: 0.899 Pounds
  • Material: Nylon & Polyester
  • Color: Azure Blue
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best backpacks


  • Weight: 3.09 Pounds
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Black
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best backpacks


  • Weight: 2.2 Pounds
  • Material: 600D Nylon
  • Color: Coyote Tan
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best backpacks


  • Weight: 2.05 Pounds
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Black
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best backpacks


  • Weight: 1.001 Pounds
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Color: Grey Heather
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  • Weight: 0.851 Pounds
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Color: Sunset Blocks
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Best Backpacks for Business People

Following is the list of backpacks that is well-rounded for business people. They can carry them daily due to their quality and looks. They feel stylish and beautiful. The following are bags that business people will use every day in 2020.

  • Amazon Basics 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Bag
  • Business Travel Backpack
  • Targus Drifter II for Professional Business Commuter


1. Amazon Basics 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Bag “Best for Business People”


Best Backpacks


This is a proper laptop bag for business people. This is a kind of bag that people in business can use every day in 2020. Amazon Basics provides the best durability on the market. Amazon Basics has always offered the best quality and durability. This review of the Amazon Basics bag is no different.

Detailed Features

Amazon Basics bag has compartments for both laptop and a tablet. You can also carry your files in this bag. Also, there is an accessory storage capacity for mouse, iPad, and other portable items for you to carry on a daily basis.

This bag provides a simple and beautiful look overall. It comes with standard basic color, black only. As it is an office bag, it doesn’t have side pockets for water bottles.

This bag has ample capacity for those who go to offices daily. They can have their folders in inner pockets and notes for their work. The dimensions of this bag are 15.5″ x 2.8″ x 12″ (LxWxH). The bag is available in three different sizes.

The durability of this bag is long-lasting. Due to its tear resistance, this bag can be used for a long time. It also has water resistance. You can carry this bag in the rain as well.

The carrying shoulder strap on this bag is padded, which makes it comfortable to carry. So, we can say that it is a little bit convenient bag.

This bag does not have any anti-theft features or pockets. But people don’t need this in the office. The price of this bag is a little bit high. But the people who bought this bag are satisfied with the quality of the bag.

I know that this bag is not only perfect for business people in 2020 but for years to come.

  • Solid Build Quality
  • Laptop and Tablet Compartment
  • Maybe costly for some people

Product Information

  • Brand Name                                                 AmazonBasics
  • Size                                                              15.6 Inch
  • Dimensions                                                  15.5 x 12 x 2.8 inches
  • Weight                                                          12.6 ounces
  • Color                                                             Black
  • Customer Rating                                          4.5 Stars (37489) Ratings


2. Matein Laptop Backpack Business Travel Backpack “For Men Women Boys & Girls”


top 15 best backpacks


As the name of the bag suggests itself that it is for business people who travel regularly. It is mainly for those on the market which kind of travel for meetings.

This bag is from MATEIN and has solid sale history. That is because no other bag can compete with this. The look of this bag appeal to different people like business travelers, students, and day-packers.

Detailed Features

Business Travel Bag from Matein comes with compartments having space for both laptop and clothes. As this is a travel bag for business people, they can carry it anywhere in 2020 and years to come.

Matein bag has the best organizational features to organize your daily stuff. There are also side pockets to carry water bottles. You can take books, clothes, and a laptop e.t.c.

Matein Business bag provides a simple but sturdy look. Like it is available in most of the standard decent colors. This bag offers the ultimate durability for long term use.

The comfort of the bag is also second to none in the price range. The shoulder straps are padded to give support to the shoulders, and the back of the bag is also padded. This bag also has an anti-theft pock to save your necessary stuff from thieves on the go.

The bag also has water-resistant features for your safe and tension free travel. When you are on a business trip in countries like England where it rains heavily, you can carry this bag without any hassle. Also, the price of this bag is normal for business people. This bag also provides the best price to value ratio. It has received many positive reviews on Amazon.

