As you know there are many types of backpacks that have different functionality and are manufactured for multiple purposes. It would help if you had a brief idea about backpacks so that you can choose the best backpack according to your needs.

As the modern world is evolving, human life has become busy and full of difficulties. To carry things that can make your work easy or are essential for your work, you need different types of backpacks. Moreover, a backpack should be able to carry all the things that you need during your job.

Additionally, it should not burden you with all the things; instead, keep you comfortable throughout your journey. Just like a friend that carries your things for you! For girls Jansport backpacks brand has some quality backpacks in the market you can choose from our link and easily buy them.

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Types of Backpacks in 2021 | Best List

For traveling or marching on a journey, Backpacks are essential needs so that in case of emergency, you have everything you need. There are different types of backpacks starting from types of backpacks for school, backpacks for hunting, hiking or, backpacks for camping, etc.

Moreover, you won’t find any other method to carry things that can overcome backpacks. A backpack is the most efficient and comfortable method to carry your things. Nowadays most people like the best waterproof backpacks and TSA-friendly backpacks to secure valuable things.

In brief, we bring you 20 different types of backpacks and their names so that you can easily distinguish between them. In this way, you can choose the best backpack according to your needs.

1.    Classical Backpack


Herschel classic backpack

This kind of backpack is everyone familiar with because it is a common option available for every person. That is one of the reasons these kinds of backpacks are termed traditional backpacks. These backpacks are multi-purpose, for example: for school, office, or traveling.

Like every backpack, it has notable features: two straps, the main area for storage with a simple design. Classical backpacks are the most common choice among people looking for normal means of storage. They are the best types of backpacks for school.

Two common brands that manufacture these classical bags are Jansport and Herschel. Best examples of classical backpacks are Herschel Settlement Backpack, JanSport Right Pack. In our second article, we listed the Best Herschel backpacks for school students.

2.    DayPack



For short adventures like hiking on a mountain close to your home or traveling within a short distance, we can use DayPack. A daypack is the best choice for these kinds of adventures.  Moreover, the material construction of daypack bags makes them best for outdoor adventures.

Furthermore, they have multiple features like water and tear-resistant. Daypack bags are the best type of backpack for hiking as they are water-resistant and cannot be torn easily.

Additionally, they are super-lightweight and have enough storage for you to put your stuff in. A daypack is ideal for day trips for just carrying your stuff that is essential. These backpacks have regular slots and the main compartment to safely keep your belongings.

DayPack backpacks are the best choice for those who are looking for a few days’ trips as they are durable and have enough storage.

The Best Example for Basic Daypacks: Herschel Pop Quiz, Fjallraen Kanken  Classic , jansport SuperBreak, Vschy Vs Herschel

3.    Rucksack Backpack


Rucksack backpack

Just like classical backpacks, Rucksack has the same function but comes in different shapes and designs. They have a unique design, and you can easily recognize them from their shape. The difference between the two types of the backpack is that a rucksack uses flap and buckle design to secure your stuff.

Furthermore, there are multiple ways that this design can be carried out. The main compartment may have a string closure or magnetic lock or buckle lock.

The most popular manufacturer of Rucksack backpacks is Herschel Dawson, Timbuk 2 Lug Knapsack. The rucksack is usually smaller in storage size than normal backpacks. Additionally, there are side pockets that are available for belongings, and their capacity ranges from 15 to 30 liters.

The best example of Rucksacks Backpacks are: WUDON Rucksacks, Herschel Dawson, Timbuk 2 Lug Knapsack, Jansport Hatchet


4.    Laptop Backpack


laptop backpack

Are you looking for a backpack for college or university or work that can keep your electronics safe and easy to carry? Laptop Backpack is the best choice for these kinds of cases as there is a wide and safe space for electronics.

Furthermore, the most obvious feature that distinguishes this from other backpacks is the laptop compartment. In this compartment, you can keep your laptop tightly packed. With a quality pouch, the laptop bag provides extra safety and security for electronics.

Additionally, the only thing you need to vary is the size of your electronics you want to keep in your bag. So, you should choose a suitable size of laptop backpack according to the size of your laptop.

Briefly, you can trust a laptop backpack to keep your laptop and other electronics safe and secure.

