10 Best North Face Backpacks for College 2022 | Buying Guide

To begin with, there is no denying that the best North Face backpacks for college students are very demanding. The main reason is that North Face earns huge popularity for manufacturing well-padded bags for travelers, hikers, and students of all ages.

For instance, if there is a brand name to trust while buying bags, we think you can never go wrong with the bags of North Face. In this manner, we are here with the following list of the best North Face backpacks for college that offers handy features to the students. So, let’s have a deep look at this article for a better understanding.


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North Face Women's School Jester

The North Face Women's School Jester Laptop Backpack

  • Color Ethereal Blue
  • 600D Polyester
  • ASIN B071KF868V

premium choice

North Face Women's Borealis

The North Face Women’s Borealis

  • Color Dramatic Plum
  • Weight 2 Pounds
  • ASIN B0823VC2T5

great value

North Face Women's Borealis

The North Face Surge Backpack

  • Color Asphalt Grey
  • Weight 2.57 Pounds
  • ASIN B07X13TRT3


There are many different types of backpacks in the market made by different backpacks brands and companies, North Face Backpack is one of them.


1: The North Face Women’s School Jester Laptop Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2: The North Face Women’s Borealis Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
3: The North Face Surge Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
4: The North Face Women’s Recon Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
5: The North Face Borealis TNF BlackBackpack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
6: The North Face Recon School Laptop Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
7: The North Face Unisex Adult Vault Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
8: The North Face Jester TNF Black Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
9: The North Face Classic Laptop Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐
10: The North Face CrypticSchool Laptop Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐


best North Face backpacks for college
  • Comes with a padded laptop sleeve.
  • 5-liter capacity.
  • Offers simple organization.
  • Available only in one size

Are you facing a problem in picking the best north face backpack for school and college girls? If yes, you don’t need to search for it anymore because we are here with a top pick for you. We will review North Face Women’s School Jester Laptop Backpack, which comes with simple organization.

Pressingly, the design, several color options, and wide capacity make it one of the most demanding north face bags for school. As the bag comes with a laptop sleeve, college girls can also go for this option. Although it comes in several color options, the bag has only one size.

It means that you can only get this backpack in a regular size. Besides this, the bag is made with durable materials, so you can say that it is a lifetime product. In case if you want to go through deeply about college bags, you must visit the website of Jan sports backpacks for girls.

Bottom Line

Mainly, the bag has two sides pockets where you can place your water bottle and other small necessities. In short, we truly recommend you invest your money in this long-lasting bag.


  • Brand     : North Face
  • Material : Polyester
  • Color      : Asphalt Grey/Maui Blue
  • Weight   : 1.75 Pounds


The North Face Women’s Borealis
  • The construction is made with nylon material.
  • Offers several exterior pockets.
  • Multi-functional bag.
  • Doesn’t have adequate padding

Do you want to get a multi-functional bag that allows you to keep your stuff organized? Well, we are sure that every college girl would like a versatile and durable bag. That’s why we suggest you buy The North Face Women’s Borealis Backpack. Mainly, this north face college bag stands among the best ones.

According to our analysis, the bag is very comfortable and reliable to carry. In addition, the well-padded straps will surely support your shoulders. On the contrary, the most interesting thing about this bag is that it has more pockets than other bags. Thereby, you can use it for several purposes.

Due to several pockets, we consider it the biggest north face backpack for college. Besides this, when the point comes to the construction material, let’s add that the overall construction is very sturdy and durable. Lastly, the maximum weight carrying capacity of this best backpack is almost 28 Liter.

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, this backpack is very versatile and durable. Besides this, it is available in more than 25 colors. So, you can buy the one that perfectly fits your style. In summary, you must not miss any chance to get this sturdy bag.


  • Material : Durable Material
  • Color      : Dramatic Plum Ripstop/Tnf Black
  • Weight   : 2 Pounds

3. THE NORTH FACE SURGE BACKPACKBest For School, Commuting, or Travel

The North Face Surge Backpack
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty card.
  • Available in almost 8 different colors.
  • Weight carrying capacity to 31 liters.
  • The bags are not waterproof

Are you also one of those who are looking for a professional women’s bag for your use? If yes, you should be thankful for the North face because it makes it possible to get the professional bag on a moderate budget. Well, we are talking about The North Face Surge Backpack which is capable of carrying more weight.