  • Anti-Theft Pocket
  • Amazing Price
  • Great Features
  • The look is too simple
  • Not too slim

Product Information

  • Material                                       Polyester
  • Size                                            15.6 Inch
  • Dimensions                                18.11 x 7.83 x 14.17 inches
  • Weight                                       1.94 pounds
  • Color                                          Charcoal Black
  • Customer Rating                        4.5 Stars (14461) Ratings


3. Targus Drifter II for Professional Business Commuter “Best for Professionals”


best backpacks


I had to include this bag in this list for business persons who travel a lot due to its reputation as a business traveler backpack. Most people regarded this bag as one of the best backpacks they owned.

It looks like a heavy-duty business bag and it servers it’s purpose very well. Durable materials and the strong and sturdy looks of this bag are those that matter a lot. Some school students also use this bag for their school as well.

Detailed Features

This bag has a compartment for everything that you carry during a business trip as an essential item. This is a multi-compartment bag.

There is space for carrying everything like a laptop, a tablet, stationery items, files, a mobile, and even your clothes. While providing all these features, this bag doesn’t compromise on durability. This bag also offers water-resistance.

The stylish looks of the backpack also add to the beauty of the bag. It is available in three standard colors black, grey, and a combination of both.

This backpack also provides excellent comfort. Targus Drifter II also has padded shoulder straps and padded back for the ultimate convenience of users.

It is also relatively big. The dimensions of this backpack are 16.00 x 5.00 x 21.50 inches. And these are relatively big dimensions.

The capacity of this backpack is also significant. You can carry whatever you want. It is room to fit every situation.

This backpack comes at a relatively high price. But at the time of publishing, it is on sale. You can grab it at the best price point.

Also, there are plenty of positive reviews about the Targus Drifter II backpack on Amazon.

  • Big Heavy Duty Backpack
  • Comfort is second to none
  • Great Organizational features
  • No Anti-Theft protection
  • Price is a little bit high

Product Information

  • Size                                                   17 inch
  • Brand Name                                      Targus
  • Dimensions                                       16.00 x 5.00 x 21.50 inches
  • Weight                                               2.80 lbs
  • Color                                                  Black/Gray
  • Customer Rating                               4 Stars (2754) Ratings

Best Backpacks for Hiking

There are some that love hiking. Some bags on the market serves the purpose of hikers very well. A lightweight backpack having enough space to carry some essential items like water, towel, or an extra pair of shoes is all that hikers need. So, the following are the best bags for hiking:

Let’s take a detailed look one by one on each of those bags.

4. KAVU Rope Bag Cotton Shoulder Sling Backpack “Best for Hikers”


best backpacks


KAVU Rope Bag is tailored for hikers. College students use this bag as a fashion. But its real purpose is to serve hikers. Due to cotton, this bag is lightweight yet durable. It can carry essentials for the hikers. Essentials like a water bottle, towel, or an extra pair of shoes for long walks is what hikers need.

This bag is here to provide you with all of this. It is a seamless integration between fashion life and active life—most people who saw this bag end up buying.

Detailed Features

KAVU Rope bag comes with the two main compartments. They make the organization of the bag easy. In one, you can carry a water bottle, power bank, and other usual use stuff while in 2nd compartment you can bring your shoes and towels.

There are also two small pockets on the front to place your iPod and other small items. There is enough capacity to carry all your essentials. This bag comes in a cross wearing design, and therefore it has only one shoulder strap.

Due to padding, the back of the bag is comfortable. The shoulder strap is made from tight rope that lasts long. The shoulder strap is made to wear for long hours. This shoulder strap is comfy yet durable. It does not tear apart easily.

The durability of the bag depends on its materials, and the same is the case here. 100 cotton canvas keeps this bag together. KAVU Rope Bag has a decent size. The dimensions of this bag are 20 x 11 x 3 inches.