The Best Example of Laptop Backpacks are Jansport Digital Student, SwissGear SA9769, Osprey Pixel

5.    Anti-Theft Backpack


Anti-theft Backpack

When you travel locally to your school or office with many things, then you will need to worry about your belongings. Therefore, an anti-theft backpack provides the safest and secure journey.

They look like ordinary backpacks at first glance, but they are heavily secured. Additionally, these bags have security features like a hidden zipper puller, zipper-lock, cut-proof fabric, and various belts and buckles to keep your belongings safe.

Moreover, high-end anti-theft backpacks have RFID blocking pockets for electrical theft. PacSafe, Metrosafe, Travelon slim backpack are examples of the best anti-theft backpacks. In brief, Anti-theft backpacks are the safest and most secure backpacks for your belongings.

The Best Example for Anti Theft Backpacks is Pacsafe Metosafe, Travelon Heritage, Travelon, etc.

6.    Military Backpacks


Military Backpacks

The military uses many backpacks for law enforcement, long-distance hiking, or military deployment. Moreover, they come with external ports for nozzles, hydration bladder compatibility, radio antennae, or earphones.

Additionally, the main feature that sets this backpack apart from others is dense material fabric and extra storage. Military backpacks are the most secure and safest backpack with extra storage space. They are made of reinforced fiber such as nylon, polyester to extend their durability.

These backpacks are the most durable and robust backpacks that are perfect for carrying out heavy stuff. If you are looking for a backpack to protect your belongings, then tactical military backpacks are the best choice. They are one of the best types of backpacks for camping.

In brief, this backpack is great for outdoors or hiking. You can enjoy your journey to its fullest because you don’t have to worry about your belongings.

7.    Frame Backpacks


Frame backpacks are ideal bags for long-time travel or worldwide adventures. They are the best solution for carrying everything you need for traveling. Frame backpacks are known as backpacking backpacks.

These backpacks are designed for two things: to carry stuff and to be easy to carry. This backpack ensures that you have enough space for your stuff. Additionally, they are rigid and ensure load transfer to the hip for easiness.

Moreover, these backpacks have storage of up to 55 liters. They are easily portable and carry large storage with comfort. To put it simply, it is best for long-time travel.

Briefly, if you are going to carry everything in one bag, then frame backpacks are the best choice of all. Mostly used these types of backpacks for hiking. IF you want to know that what size backpack for backpacking click the link and read the article.

8.    Sling Backpacks


Sling Backpacks

Sling backpacks are ideal for jogging or cycling. They are one-strap backpacks worn over one shoulder. This provides an easier alternative for low-storage backpacks. Sling backpacks are also referred to as over-the-shoulder-bag.

Why should one choose a sling bag? Honestly, it depends on the personal perspective. Sling bags are a great alternative for regular bags. Additionally, they provide a comfortable storage bag for you to be your everyday bag.

Moreover, they are super lightweight. Sling backpacks provide an easy and comfy journey. The only thing you need to worry about is storage because heavy storage on one side of the shoulder may cause pain. To put it into words, Sling backpacks are ideal for low storage travel.

9.    Tote Backpacks


Tote Backpacks

Just as you can guess from the name, tote backpacks are made of two things; First, a tote, and second, a backpack. Tote backpacks are different and great than other backpacks because of their portability.

They have features like: the main compartment with zipper closure pockets, both internal and external. Two straps to carry it on the shoulder. Moreover, most tote backpacks are for shopping purposes and can carry up to 35 liters.

Additionally, you can carry tote backpacks in two ways that are either on a shoulder or carry it as a backpack with the help of the straps. They can also be used for carrying lunch or groceries so that you don’t need plastic bags.

In brief, Tote backpacks are best if used for carrying for school or work or bringing groceries. They are not best for days or weekend travels.

10. Drawstring Backpacks


Drawstring Backpacks

If you are a sportsman or go to the gym, then drawstring backpacks are the best choice. These kinds of backpacks are famous for athletes. Drawstring backpacks are ideal for low storage.

They are small and can carry a maximum of 15 liters. It is not enough but best for sports gear. Even the largest drawstring backpacks weigh only a few ounces. These backpacks are often small so that you can put inside other bags and put them out when you need them.

Additionally, they are durable and the easiest to carry. Moreover, to open or close it, all you have to do is drawstring. In brief, Drawstring backpacks are best among gym users or sportspeople.