Moreover, the best feature of this north face college backpack is that it comes with a mobile-office compartment where you can place your laptop, tablets, and many more. Besides this, the bag also has lined pockets suitable for keeping your sunglasses and two side pockets for keeping your water bottles.

If you want to get something unique and versatile, you must search for backpacks because everyone has different preferences. Above all, the maximum weight of this backpack is almost 3 lbs, and the overall dimensions are 20 × 13.5 × 10.5 inches with several organized pockets.

Bottom Line

Pressingly, the main compartment of the backpack is wide enough to carry your books and binders. However, the sturdy construction and decent design make it worth buying the backpack of the present time.


  • Material : Fleece,Mesh, Nylon
  • Color      : Asphalt Grey White Heather/Blazing Yellow
  • Weight   : 3.05 Pounds


The North Face Women's Recon Backpack
  • 6 compartments with one main compartment.
  • Comes with a laptop and mobile sleeve.
  • The quality of the straps should be improved

It has become very complicated in the backpacks market to pick the one that meets all your requirements. So, our deeper analysis strongly recommends you get The North Face Women’s Recon Backpack because it will surely fulfill your needs. In short, the bag is an ideal choice for school and college girls.

Here, the main reason is that the lined construction makes it easy for you to store maximum booms and documents in it. Besides this, there is also a laptop sleeve, which allows you to put the laptop 15 inches. In this manner, you can say that this best north face backpack for a laptop is your first need if you want comfort.

The bag offers several unique features like a suspension setup, mesh pockets for water bottles, a large pocket to hold a helmet, and many more. Due to these major reasons, we consider it one of the best North Face backpacks for college in the competitive market.

Bottom Line

Well, this 30 liters weight carrying backpack will surely give you a better experience of carrying your books. For more details, you must visit the websites like rolling backpacks.


  • Material : 1680D Ballistic Nylon
  • Color      : Aviator Navy/Vintage White
  • Weight   : 10 Ounces


The North Face Borealis Backpack
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Built to last.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Available in one color only

How can we forget The North Face Borealis TNF Black Backpack while discussing the best North Face backpack for high school students? There is no reason to miss this bag because it also offers several features to the students. Here, the original and real quality materials make it a durable bag.

Mainly, the bag is only available in one color, so you are limited to making a perfect match for your style as you know that girls and boys and different preferences when buying a college bag. Here, the overall design and color make it an ideal choice for unisex use.

On the contrary, this backpack is perfectly capable of carrying a weight of 28 liters. Besides this, the padded straps will support your shoulders, and you will never feel uncomfortable while carrying this bag.

Bottom Line

The major reason to buy this durable bag is that it comes with a removable waist belt. Here, this waist belt supports your body. That’s why you must not miss this best north face backpack for school.


  • Material : Synthetic
  • Color      : Color
  • Weight   : 2.68 Pounds


The North Face Recon School Laptop Backpack
  • Maximum weight carrying capacity.
  • Offers easy access to all compartments.
  • Portable
  • The size is bulkier

In case if you are searching for a durable North Face backpack for school, we are sure that you will never regret buying The North Face Recon School Laptop Backpack. Undoubtedly, this bag is very portable and lightweight, which offers several supporting options to the students.

Besides this bag option, you can go through the links of girls’ backpacks for school for several other options. On the contrary, this portable backpack is perfectly suitable to accommodate a laptop of a maximum of 15 inches.

Well, the most attractive thing about this bag is its unique design and construction. In this a sense, the construction is very durable, and you can easily use this bag for a long time. However, the bag is made with mini-ripstop material, which can easily bear the rigors of daily use.

Bottom Line

Mainly, this option is ideal for daily use, and students can also use it for traveling or hiking purposes. In this way, we are sure that you will never regret buying this portable backpack for several purposes.