KAVU Rope Bag gives a local feel and an excellent worldwide appeal. Designers at KAVU provide enormous importance to the design of the bag. Unique patterns and a more extensive range of colors make this bag different from other in the same space.

Also, this bag comes in an affordable price range. It is one of the best backpacks for hikers. It has also received great positive reviews over a period of time.

  • Beautiful and wide range of colors
  • Sleek and Durable Design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • No anti-theft protection
  • No water protection

Product Information

  • Material                                                    100% cotton
  • Brand Name                                             KAVU-Outdoors
  • Dimensions                                              11 x 4 x 20 inches
  • Color                                                         Purple
  • Customer Rating                                      5 Stars  6,367 Ratings


5. OutdoorMaster Sling Travel Backpack “Best for Women & Men”


best backpacks


OutdoorMaster Sling Bag is just like the bag that I have covered above by KAVU with some minor differences. It is not as funky as KAVU Rope Bag, but it is for those people who like minimal design in a bag.

It is in a crossbody shape to assist hikers in carrying the bag. I love this kind of design. Some other design elements in the bag make this a unique experience. We will talk about them in the detailed features section. That was just an overview of what’s available on the market.

Detailed Features

The features offered by this bag are of one of the best backpacks provided in this range. OutdoorMaster left not any effort to make this bag great. They also succeeded in most of the parts but are not in some.

This bag has some great organizational features like it has two main compartments and a third single compartment which partially hidden in the fabric of the bag. You can carry whatever you want in this compact sling backpack.

The durability of the bag is also excellent. It is made up of sturdy and durable materials. That allows one to carry all types of equipment like a 12″ laptop tablet and even a camera.

The durable materials also add to the comfort of the bag. Padded shoulder straps and back don’t make the one using it tired.

The capacity of the bag is high. The dimensions of the container are 11.8 inches x 4 inches x 17.7 inches LxWxH. Also, the size of the bag is enough.

OutdoorMaster made this bag a little sober. The bag is simple yet elegant and is a classic sling bag. I can easily say that some will like it. It also has color options.

The bag has a dedicated water bottle pocket, which is suitable for carrying a water bottle on your outdoor activities. There is also a hidden pocket in the bag for theft protection. It is also available at a very reasonable price.

  • You can organize whatever in this capacity
  • Value for Money
  • Easy to Carry
  • Not much durable as others

Product Information

  • Material                                                            Polyester
  • Brand Name                                                    OutdoorMaster
  • Dimensions                                                     11.8 inches x 4 inches x 17.7 inches
  • Weight                                                             0.899 Pounds
  • Color                                                               Dark Blue
  • Customer Rating                                             4.5 Stars 4,311 Ratings

Best Backpacks for Travelers

In this comprehensive article, I hope to cover every type of user. Travelers are also one of a kind. They are the representatives of the nations and the place they live. So, the following are the best backpacks for travelers:

Now let’s discuss all of the bags one by one in detail.

6. AmazonBasics DSLR Camera and Laptop Backpack “Best for Media Personal”


best backpacks for travel

Amazon provides the best bags that are affordable to carry and strong enough to last long very well. AmazonBasics DSLR camera and laptop bag are also one of them. As the name of the bag suggests that it is tailor-made for photographers and videographers who travel for their work.

Detailed Features

This bag offers excellent customization. There are small compartments in the main zip compartment. All of them able to carry two camera bodies, at least 3-4 camera lenses, and a laptop.

This serves the purpose of those working with this kind of equipment. There are also side pockets for water bottles to carry on each side of the bag. But on one side of the bag, you can also take a big tripod. There are straps for this.

The bag has some durability to it. So, that while you are traveling with your precious equipment, your equipment will be safe.

There is enough capacity to hold the items mentioned above. As there would be adjustable spaces for cameras and lenses. The dimensions of the bag are 13.4″ x 8.8″ x 17.7″ (LxWxH). The bag is water-repellent up to some extent.

This bag is available in only one color, which is black, but you can choose an interior color. There are two interior colors in the bag. One is with a grey interior, and the other one is with an orange interior. Both look great.