The Best Example of the drawstring backpacks is Kaukko Drawstring Backpack, Vorspack Drawstring Backpack, etc.

11.  Dry Back Backpacks


Dry Back Backpacks

Just like tactical backpacks, Dry back backpacks are made up of reinforced nylon or polyester. The dry back is best for outdoors and traveling. However, the only difference is that dry back bags are smaller in size and are more water-resistant.

Dry back backpacks are more durable and best for long adventures. For a person living in a wet and rainy climate, dry back backpacks are the best choice. I would personally choose these over-frame backpacks because they are easy to wear and have enough storage.

When you are fishing, boating, or camping near water sites, then a normal backpack won’t protect your belongings. Dry backpacks are the best choice for you in case you are paddleboarding or kayaking or commuting.

Briefly, Dry back backpacks are the most water-resistant backpacks of all. Thus, they are the best types of backpacks for hiking.

12.  Duffel Backpacks


Being made from synthetic fabric with top-closure using zip or drawstring duffel backpacks are best for travelers. Duffel backpacks are frequently used by people who travel to meet their loved ones.

These backpacks vary in size from small to large. Moreover, a person can store all his essential stuff for the journey and comfortably carry it. Among civilians, these kinds of backpacks are the most common choice.

There are many other uses of this bag. If you are a gym rat and you have more stuff than normal athletes, then duffel backpacks are the best choice. Duffel backpacks vary from 30 to 150 liters of storage.

In final words, Duffel backpacks are the best choice for a myriad of different activities and are most popular among occasional travelers.

The Best Example of Duffel Backpacks is Yousu Duffel Backpack, Patagonia Black Hole Duffels, Friendly Swede Sandhamn Duffel, etc.

13.  Compression Sacks


Compression Sacks

A compression sack is a type of backpack that is used additionally with main backpacks. When the main bag is full, and you need additional space for your stuff. These sacks are easier to carry and provide enough space.

Compression means a reduction of volume. Similarly, compression sacks are made so that there is no free space remaining. Additionally, some people hate it when there is free space so a compression sack is best for them.

When people are traveling, they like to carry bags that are easier to carry and aren’t much burden to them. Personally, compression sacks are the best additional backpacks a person can use.

Briefly, compression sacks are the best choice among those who are looking for extra storage with their main backpack. They are the best secondary backpacks that you can carry with the main backpack.

14. Snowsports Backpacks


Snowsports Backpacks

Snowsports backpacks are similar to hiking backpacks or frame backpacks. They can carry up to 45 liters and these bags also support hip belts, adjustable, and padded shoulder straps. They are comfortable as well as have a ventilated harness.

The Best Example of the Snowsport backpacks is Osprey Kamber, Osprey Kresta, Dakine Heli Pro Backpack.

So, What Makes These Backpacks different?

These backpacks have special space for gear that is essential for snowboarding or skiing. They have spots for your helmet, points for skis, or for your skiing poles. Additionally, they are designed to be lightweight since no one would want to have a heavy backpack while skiing.

Moreover, the exterior of these bags is waterproof in order to keep all the stuff in the bag safe and secure. Briefly, they are the best choice for those who are snowboarding and are living in areas where there are frequent snowstorms.

15.  Rain Cover Backpacks


Rain Cover Backpacks

You already know that dry-back backpacks are water-proof. Similarly, rain cover backpacks are best for rainy weather. They have the entire elements essential to fight against the effects of rain.

The backpack whose water-proof cover can be removed whenever you like is the biggest hint of rain cover backpacks. Whether your belongings are in the front pocket or main compartment, they are safe and secure in rain cover backpacks.

If you need a lightweight bag that can protect your belongings whether it is raining or not then, rain cover backpacks are the best choice for you. In a word, rain cover backpacks have a cover that can be put on or removed so that you can protect your belongings.

16.  Suitcase Backpacks


Suitcase Backpacks

You have seen these kinds of backpacks mostly in airports. Well, they are easier to carry and provide a swift ride for short time travel. It’s a great carry-on option for people who like to fly frequently.

Due to its compact size, you don’t need to worry about it fitting in airplane overhead bins. They are easy to carry and most of them have wheels beneath them. Its main compartment has a zipper closure and some have a lock for security.

As you wander around the airport, you can easily carry a suitcase backpack either by its strips or you can also wheel them. It is one of the best types of backpacks for traveling.

