How to Wash a JanSport Backpack | 6 Steps Guide 2022

how to wash jansport backpacks

How to wash a Jansport backpack, or is the Jansport backpacks washable? Before answering this question, it is essential to note that the Jansport backpack is made from which types of material. If the material from which the Jansport backpacks are made is washable, then backpacks must be a wash, and if the material is not washable, then backpacks also can not wash you.

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How to Wash a Jansport Backpack: Recommended Tips

What are Jansport Backpacks Made of?

The most frequently asked question is what are Jansport backpacks made of or what are backpacks made of. As you know that most Jansport backpacks are made of different types of materials, among them durable CORDURA brand fabrics polyester fabric, nylon, and some form leathers.

So the answer to the above question on how to wash a Jansport backpack is that Jansport bags are made of mostly high-quality material. Therefore, they are tear-resistant and water-resistant, so you can wash Jansport backpacks in a washing machine and also through your hands.

Backpacks are mostly expensive and pricy, and you must wash a backpack with full care and according to the rules prescribed by manufacturers.

How to Wash Your Backpack in Machine

In this straightforward guide, I have given some simple rules and steps on how to wash a Jansport backpack in the washer. Also, keep in mind these tips and steps when you wash Under Armour Backpacks.

Step1. Read The Instruction

There is a small piece of chart inside or outside of every backpack. This short labile consists of some written instructions; how to wash a Jansport backpack; you must read with care these rules given by the company because this information says how to deal with these materials rightly.

Step2. Empty The Backpack

In this first and vital step, open all the pockets and their compartments, you must remove all the gear and items from every pocket. After this, you must upside down and shake it, and remove all the things like dust and other particles. Again the pockets check and sure that there is nothing inside the backpack.

If there is any metal inside the bag, also take it out and do not close the zippers of the pockets and their compartments. You also remove any detachable parts like straps, pockets, and a small box, and wash them alone with your hands.

Step3. To Clean Backpacks Before Washing

How to clean a backpack, before washing a backpack in a machine, you must clean the backpack with your hand. Remove all the dust through a brush.

Jansport backpacks like Right Pack, Big Students Backpacks, and Super Break Backpacks are made from Cordura and 600D Polyester Fabrics, and you must use lukewarm water when you wash in a washing machine.

These backpacks do not use chemicals like detergents and bleach. You also can use detergents or bleach for non-colored fabrics.

If there are any stains in the exterior or interior part of the backpacks, you must remove these stains with the help of a soft brush or any toothbrush.

Step4. Use of Detergent

Before putting a Jansport backpack in a washing machine, you must use detergent or bleach on a small and hidden part of the backpack. If these chemicals affect the backpack, then do not use these chemicals.

Step5. Dry Backpack Before Use

After washing your Jansport backpack, first, hang it in out of the sun, and dry thoroughly before using. Keep all the compartments and pockets open to dry quickly.  When the bag dries completely, then you can use it and keep your gear in it.

Step6. Adventure On

For ongoing maintenance, consider a monthly routine of a quick wipe-down or brushing. With proper care, your JanSport bag will be with you for a lifetime of exploration.

how to wash jansport backpack

How to Hand-Wash Your Backpack

Those who want to wash a Jansport backpack with hands must be kept in mind these useful tips.

  • Pretreatment stain remover
  • Gentle detergent (free of fragrances, dyes, or other chemicals is best, so you don’t damage the fabric of the bag)
  • Soft brush or old toothbrush
  • Wash cloth and sponge
  • Towel

Step1. Empty The Backpack

As we mentioned before, all the items and things must remove from the backpack. And keep all these things in a plastic pack safe. Then open all compartments and use a handheld vacuum to get out as much as you can. If there is a metal frame inside the bag, take it out. Then open the zips of all pockets.

Step2. Remove The Stains

Take a look at the backpack, search that there are any exterior or interior stains if found some stain, then gently apply some stain remover with a soft brush or toothbrush to clean the area, and let it sit for about 30 minutes.

Step3. Use Cold Water

Some fabric is damaged with hot water so use cold water when you wash a backpack. Then include some amount of gentle detergent and use these detergents with a brush or cloth: Rube these areas that are especially dirty, or spot stains.

The use of a toothbrush is good because it removes the stain easily from the backpack when you wash the exterior part then also clean the interior portion of the bag.

Step4. Rinse The Bag

Drain the dirty water and fill the basin with six inches of clean, cold water. Rinse the bag thoroughly and wring it out as best you can. Fold it into a thick towel to absorb excess water.

Step5. To Dry The Backpack

After washing, the backpack, keep the backpack in an open place under the sun, and completely dry the backpack. You must unzip all the compartments and hang them upside down.

After completely drying, you can keep all the gear and items. But keep in mind when you place the gears in the backpacks, the items must be clean because the dirty things again make the backpack dirty. So must clean equipment before inside the backpack.


I think now this question is answered how to wash a Jansport backpack. Jansport backpack brand is a famous and well-known backpack brand. There are some best JanSport backpacks for girls’ school and other activities.

Some JanSport backpacks like Right Pack, Big Student Backpacks, Super Break Backpack, etc., are made from durable CORDURA fabrics, polyester, nylon, and some leathers, so you must use cold water when you wash these backpacks.

There is also a complete information guide about how to wash a Herschel Backpack.

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