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what material are jansport backpacks made of

It is in human nature that if you like the quality of something, that thing will become constant in your life. In this article, I will give you information about the Jansport backpacks materials and what materials are Jansport backpacks made of. Everyone prefers quality over anything. Here I am talking about backpacks, adults’ first preference to choose a backpack is its quality to be good.

According to the research, the annual sales of backpacks are becoming higher in the US day by day. Jansport is the one main reason because the quality of their bags is not just great; it is beyond the limits of greatness. If you already have any experience with their backpacks, you should know that what I am saying is right and if not, then I will try my best to pursue you to give Jansport backpack one try, and you won’t regret it.

The reason behind the best quality they offer is the material they use to make their backpacks. In this article, you will get to know about the material they use and why these are trustable, and the reason for my recommendation as well. There are some best Jansport backpacks in the market for girls students. 

Yes, for the details, you have to scroll down a bit, and the curiosity to know about the Jansport backpack material will have vanished. The answer you are searching for in this question of what material are Jansport backpacks made of will be clear in this article. So, read this guide carefully.

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what material are Jansport backpacks made of

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What Material are JanSport Backpacks Made of

JanSport Backpacks Company

Brief History of Jansport Backpack Company

There are many great backpack brands around the world. —Jansport, among them a good quality backpack maker company. Most of the customers like Jansport backpacks for school, college, air travel, and carrying off their laptops.

When Murray won a design award from the Alcoa Company for creating the first adjustable aluminum backpack frame.

After that, Murray asked his girlfriend, Jan, to create a backpack pattern for his new aluminum frame, and Murray promised her that if it were a success, he would name the company after her.  So, when he owns the award and founded the Jansport backpack company.

Jansport is a famous backpack brand. Jansport backpack company was founded in 1967, in Seattle, Washington, USA, by Murray Pletz, his wife Janis “ Jan” Lewis, later for whom the company is named. In 1975, JanSport introduced the first convertible travel backpack, as well as its signature daypack.

Are Jansport Backpacks Made in The USA?

Most people wonder, and ask the question frequently that, where JanSport backpacks are made? Or, Are JanSport backpacks made in the USA? We will today try to answer this question.

This answer to this question is that, till the end of 1990, were made in the United States. However, nowadays, the company is spread all over the world. JanSport backpack company become offshore. 

what material are Jansport backpacks made of


Types of Backpacks

Jansport has a lot of variety of backpacks of different kinds to offer. They are not specific to making only school backpacks as there are no type restrictions. 

You can touch up to Jansport whenever you need any kind of backpack for any purpose because they offer almost every category in their backpacks.

For details about backpacks, you can check the article by clicking on the link given below.

What Backpack Should I get For High School?

The few types I can mention in this article are listed below. Jansport Rolling backpacks are the best backpacks for school students in the market. 

Fabrication of JanSport’s Backpack

Jansport backpacks have become everyone’s priority whenever they go to buy a backpack.

Their outstanding quality and the great services they provide to their customers made them number one.

You all must be buying backpacks from Jansport since childhood, and you are still sticking to it because of something different they offer. Many times you may ask a question that where are Jansport’s backpacks made.

When I had this question, I was very curious to know, and I know some of you are having the same feelings as mine.

The journey was started when students carried their books in their hands while going to school. 

And then, one day, Washington students came to know about the backpacks Jansport makes, all of them almost needed a good and durable backpack to keep their books safe and dry from the rain.

Students started using the Jansport backpack for school purposes, which results in the existence of a daypack backpack made by Jansport, especially for the students, which were known as SuperBreak.

Then the actual journey of Jansport was started in 1967 when they began working on making outdoor backpacks as well and introduced different categories of backpacks you can carry with you daily basis.

Manufacturing of Travel bags was also started, and they made very comfortable travel bags, which can make your journey very easy going.

But what about the present location of their main factory or organization where all bags manufacture nowadays.

It was said that Jansport manufactured the bags in the United States up until 1990. But now you cannot say they are running this business in any single country because these bags are being made offshore.

Jansport backpack is also made in factories in Bangkok and Cambodia. China is also a place where there is a good ratio is found of Jansport backpacks manufacture.

What material are JanSport backpacks made of

Through proper research, I can write this article about the material which is used to make Jansport backpacks.

Aesthetic design is the basic core design of Jansport backpacks. The basic structure of Jansport backpacks is consists of a storage area to hold things, straps to hold your bag on shoulders, zippers to secure compartments, Velcro, button, and sometimes locks for extra protection.

