The most frequently asked question, What Size Backpack for Hiking? How much weight should you get in your hiking backpack of a day, for a weekend, or multiple days? We have searched and get data from different sources. Now we can guide you about What Size Backpack for Hiking and What is a  good size backpack for travelling. If you require so you can buy an appropriate size range backpack for your coming Hiking?

If you are planning to buy a backpack for your upcoming Hiking, then you have to consider the size, features, and fitting of the Backpack. The size of the Backpack depends on the length of your hiking trip so you can carry the vital equipment with you on your tour. The most frequently asked question, “What Size Backpack for Hiking?” How much weight should you get in your Backpack for Hiking of a day, for a weekend, or multiple days?

Hiking Backpack Features

Backpack features are related to the packing of equipment in multiple containers of Backpack, and the fitting of the Backpack is Torso Length of your body according to the structure of your body so you can carry Backpack easily in during your hiking track.

Consider the fundamental purpose of the Backpack before purchasing it. Backpack use for carrying weight on the back, Mostly it contains cloths, food, water, sleeping bag, and other necessary stuff require during Hiking. Backpacks also have multiple pockets to store multi-type things and padded straps that go over your shoulders to carry Backpack.

We have searched multiple relevant queries about hiking backpacks and get data from different sources. Now we can guide you about What Size Backpack for Hiking and what features do you require so you can buy an appropriate size range backpack for your coming Hiking.


What size backpack for hiking 

What Size Backpack For Hiking

The following are some types of backpacks that hikers use during their hiking trips.

Daypack (Single Day, 20-35 liters)

The most useable Backpacks are Daypacks. The usual range of Daypack is 20-35 liters. The smaller size used for the Hiking of just a few hours or half-day Hiking. If you are going for Hiking of full-day, then the Ideal size of Backpack for you is 35 Liters.

You can easily pack food, clothes, water, juice, snakes, and other essentials along with you. Please remember that proper Hydration is most important during your Hiking and usually your body required more water during Hiking.

You may also need snowshoes, microspikes, and bulkier insulated clothes during Hiking in winter. You also have to carry your snowshoes if there is no snow during your Hiking. You need an extra towel, cloths, extra water, socks, and many more items along with an emergency kit during the Hiking in Summer.


What size backpack for hiking

Weekend Backpacks (1-3 Nights, 30-50 Liters)

If you are going for a weekend or more than one night stay, then the Daypack is not enough for you. You have required a Backpack that can store 30-50 liters that store more equipment and storage for a 1-3 night stay. During your visite, you must need a stove, cooking pot, sleeping pad, sleeping clothes, sleeping bag/quilt, tent, and more food, etc.

For extra things, you need more space storage. It is better to save extra, and you will feel thrilled when you have a tool at the required time. You may use a weightless Backpack to store more and excess weight. You need to pack your Backpack carefully. You can save extra things if you are packing with discipline and care.


What size backpack for hiking

Multiday Backpacks (3-5 Nights, 50-80 Liters)

Multiday Backpacks use for multiple days of 3-5 nights trip. The actual purpose of Multiday Backpacks is to store extra equipment and food for your trip. If you have a plan of additional activities during your trips such as playing football, enjoying a swim, or any other thing for more enjoyment then you can store 50 – 80 Liters in Multiday Backpacks.

Please use an ultralight Backpack and use compressible gears to store your things. If you carry items that can use for multiple purposes, then you don’t need to take a lot of weight with you.

You can enjoy more if you have less weight and all need able equipment. You also can use these backpacks for the extended trip plan in warm weather. The Multiday Backpacks are trendy for long trips.


What size backpack for hiking

1. Expedition Backpacks ( 5 + Nights, 80-110 Liters)

Expedition backpacks are the behemoths of the backpacking world and range in size from 80 liters up to 110 liters or more. They’re designed to hold a maximum amount of food and gear, usually for professionally guided mountaineering trips.

If you’re going on a trip like this, it’s probably worth asking your guide for backpack recommendations. They may also have gear that you can rent since expedition backpacks can be quite expensive.


What size backpack for hiking


How to Measure Volume of the Backpack

Mostly the volume of the Backpack measure after filling up the Backpack. The capacity is measured by including the main compartment of the bag (closed storage).

Sometimes the volume is calculated by including all open pockets like rear mesh pockets or side water bottle pockets add to the covered storage of the pocket.

It is better to ask manufacturers how they calculate the volume of the bag. So you can calculate the size according to the exact formula and can buy the correct suitable Backpack for your travel.

What Is The Best Backpack for Hiking? How to Buy a Backpack for Hiking

You are going for Hiking, and you want to know what the Best Backpack for Hiking is? And how to buy a backpack for Hiking? You may need to consider the following factors to select the appropriate Backpack for your Hiking.

Average Backpack Weight for Hiking and Capacity of the Backpack

The primary thing is to consider is the Average Backpack Weight for Hiking and Capacity of the Backpack for your Hiking plan. Hikers prefer different types of equipment for different kinds of trips.

If you are going for a long journey for multiple days, then we will suggest an ultralight weighted Backpack for your travel so you can carry your load easily without adding the weight of your Backpack. Usually, you can use a 30-50 liter capacity Backpack for the overnight hiking trip.

