Pros and Cons of Carrying Backpacks In School: A Detail Guide

pros and cons of carrying backpacks in school

Before highlit some pros and cons of carrying backpacks in school. I want to ask a question from you, do you know anyone who never used a backpack in his life, at one or another point. The answer to this question is no because everyone who goes on a journey must use a backpack. You know very well that everything has useful features also has a few drawbacks. So, in this article, I explained some pros and cons of carrying backpacks in school. 

I used a backpack several years ago when I was a school student. Now without that, I would not be able for a single trip. In many schools across America, the best backpacks have taken the place of lockers. 

Students must keep in mind the pros and cons of carrying backpacks in school. But the backpack is an essential thing outside when you want to go on a journey or to travel. 

Backpacks have many benefits for school students, as well as for other travelers. So students should be able to carry their backpacks to and from every class. For middle school students, there are some right and fit backpacks that I recommended for you.

So backpack travels with students from their homes to schools and then from schools to homes. And also from grade one to next and so on. So a backpack can either be a best friend of children or his worst enemy.

From kids to teens to youths and even adults, it seems everyone is making use of a backpack. So backpacks are so crucial because of how we use them in our everyday lives. So, therefore, I decided to highlight some of the pros and cons of carrying backpacks in school.

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Pros and Cons of Carrying Backpacks in School

First, I want to describe some benefits of backpacks in school, and after that, some cons of the backpacks. 

Pros of Backpacks in School

1. Backpack Organize Your Items

It is the first benefit of a backpack that an excellent quality backpack has many large and small different compartments and pockets. Each pocket and compartment is used for specific equipment. Large compartments use for laptops, clothes, and other large items. And small pockets are used for low gears. 

So a backpack help to organize the books, laptops, and other school items as well as necessary gear for traveling. So a well-designed backpack makes your school life more comfortable. And when you search books, notebooks, or other things in the classroom, you feel secure and comfortable.

Nowadays, most backpacks are designed for the modern individual. For example, if you are a photographer, some backpacks were specifically designed to meet the needs of a photographer when it comes to organization. So it is an essential benefit of a backpack. A photographer needs the right backpack for cameras

backpack organize your items

2. Backpack Free Up Your Hands

When you want to start a journey or go on a trip, then wear it, so this is the best feature of backpacks. Backpack firmly strapped to your body, and the weight evenly distributes.

When you always keep a handbag or a messenger bag in your hand, it creates problems for you, when you are doing other activities. So a purse makes your life uncomfortable. 

But a backpack with comfortable straps makes both your hands-free. And you are doing quickly other activities so, if you go about your daily activities without having to worry about your backpack making you uncomfortable. 

That is the main reason for a backpack that most people buy a backpack that has double and comfortable straps, which you can quickly put on. If the straps don’t correctly fit and they are adjustable, you can easily adjust them. 

3. Time Efficient

The most important things are the time. So time is money. An appropriate backpack helps you not only Comfortability but also saves you time.

 Nowadays, students have many classes in a single school day. So if your books, notebooks, pencil, or other materials are placed in an organized way, this way, it makes your time safe. 

4. Provide Safty To Your Items

Backpacks keep safe your items like books, notebooks, pens, pencils, and other necessary items. So backpack provides safe security to your essential gears. A waterproof backpack made from nylon or polyester materials makes secure all things from the rain. 

There are some backpacks in the markets called TSA (Transportation Security Administration ). This backpack keeps all your items safe from pickpockets.

Nowadays, most students buy Transportation Security Administration (TSA) friendly backpacks or anti-theft backpacks. These backpacks come with hidden pockets, compartments, and zippers. 

The fundamental purpose of a backpack is to protect your items from pickpockets. So a backpack is considered secure for storing your gears. Pickpockets any time is trying to access your bag. 

High-quality backpacks are flexible and lightweight, so they provide full security for the valuable products inside them.

5. Safely Transport Your Belongings

The primary purpose of a backpack is to be able to transport your items from one place to another. Without a backpack, you can not transfer items quickly. 

6. To Carrying Things Longer

Those gears which are difficult to carry from one place to another place then a backpack carry your heavy items. Sometimes a student has heavy books and notebooks that are difficult to carry without a backpack. 

7. Easy to Find Your Belongings

Well-organized backpacks have many separate pockets and compartments for each thing ( books, notebooks, pencils, pens, and other items) in an organized way. When you need that thing, you easily find and access these items. 

8. A Backpack is Good for Your Health

You often hear that Heath is wealth; it is a famous proverb. This proverb refers to the importance of your health and reveals that health is wealth. Without fitness, wealth is nothing. So your health is the most significant thing in this world, we should always try to be healthy. 

When you go to school in the morning to their school with your backpack, it is a good and easy exercise for you. A backpack build your muscles. So some time has good effects of carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder

When you are walking with heavyweights, then you must burn some more calories, than walking without weight. If you want to reduce your weight, then you must carry your backpack over your shoulders. 

But my warning to you is that you should make a habit to carry more heavy things in your backpack. Sometimes heavyweight creates health problems like back pain, shoulder pain, especially for students. 

Cons of Backpacks in School

As you know everything in the world has some advantages, it will have some disadvantages. In the above part, we discuss the benefits of backpacks in school.

Now I will highlight some disadvantages or cons of the backpacks for a school.

1. Backpack Create Health Problem 

Sometimes, a backpack causes low back pain for students, travelers, huckers, etc. now the medical experts, parents, and school and college administrators agree on this statement that there are some adverse effects of carrying heavy backpacks. 

So it is a crucial point to note when parents are buying a backpack for their children to choose a good quality backpack that has lightweight, padded straps and must be comfortable. 

A survey shows that every year thousands of students visit the hospital for treatment of back pain, neck pain, and muscle strain caused by backpacks. 

If a weighted backpack has created a health problem for the students, then a question arises how much should a backpack weigh for school. The answer to this question is that: For example, if your weight is 120 pounds, then the weight of your backpack shouldn’t be more than 12 pounds.

So it is the duty of school administrators, parents, and health experts to discourage carrying backpacks weight not more than 10 to 20 percent of the student’s weight. 

Effects of Carrying Heavy Backpacks

2. They Can Be Rather Expensive

Whey you want to buy a high-quality backpack, and everyone wants, but they do not come in cheap. And that one which is cheap creates some problems. 

Backpacks that are of high quality and function tend to be expensive, that is the reason some people might dislike getting a backpack for themselves. 

3. Backpack Used For Contrabands

Sometimes students consider a backpack as a right hiding place to smuggle prohibited things to school. Due to a large number of students, it is also difficult for the school administrator to keep eye on them. 

The students use a backpack to store dangerous items, which can apply to cause harm to people. They put stash away items such as alcohol, drugs, Segrats, weapons, and many other things. 


As I said earlier everything has some advantages and some disadvantages. Just a backpack also has some positive and negative aspects. I briefly explain the pros and cons of carrying backpacks in school. 

But the benefits of backpacks in school are more than their disadvantages. Backpack help in heavyweights. Throughout the world, backpacks are used for hiking, school, traveling, rucking, and other purposes. So the benefit of a backpack can not be denied, to anyone. 

If you are searching for a backpack for high school students then read this complete guide on what backpack should i get for high school.

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