The price of the bag is also reasonable. It is available at a fair price from Amazon. Most of the users have left plenty of positive reviews.

  • Only for Photographers
  • Comfortable to Carry
  • 17” Laptop compartment
  • No theft Protection
  • No strong Water-ProofingAli is not good

Product Information

  • Brand Name                                                 AmazonBasics
  • Dimensions                                                  13.4 x 8.8 x 17.7 inches
  • Weight                                                          3.09 Pounds
  • Color                                                             Black
  • Customer Rating                                          4.5 Stars 6,139 Ratings


7. Snugpak Sleeka Force Backpack “A Good DayPack”


best backpacks

Snugpak Sleeka Force bag is one of the best backpacks for travelers who travel for a day or two. It is a reliable and sturdy big boy bag. You can carry your clothes for a day or two with this bag.

It is durable as an army person would like to take it for his needs. They made it for the maximum capacity that a bag can have.

Detailed Features

This bag comes with a main zip compartment. And two big side compartments. They serve their purpose very well, and also all of the compartments have the ability to carry things that one might need on this a day or two journeys. I gave it a go, and it did not disappoint me. It is made with 600D heavy-duty fabric which is durable as long as for lifetime.

If we look at the capacity, it is one of the great features of this bag to have such an ample and large size. The dimensions of the container are 20in x 12in x 6in. The size of this bag is 35L. This capacity is no small.

The durability of the bag is also 2nd to none. It is highly durable yet lightweight. Due to materials, it is so feather-light. This bag is also water repellent. This makes it even easier for the one who is taking this bag to hilly areas.

Snugpak Sleeka Force bag is available in two colors on Amazon. Both of which look good and are environmentally friendly. There should have been more colors offered.

There is also no theft protection of some precious things that a traveler might take. Yet it is one of the best backpacks for travelers to choose from the plethora of bags on the market. Also, the bag is priced correctly. It offers what it should offer.

  • Ample Capacity
  • Sturdy and Durable Look
  • Water-Repellent
  • No Theft Protection

Product Information

  • Material                                                      600D Nylon fabric
  • Capacity                                                     35 liters
  • Brand Name                                              Snugpak
  • Dimensions                                                20in x 12in Inches
  • Weight                                                       2.2lbs
  • Color                                                          Olive, Desert Tan
  • Customer Rating                                       4.5 Stars 6,004 Ratings


8. KAUKKO Travel Laptop Backpack “Best for School & Travel”


best backpacks

KAUKKO Travel laptop bag is the type of backpack for travelers who wish to travel in style. That’s why it is one of the best backpacks for travelers, who highly rate fashion for them.

I was pleased to see how many choices they offer you. Like, sizes and colors, this bag is available in almost all colors and sizes. Not only that, but this bag is also feature-rich, durable, and comfortable. Let’s see in detail what this bag has to offer.

Detailed Features

This bag comes with one big main compartment and one small front compartment. In the main compartment, you have all the organization features. These are little pockets to have for phone, small notes stuff, and most of the other things that you can carry on your journey.

There are also side pockets to carry water bottles while one is traveling. There is not theft protection in this bag.

KAUKKO travel laptop bag comes in various sizes. People can choose, depending on their needs. The dimensions of a medium-sized bag are 18.5″H x 6.69″W x 10.63″L. And also, it comes with ample capacity. The capacity of the medium bag is 22L. It is neither too large or neither too small.

It serves the purpose very well. KAUKKO travel laptop bag is like for travelers who stay long in one place like for more than five days. Then they can carry around this bag, enjoying their vacations.

The looks of this bag are modern. I can say that people are not bothered by this kind of style and never will be. Also, it is available in almost every color.

This bag is also durable but for lightweight stuff only. The comfort and support of this bag are also excellent. Admittedly, this bag will not make the one tired. The price of the bag is also reasonable, considering the features.