  • Material : 680D Ballistic Nylon
  • Color      : Aviator Navy/Meld Grey
  • Weight   : 2 Pounds


The North Face Unisex-Adult Vault Backpack
  • Water-resistant construction.
  • Comfortable to carry.
  • The outer shell is durable.
  • The size is smaller

Have you ever used a backpack that is loaded with features for organizing all your stuff in place? Most probably, everyone wants this type of back that keeps things safe in this way. It’s time to put your hands on The North Face Unisex Adult Vault Backpack without any further delay.

Chiefly, our deep analysis strongly recommends that the bag is one of the best north face backpacks of the present time. Moreover, the minimalist design of this bag keeps all your valuables safe and secure. Thereby, we are sure that you will have a great carrying experience with this backpack.

Besides this, the FlexVent system of the straps takes it to another level. However, these straps make it more comfortable and convenient to carry as compared to traditional bags. On the contrary, you must also visit the website of Herschel backpacks for school.

Bottom Line

Chiefly, the construction material of this backpack is top-notch polyester. Due to its premium construction, this bag is very durable and has tear resistance. In short, we consider it the most demanding bag among students.


  • Material : Polyester
  • Color      : TNF Black
  • Weight   : 1.81 Pounds


The North Face Jester Backpack
  • The construction is made with 600D polyester.
  • An ideal choice for college students.
  • The storage capacity should be improved

Do you want to get a versatile and durable bag that comes with an affordable price tag? Well, we are sure that you want an affordable bag because everyone wants to save money. Thereby, we are here with the best option for students which is The North Face Jester Backpack. As a student, this budget-friendly backpack is your first need.

In addition, this best North face backpack for college students comes with several compartments, and the exterior is made with premium quality materials. Here, the exterior pockets are suitable for keeping your stationery items, keys, and other small supplies.

On the contrary, the ergonomic and supporting design of this backpack offers you easy traveling. Additionally, the 600D polyester material of this backpack will surely last throughout your college years. Above all, the well-padded straps of this bag help you to achieve a better carrying experience.

Bottom Line

Pressingly, the FlexVent suspension system of this backpack offers you better ventilation and maximum support. Thereby, you will never regret buying this backpack for school and college.


  • Material : Nylon
  • Color      : Black
  • Weight   : 1.799 Pounds


The North Face Classic Everyday Commuter Laptop Daypack
  • Padded shoulder straps.
  • Comes with a laptop sleeve.
  • Weight carrying capacity is less

If you are a girl, you are sure that you are seeking a floral and dreamy backpack for daily use. In this regard, we are here with the best option for a stylish backpack: The North Face Classic Everyday Commuter Laptop Backpack. To start, this bag comes in several different designs and colors.

On the contrary, this backpack’s padded back and shoulder straps deliver maximum comfort to the body. In this way, you will never feel uncomfortable with this bag. In addition, the bag also has a separate laptop sleeve that can store your laptop for 15 inches.

Moreover, when the point comes to the carrying capacity, let’s add that it should be improved as the weight carrying capacity of the bag is 22 liters, which is less compared to other bags on this list. Due to less carrying capacity, this backpack is an ideal choice for kids only.

Bottom Line

To learn better details about such bags, we suggest you visit the backpacks website for kids because it is made for college students. However, it’s not a bad idea to give this a try to this backpack. This backpack is also used for commuter purposes. If you need the best commuter backpack just click on the link.


  • Material : 600D 100% Recycled Polyester with non-PFC DWR
  • Color      : Aviator Navy Botanical Day Dream Print-aviator Navy
  • Weight   : 10 Ounces


The North Face Cryptic School Laptop Backpack

With each passing day, the demand for school laptop backpacks is becoming more among students. However, people prefer to get a bag that is durable and affordable. Here, The North Face Cryptic School Laptop Backpack is another top-notch bag that you can easily buy without breaking any bank.

On the contrary, the design of the bag is also suitable for travelers and hikers. Here, the reason is that the main compartment of this bag is wide enough to carry all the necessities with great ease.

According to our testing, the bag comes in almost 8 different colors, but the same size. Besides this, the large main compartment of this bag is suitable for carrying all your books, notes, documents, and binders. Above all, the side pockets are made with mesh material to store your water bottle, ink pots, and many more.