Briefly, suitcase backpacks have reliable storage and are easy to carry if you travel through flights. Due to their compactness and easy mobility, suitcase backpacks are the best choice for airplane travelers.

17. OutDry Backpacks


OutDry Backpacks

Outdry backpacks are robust, well-constructed backpacks made for outdoor adventures and camping. It has all the features that are in a frame backpack and a daypack. Additionally, it is waterproof and is fully compact.

It is designed in such a way that its carrier doesn’t feel too burdensome and would be able to carry it easily. If you frequently go out of the city and need a secure backpack that you can carry and won’t occupy too much space. Then, I highly recommend Outdry backpacks.

Moreover, Outdry backpacks are specially made for comfort and compactness. If you were to choose a backpack that can protect you against natural elements then this would be your best choice. It protects your belongings against rain, water, and other factors.

Briefly, Outdry backpacks have all the features. You can say that it is a combination of both frames and a daypack backpack.

18.  Hydration Backpack


Hydration Backpack

We present you with a backpack for day hikers, climbers, runners, cyclers. Hydration backpacks are the best choice and are popular among cyclers or day hikers. Due to the easy use and compactness of the hydration backpack, cyclers love hydration backpacks.

Hydration backpacks provide everything you’ll need to survive the day. They are easy to carry around and in terms of security; they are the best among other backpacks. The most significant features are the hydration bladder compartments.

This hydration bladder helps you to store water and food in case of necessity. If you want to ensure that you’re cycling trip to be fun and secure then hydration backpacks are your best choice.

In a few words, hydration backpacks are one of the best backpacks that can provide you with calmness while you are on your one-day journey.

The Best Example of the Hydration backpacks is Mubasel Gear Insulated Hydration Backpack, Osprey Raptor, CamelBak Rogue, etc.

19.  Knapsack


 Knapsack backpacks

If you are looking to buy a backpack that can carry your accessories like gaming, gym, or any sports stuff? Then, a knapsack is the best choice because it is easy to wear and protects your belongings.

It has its own special design and most of the knapsack is made of reinforced fabric. It has a drawstring to open and close the entrance of the main compartment. Basically, a knapsack is just like a drawstring backpack but if you add a rucksack into a drawstring backpack then you get a knapsack.

Point is that a knapsack is much better for carrying your equipment like electronics or clothes etc. It has traditional two straps and one main compartment with a front pocket and some have side pockets too.

Briefly, if you are looking for a backpack that can contain a maximum of 20 liters and would be easy to carry then a knapsack is your best option.

The Best Example of Tote Backpacks is Amber & Ash Tote Backpack, Adidas Originals Tote Backpack

20. TSA Friendly Backpack


TSA Friendly Backpack

A TSA-friendly backpack is a backpack that has a TSA laptop compartment. Meaning the laptop compartment can be unzipped and put wholly on the scanner. So now you don’t have to open up a laptop at every airport.

This type of backpack is for businessmen who fly frequently. Since they don’t have much time, this backpack helps save time at checkpoints whether they are in hotels or airports. In terms of features, it is similar to normal backpacks with storage of up to 40 liters.

Additionally, it has two compartments one for stuff and the other for electronics in the main compartment and other pockets and pouches. Briefly, a TSA-friendly backpack is the best choice for time-efficient and frequent airbus flyers.

The Best Example of Anti-theft Backpacks is SwissGear 1900, North Face Surge, etc.

Types of Backpacks Brands

There are many brands that are working in the manufacturing of different types of backpacks. Each brand may manufacture multiple types of backpacks. Overall, if we would like to judge a brand that manufactures multiple types of backpacks and their backpacks are best in that category.

Then, Herschel and Jansport should come out on top because they manufacture the best quality and top-rated backpacks.


As you have read our article on backpacks and their features. We now hope that you would be able to select the best backpack according to your needs. All you have to keep in mind is that there are different types of backpacks according to different needs.

Some backpacks are used by cyclers or hikers while some are for travelers. So, it is important to find out what type of backpack you want according to your needs. We really hope that our article will let you choose the best among the huge variety of backpacks.

In the end, we would like to thank you for sticking with us to the end. We wish you the best of luck in choosing a backpack that will work great for you. You also can buy messenger bags for both males and females. But mostly women used messenger bags for daily uses.

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