  • Plenty of colors and sizes to choose from
  • Great Design
  • No water-resistance
  • No theft protection

Product Information

  • Material                                                             Polyester, Canvas
  • Capacity                                                            35 liters
  • Manufacturer                                                     Zhibiao Huang
  • ASIN                                                                  B086JMXZ3G
  • Dimensions                                                       10.63 x 18.50 x 5.91 Inches
  • Weight                                                               2.05 lbs
  • Color                                                                  Different Colors
  • Customer Rating                                               4.5 Stars 3,280 Ratings

Best Backpack for Athletes

I have covered the best backpacks for people related to most of the fields in this review, but if I forget about athletes, it would not be good. Though it is the only backpack that I have found suitable for athletes but is excellent too to recommend. Below is the name of this bag:

Now following is the detailed review of this bag.


9. Adidas Alliance II Sackpack “Best Option for Athletes”


best backpacks


Adidas Alliance II Sackpack is the best and lightweight option for athletes. Because athletes need to work out and they also do training, that is why they need to carry lightweight backpacks.

This backpack by Adidas is specially designed and curated for athletes. That is why I considered it for athletes to use.

Detailed Features

Though, there is nothing much to cover for a sackpack here. But there are also some details worth noting before buying this bag if you are an athlete and been looking for a bag that fits your routine.

So, I can say that this is the one that you can entirely rely upon. This sackpack has one big central opening and one small zippered compartment on the front.

The central opening, which is opened and closed by the ropes that you will use to wear it is the main one that will serve the purpose. In this compartment, you can carry your water bottle, headphones, and other stuff you use while working out. On the other hand, in the small compartment, one can take his/her phone with him/her.

This sackpack is available in plenty of colors to choose from. The height of the sackpack is 18”. It is also the most durable sackpack.

This is a natural choice for most athletes. Also, the price of the sackpack is reasonable considering the quality. So, I would strongly recommend this to any athlete.

  • Designed for Athletes
  • Best Value for Money
  • I couldn’t find  inside zipped pocket

Product Information

  • Material                                                              100% Polyester
  • Manufacturer                                                      Adidas
  • ASIN                                                                   B07YPBHMGN
  • Item Model Number                                           104148
  • Dimensions                                                        6 x 5 x 4 inches
  • Customer Rating                                                4.5 Stars 5,276 Ratings

Best Backpacks for College Students

Every field means every field. No one can be missed or go unnoticed. Although we have many backpack guides for college students, I also tried to include some bags in this ultimate list.

Here, I have selected two bags that will serve the purpose of college students because they are for every type of college student.

Now let’s take a look at each of them in detail.

10. KAVU Rope Sling Bag “Best for College Students”


best backpacks

Now you might be wondering about the same bag, I also reviewed above for hiking, but the purpose of evaluating this backpack here is from a different perspective. This is one of the best backpacks for college students to carry a laptop and some other good school-related stuff. Also, this backpack does not add the weight on the shoulder of the students. Now take a detailed look at what this bag has to offer.

Detailed Features

This bag comes with the main one compartment having a sleeve-like pocket for a laptop. You can carry a medium-sized 14” laptop in it. It also has the other three exterior pockets on the of which are small, and they are used for carrying stationery stuff and phone. But there aren’t any side pockets for water bottles to carry around on campus.

The bag looks modern and tailored for the young, energetic college boys and girls. There are also a lot of colors and design patterns to choose from.

KAVU Rope bag is made up of 100% imported polyester. That’s why there are not any concerns about durability. It will last longer than you imagine. Also, this bag is water and splash resistant. So, a college student can carry it wherever he wants.

The capacity of the bag is also ample. The size of the Sling bag is also medium. KAVU Rope Sling Bag has dimensions of the bag are 10.75″ high and 19.5″ wide.

There is also an anti-theft pocket for your essential and expensive belongings. The bag offers some sort of comfort and support for the back and shoulders, but it not the top-class. Straps are made up of ropes, so packing extra stuff in the bag can cause shoulder pain. Also, the price of the bag is a little bit high, considering the value offered.