Bottom Line

The bag has all the features that a student needs for daily use, so it is a perfect pick. In this way, we are sure that you will never regret buying this bag.


  • Material : 600D, 50% Recycled Polyester
  • Color      : Ashen Purple Metallic Melange
  • Weight   : 1.9 Pounds
  • Highly protective main compartment.
  • Offers easy access.
  • Lack of supporting belt

Buying Guide: Best North Face Backpack For College

For buying the best backpack that fulfills all your needs, you must check the construction makeup of that particular bag. Here, the construction makeup includes zippers, compartments, fabric, and many more. In this manner, several important considerations contribute to the comfort of the bag. So, these factors are:

Comfort Level

For having a great experience, you must buy a bag that comes with padded shoulder straps and back panels. Mainly, comfort and support is the first need of every student and worker. That’s why a bag with a spine channel provides maximum ventilation. Moreover, spine channels allow proper airflow.

Price Tag of The Backpack

For having a durable, portable, and comfortable backpack, you must have the least budget of $100. In case if you have a handsome budget of more than $100, then you will surely buy an exceptional bag. In this sense, go for a bag that meets your budget and requirements. With the price change, the quality also changes.

For instance, if you want to buy something more than a casual bag, you can easily buy it according to your budget. However, for buying a commute or college bag, try to ensure quality and durability.

Straps of The Bag

Thirdly, there is no doubt that the straps of the backpack are the first thing that ensures comfort and convenience. In this manner, you must go for a bag that comes with adjustable straps. However, the adjustable straps are more comfortable to wear as compared to the fixed ones.

Moreover, you must check whether the straps are flexible or not. On the contrary, our testing recommends you get a bag that has flexible and adjustable shoulder straps.

Size of The Bag

As you know, every student or worker has different preferences, depending on their job type. In addition to this, you must go for the size that you can easily carry. Besides this, if you go for a bag suitable for daily use, then a medium-sized bag is perfect for your use.

On the contrary, if you want a backpack for traveling or hiking purposes, then a large-sized bag is ideal for your use. Thereby, the number of compartments also determines the capacity and storage of the bag.

Style Options

Here, the style and color options of the bag also help you a lot in picking the exact that you need. Well, there are two types of people. The first one is those who want a simple black bag, and the second is those who want printing or a colorful bag.

There are hundreds of bags in the market with different colors and designs, so you buy the one that attracts you the most. However, some bags come with a unisex design.

Besides these considerations, other factors like warranty, compartments, and construction quality are also significant to keep in your mind. By following these factors, we are sure that you will make the right decision.

Best North Face Backpacks For College (FAQs)

What is The Best North Face Backpack for College?

Well, there is no doubt in the fact that The North Face Women’s School Jester Laptop Backpack stands on the top of the list. Here, the reason is that it is durable, versatile, portable, and comes with sufficient weight carrying capacity.

Why are North Face Backpacks so Popular?

The bags of North Face are trendy and demanding among the students because these bags are long-lasting and come with a lifetime warranty.

Are North Face Backpacks Good?

Undoubtedly, North face is a popular brand for making the best gear backpacks for students, travelers, and athletics. In this manner, the backpacks of North Face are perfect and sturdy.

How To Wash a Backpack?

Mainly, most backpacks are washable, and you must wash them with your hands. For the washing bag, take a small amount of detergent and add it to the water. However, you can also clean your bag with the help of a small piece of cloth.

If your question is,  can we wash a North Face Backpack then click on the link for details. We also have written a complete informative article on the correct wearing of a backpack.

How To Pack a Backpack?

To properly pack your backpack, you must keep your books or significant supplies in the main compartment. After this, keep your laptop only in the laptop sleeve to ensure safety. Lastly, place the small things in small compartments for easy access.


Pressingly, we are sure that all the options reviewed in this article are excellent choices for school and college students. All these backpacks are long-lasting, and you can use them for several purposes.

As all of these options are popular as the best North Face backpacks for college, we strongly recommend you to invest your money in any of these:

Chiefly, both bags are made to keep all your things organized and ensure safety. However, you can’t go wrong with any backpack of North Face brand and but their products with great confidence.

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