The material differs based on the backpack, like if it is for outdoor use, then it needs to be waterproof as well. So the material is different for different backpacks.

Here we have below the ingredients used by Jansport to make their backpacks outstanding and number one.

The most commonly used fabric for Jansport Backpacks is CORDURA brand fabric. When it was first introduced, it was first used by Jansport for its products. And this brand is known for its best and most durable fabric.

what material are Jansport backpacks made of

Jansport Commodity Chain

Primary backpacks of Jansport are all manufactured by using this fabric. This impressive and synthetic fabric has increased the worth of Jansport backpacks.

It is a high-quality fabric and its performance is also up to the mark due to which Jansport has become the permanent partner of this brand.

There are so many reasons to prefer their fabrics because it is tear-resistant as well as resistant to scratches, rips, and other damages.

Jansport does not make many leather backpacks but very few for those who love to use leather things in their lives even though backpacks.

Leather is the second common material after CORDURA fabric to be used in Jansport backpacks. 

Why do some people prefer leather? Many of you are having this question those who have not any experience with leather products.

Why People Prefer Leather

The reason why people prefer leather products is because of their life which is great as you can use them for many years after buying in the same condition. Leather is the most durable material to be preferred.

Jansport backpacks have a minor part of leather in their structure because leather is mostly used for decorative reasons in their backpacks. Usually, leather material is used in the making of straps or the bottom part of the backpack. And sometimes for designing the little pocket at the front leather material is used.

Jansport has leather backpacks in lesser quantities, but still, they have enough customers who demand their leather backpacks because of their design.

Let’s talk about plastic: all of you are getting confused about where is the plastic material used in backpacks. 

It’s time to solve your confusion by telling you that plastic named synthetic suede is used in the making of the bottom of the backpacks. It is also known as ultra-suede, and it is a combination of polyester and polyurethane.

Now I will tell about its key features due to which Jansport uses this. Synthetic suede is animal-friendly, ultra-micro fiber and most of all the main reason for its usage is its durability. This plastic is durable enough.

The suede is resistant to stains, discoloration, and fraying; these are the reasons that make it fit for the bottoms of backpacks.

You are now able to imagine the structure of the backpack of Jansport along with the material after reading the details.

The only thing left in the structure left is zippers or locks. These parts are made up of zinc alloy. The main reason to use this alloy in making backpacks zipper is its durability, and also it makes the strongest zippers for backpacks.

Zippers are the main source in the backpack, which is used very much due to which customers prefer strong zippers so that they won’t get stuck or stop working soon.

Now, as I have mentioned all the important details related to the material used in making backpacks of JanSport, you should read this and decide whether to go and shop from JanSport or not.

Jansport Lifetime Warranty Review

If we talk about the warranty Jansport provides, then it is not wrong to say that they feel a responsibility towards their customers. 

what material are Jansport backpacks made of

The backpacks by Jansport come with a lifetime warranty. Even if you miss the proof of purchase, they don’t bother and serve you in all possible ways.

They offer this warranty because they know their backpacks are strong and won’t disturb people as early. But in case of any damage or break up you can go and it fixed.

Why Should I Prefer This?

For those who still want to know the reasons to go and look at Jansport backpacks I am writing this heading, you all should read this.

The most important thing is quality on which none of us will compromise, so if you buy the backpack of Jansport of your own choice, you don’t have to compromise on quality as well as price.

The use of high-quality material in the products and they offer a better-quality warranty. They serve their customers in such a great way, so any major or minor damage in the backpacks is not a big issue, you can resolve it through them very easily.

what material are Jansport backpacks made of


The backpack is the end product of the global process, and it is not easy to select a backpack for your use without having any background information. I make this task easy for you and recommend some good quality bags you must try. I have discussed every detail of the company Jansport.

In this article, what material Jansport backpacks are made of the most asked question that what material Jansport backpacks are made of were answered in detail. Jansport backpacks consist of some materials, which include good quality fabric, stain-resistant plastic or bottom, durable leather that lasts long, and metal zinc, which is strong and durable.

The warranty Jansport offers is also perfect, and the services they provide are also great. Material warranty is the major reason to prefer their backpacks according to my suggestion. Go through this article and go do have a look at their backpacks and let me know the opinion of you all. Don’t forget to comment in the comment box below.

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