  • Lots of Design and Color Options
  • Water-Resistance
  • Durability is great
  • Price is High
  • Comfort is not Great

Product Information

  • Material                                                                 100% Polyester
  • Manufacturer                                                         KAVU-Outdoors
  • ASIN                                                                      B00Y19OYNU
  • Item model number                                                944
  • Dimensions                                                           15 x 12 x 3 inches
  • Customer Rating                                                   4.5 Stars 3,129 Ratings


11. Wenger Synergy Backpack “Best for College Students”


best backpacks for school

Wenger Synergy Backpack is also for college students who don’t like the Sling Bag. And the sling bag also has some comfort issues. So, it is the ultimate bag as a choice for college students on the market. It has a much larger capacity than that of a sling bag. Let’s see the detailed features of the bag.

Detailed Features

If we look at the features, it is one of the best backpacks for college students. It has larger roomy compartments where a college student can carry a lot of items. The students can also take a 16” laptop in this bag.

There is also room for other stuff like a tablet, books, stationery stuff, and snacks, or lunch. This bag also has two side pockets for carrying water bottles.

The looks of the bag are good but not so great. This bag looks like a significant Fatboy type. But it is only available in one color, which is a grey and black combo. Wenger Synergy Backpack is made up of polyester and nylon material. So, it also has water-resistance.

The size of the bag is big. The dimensions of the backpack are 14 x 12 x 19 inches.

The backpack also has ample capacity. There are not any anti-theft pockets in this backpack. As I have mentioned that it is one of the best backpacks for college students so, it has the ultimate level of comfort. The breathable mesh padding on the back keeps it useful and healthy and provides excellent support for anyone’s back who is using this backpack. The pricing of this backpack is also a little high.

  • Good Organization Features
  • Strong Sturdy Look
  • Water-Resistance
  • There are not color options
  • The design doesn’t look good

Product Information

  • Material                                                                     Polyester
  • Color                                                                         Black
  • Weight                                                                      3.53 lbs
  • Manufacturer                                                            Wenger
  • ASIN                                                                         B000NONHYY
  • Item model number                                                   27305140
  • Dimensions                                                              14.00 x 12.00 x 19.00 Inches
  • Customer Rating                                                      4.5 Stars 1,944 Ratings


Best Backpacks for School Students

Like college students, business persons, hikers, athletes, and travelers, school students also have the best choices for backpacks on the market. There are a lot of bags for school students. The following are the best backpacks for school students:

  • Swiss Gear SA1923 Black Backpack
  • Swiss Gear SA1908 Black Backpack
  • Vera Bradley Women’s Signature Cotton Campus Backpack
  • Rockland Double Handle Rolling Backpack

Now, let’s take a detailed look at each of the above.

12. Swiss Gear SA1923 Black Backpack “Best for School Students”


Swiss Gear SA1923 Black TSA Friendly ScanSmart Laptop Backpack


Swiss Gear SA1923 black backpack is a useful backpack for middle school students. It has unique features specially tailored for middle school students.

There is also a list of best bags for middle school students. If you want more choices then check the link. It has plenty of options for those who are looking for them.

Detailed Features

This bag has one big main compartment, which is for taking a laptop with you at school or a larger version of iPad Pro. Though, I would not keep that in this pocket. But there are many other small pockets on this bag. These are for folders, lunch boxes, stationery stuff, and some books.

It is also worth noting that there are also two side pockets for water bottles, which are also zippered. So, there will not be any concern about falling or theft of water-bottles.

Swiss Gear SA1923 also comes with a media pocket. The size of this bag is also medium. The dimensions of the bag are 18 x 13 x 8.5 inches. These are decent dimensions. Also, there is nothing to worry about the capacity of the bag. This bag is going to fit all your items in it.