If you want to extend your trip, then a 50-80 liters Backpack is suitable. You can use 4-8 pounds weighted Backpack if your trip is short, and you have not extra items for storage.


To Consider only the Average Backpack for Hiking is not enough. You also have to consider that you are going on a hiking trip and you have to store eatable things along with other essentials. Especially in summer, and You have to pack all your equipment well ventilated. You have to avoid sweaty back syndrome that may lead to chaffing and uncomfortable rubbing.

You must have to care of your health during your Hiking. In summer, your back can be affected by hot weather and load of Backpack. This effect applies mostly hip belt and back panel; here, your two primary points of skin contact. You may need mesh panels and ventilation chimneys to solve this problem.

Weather Conditions

The weather conditions are also essential to consider. For a Trip in Winter, you need more things with you, including warm clothes, etc. So you need a more heavy backpack for your trip.

You may have two different backpacks for Summer and Winter hiking plans. So you can use a big Backpack for winter trips and a small/medium Backpack according to weight in summer trips.

Most Comfortable Backpack for Hiking

If your Backpack has the following features then you have the most comfortable Backpack for a Hiking tour:

Padded Straps

You have to carry the weight of your backpack on your shoulders, and if your Backpack has padded straps, then you can move quickly, and if your bag straps are cheap and non-padded, then you may feel difficulty, tiredness, and rashes on your shoulder.

If you want to enjoy your Hiking, then you must have a quality padded backpack straps.

Padded and Ventilated Mesh Back Panel

If you want to comfort and to keep your back fresh, then you must need a padded mesh back panel. The weight of your Backpack is coming down from your shoulders along with your back. Therefore the Backpack will press your back whole the day during your Hiking. Therefore you need a padded barrier that can make your walk and bounce of the bag comfortable for you.

Ventilation will help to keep refreshing your back during summer days. It also prevents you from sweating on a hot day.

Adjustable Belts

Your Backpack is the most comfortable Backpack for Hiking if you can adjust the straps of your Backpack according to your body structures and your height. If you use the belts of your Backpack correctly, then your Backpack will fit appropriately with your back and will not disturb you during climbing and walking.

How to Properly Pack a Backpack for Hiking Trip

You have a Backpack, and you are ready for your Hiking. It is the first time of your trip, and you don’t know how to properly pack a Backpack for Hiking Trip. Only to fill Backpack with equipment is not an excellent way to store things.

You have to use your full bag and have to save as much you can. Secondly, you have to store items that you can use easily on time. You can not store a bottle of water in deep. You always need easy excess to water.

Therefore the arranging of your Backpack is more of an art and technique than a science — just care of two C’s: Convenience and Comfort.

You must have to pack your Backpack comfortably and conveniently so you can get that you need without emptying everything of Backpack. Let’s learn how to pack a backpack for a hiking trip properly.


What size Backpack for Hiking

Start to Pack the Bottom of The Backpack

What should you pack first? The things stored at the bottom of the Backpack are hardest to get. Therefore you have to pack the things that you don’t need during the day, and you need it when you have to stay at night time. Mostly it is the camping gear that you need at night time.

The Camping Gear is to store first and to come out in last. It is also necessary to dry your camping gear before storing it if it is wet. Now you should save a sleeping bag and a pillowcase. If you have any bulky padded sleeping bag, then you may store it outside of the pack by strapping it to save storage of your Backpack.

You have to pack all camping gear at the bottom of the Backpack. You may pack your flashlight/ headlamp in the middle or top pocket of your Backpack because you may need your flashlight before camping.

Don’t forget to keep weight distribution in your mind. You have to pack light-weighted gear at the bottom of your Backpack and the massive things close to your back and in the middle of the Backpack.

Packing of the Middle of your Backpack

The bottom of your Backpack has filled. Now you have to pack the center of your Backpack. You have to pack your heavy gear right on top of your sleeping/camping gear. Pack pots, pans, cooking stoves, food, and extra water in the middle of your Backpack.

You also can pack fuel/ cooking oil inside packets for additional care. Otherwise, it is also safe with your food. Your Backpack should be well balanced. Weight should be distributed on all sides equally. Just pack the heavy things away from the outside, bottom, and top of your Backpack.

Pack all heavy items in the center of your Backpack. If the Middle space is still empty for more things, then you can pack lighter items such as a rain fly, and cloths.

Packing of The Top of Backpack

Now, you have to pack the top of your Backpack. So, what is remaining to wrap in the top portion of your Backpack? You have to pack extra layers of clothes and all other items that you may need to access during your Hiking on day time. You also have to pack all small items such as first aid kit, sunglasses, a compass, rain jacket, and all snacks.

Attachment of Extra Gear to the Outside of the Backpack

If your Backpack is packed, and some items are remaining to pack, then you can strap that item, such as tent poles, ice cutter, and hiking poles.


What size backpack for hiking



We have shared our knowledge and research now you must know what size of backpack for hiking do you need and how to pack a backpack for a hiking trip properly. There is a list of best hiking backpacks under 100 dollars.

If you are new, then you have enough knowledge to know about backpacks. You can purchase your Backpack and can pack it for your trip.

If you need any more information about Backpacks that are not in our blog, then can comment the same, and if you have any questions, they are welcome to ask.

We will continue our research on different types of backpacks and will keep sharing the same with you.

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