The durability of the bag is also excellent; it is made up of 1200D polyester. So, it is going to last a little bit longer. This bag is also TSA friendly for you to scan at scanners where needed.

There is one thing that the Swiss Gear missed in this bag is theft protection. There is not any pocket for this. Also, the looks are pretty decent. It would have been great if this had come with color options. There is only one black.

The comfort of straps and back support is also high. Straps and the back of the bag are both made with breathable mesh padding for excellent comfort. Also, the price of the bag is high.

  • TSA Friendly
  • Durable Materials
  • Great Comfort
  • Looks aren’t Great
  • No Theft Protection

Product Information

  • Material                                                            Polyester
  • Color                                                                Black
  • Weight                                                             3.09 lbs
  • Size                                                                 18 x 13 x 8.5 inches
  • Manufacturer                                                   SwissGear
  • Item Model Number                                        19232215
  • Dimensions                                                     15.00 x 8.50 x 17.50 Inches
  • Customer Rating                                             4.5 Stars 1,944 Ratings


13. Swiss Gear SA1908 Black Backpack “Best for High School”


best backpacks

Swiss Gear SA1908 bag is no different from the Swiss Gear SA1923 black backpack. The main difference is that it is targeted for a completely different audience.

This model is designed to be used by high school students. If you want more options, you can see the full list of the best backpacks for high school students. Now let’s take a look at the detailed features of this bag.

Detailed Features

Swiss Gear SA1908 black bag is a little bit different from the last one. It has two big main compartments that are used for carrying most of the stuff with you for school. There is also a laptop pocket for school students to carry a 17” big laptop in this bag. While other things also fit in nicely that a person can take are the usual stuff like books, folders, pens, a lunch box, and snacks. There are also side pockets for students to carry water bottles.

The size of the backpack is no doubt perfect. It can fit in all your things for school and won’t feel overloaded. The dimensions of the bag are 18.5 x 13.5 x 9.0 in. Also, it has a large capacity of 31L.

The durability of the bag is second to none. It is made of high-quality materials. It will last longer than most you expect it to be. There is also a water-resistant form for the company to protect your belongings in the rain.

There is not any theft protection in the bag. The comfort of the bag is also good people who are using it can feel the difference between low-quality bags and this one by Swiss Gear. The shoulder straps and back mesh can take in air to make you feel pleasant and comfortable.

The looks of the bag are not too great. Also, it comes in only one color. Swiss Gear SA1908 provides value for money.

  • Unmatched Durability
  • Ultimate Comfort
  • Great organization of Stuff
  • No theft protection

Product Information

  • Material                                                              Polyester
  • Color                                                                  Original Black
  • Weight                                                                2.61 lbs
  • Size                                                                    17 Inches
  • Manufacturer                                                       SwissGear
  • Item Model Number                                            1908215
  • Dimensions                                                         18.50 x 13.50 x 9.00 Inches
  • Customer Rating                                                 4.5 Stars 2,143 Ratings


14. Vera Bradley Women’s Signature Cotton Campus Backpack “Best for Girls”


best backpacks

So, this bag is not for boys. This is for girls only. Any girl can use this bag for her kindergarten or college. This bag is the size of kindergarten girls, but college girls can use it to show their fashion sense in college.

If you want a backpack for kids, you can check out this review of the best backpacks for kids. Let’s take a look at the detailed features of this bag.

Detailed Features

This bag is a special one on the list. It is only for girls. It has two main compartments. One is only for laptop or any tablet of size 13”. You cannot fit anything bigger than that in this bag. In the other compartment, you can carry whatever you want. This can be anything. You can also place a power bank in the small pocket and charge your phone while using it. This can stop you from the hassle. There are also side pockets for water bottles. I like the way they designed it.

It is a stylish, lightweight, and right-sized backpack. Any girl can buy it and use it to show off her style. They have plenty of color options and design aesthetics for this bag to choose from for every girl in the town.

There is also a hidden back pocket that can be used for keeping your items safe and secure in this backpack. I am glad that they included this in the bag.

The durability of the bag is also excellent but not high, and the same is the issue with comfort and back support. This is the issue with every type of backpack. But it is also one of the best backpacks for girls.

So, these issues persist. I like the fact that you can also wash this bag in your washing machine. The price of the backpack is also reasonable but on the higher side.

  • Designed for Girls
  • Lots of designs and colors
  • Easy to carry around
  • Anti-Theft Pocket is also there
  • Durability issues
  • Comfort issues

Product Information

  • Material                                                                100% Cotton
  • Color                                                                     Superbloom
  • Weight                                                                  1.35 lbs
  • Manufacturer                                                         Vera Bradley
  • ASIN                                                                      B086MG16G9
  • Dimensions                                                            5.00 x 5.00 x 0.70 inches
  • Customer Rating                                                    4.5 Stars 2,143 Ratings


15. Rockland Double Handle Rolling Backpack “Best for Weight”


best backpacks for you

If someone cannot carry a backpack on it’s back, then this wheeled backpack is for them. This bag has a rolling handle and two wheels for students to take this to school. And it makes the perfect sense for those who walk to their school, or they have some physical limitations. Let’s take a detailed look at the features of this bag.

Detailed Features

Rockland double handle rolling bag has one big main compartment for the stuff to carry for the school. It doesn’t have that many inner pockets to organize your things in the right way. So, that is the main drawback of this bag. Otherwise, it is useful in almost most of the stuff.

There are also small front compartments for other things to carry around. There are also two side pockets on each side of the bag for water bottles.

Rockland Double Handle Rolling Backpack had durability issues with the wheels and the base of this bag. Because it is made from a plastic material so, these issues persist. This bag also has back straps if one wants to carry it on it’s back. But that won’t be much comfortable option.

The materials of the bag are much durable than that of rolling materials. They provide some long term durability.

In terms of looks, the bag has impressed me a lot. It comes in almost all colors, and each color has different design patterns. The capacity of the backpack is also ample.

The dimensions of the bag are 12″x8″x20″ (with wheels). So, you can get an idea about the size of the bag. The pricing of the bag is also reasonable and is better than most of the bags on the list.

  • Wheels to roll
  • Look Good
  • Has most of the design patterns
  • No Anti-theft Protection
  • The material of the wheels is not durable

Product Information

  • Material                                                                      100% Polyester
  • Weight                                                                        3.801 pounds
  • Manufacturer                                                               Fox Luggage
  • ASIN                                                                            B0853BR4HD
  • Dimensions                                                                 10 x 17 x 13 inches
  • Customer Rating                                                          4 Stars 3,324 Ratings


Frequently Asked Questions of Best Backpacks

Some of you have sent us some questions which I would like to answer in the FAQ section.

What is The Best Quality for Backpacks?

Backpacks can be of different levels of quality. But to check the quality of a backpack mostly we look for materials. And out of all materials, 1200D polyester is considered the toughest.

Which is The Most Durable Backpack Brand?

Though there are most backpack brands that make durable backpacks. But some notable are The North Face, Under Armour, and Timbuk2

 What are The Coolest Backpacks?

There are many coolest backpacks in the world, but they differentiate by one’s priority and definition of a cool backpack. Some of the notable mentions, in my opinion, are:

  • Courtesy. Trefoil Backpack
  • XD Design Bobby Orignal Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack
  • Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

What Are Some Good Backpacks?

There are a lot of good backpacks. You can visit check our other articles for them. Some notable mentions are:

  • KOPACK Waterproof Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack
  • Yorepek Travel Laptop Backpack
  • KAVU Rope Sling Bag



So, above was the list of the different types of the best backpacks in almost every major field of life. If you want us to cover more tell us in the comments. You can check the review of every backpack one by one, but the following are the best backpacks from almost every field.

Above is the list of the best backpacks, that is our choice. Those received the best rating on Amazon and are also criticized by buyers.