Best Herschel Backpacks for School | Reviews 2022

Surprisingly, backpacks are used for carrying utility because people like to make a style statement with these bags. Thereby, if you are searching for the best Herschel backpacks for school, then you must go through these options. Moreover, we review each bag with all the features, upsides, and downsides. So, let’s have a deep on the details of the top options of Herschel backpacks.

That’s why Herschel company manufactures the best Herschel backpacks for school, travel, etc, that are functional and ensure that the backpacks aesthetically appeal to the public. Mainly, it is a Canadian company popular globally for making fashionable, elegant, and high-quality bags. Here are the quality Kindergarten backpacks for school.

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Best Herschel Backpacks For School 2022: Our Top Picks

In this manner, we are here with a complete article in which we pick the top options of the best Herschel backpacks for school 2022.


1: Herschel Classic Backpack, Black Crosshatch⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2: Herschel Retreat Backpack, Woodland Camo⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
3: Herschel Travel Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
4: Herschel Nova Backpack, Black, Mid-Volume⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
5: Hershel GroveBackpack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
6: Herschel Settlement Backpack, Light Grey Crosshatch⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
7: Herschel Buckingham Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐
8: Herschel Baby Settlement Sprout Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐
9: Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. Herschel Classic Backpack-Best Over All

Herschel Classic Backpack
  • Breathable mesh back
  • The straps are very supportive
  • Built to last
  • Not waterproof

Are you ready to invest your money in the best Herschel backpack for travel? If yes, then it’s time to invest your money in the right bag. Well, Herschel’s classic backpack is made in an extra-large size, and you can store all your necessities for longer trips.

In this manner, you can take this XL size bag everywhere you are going. Above all, there is a small sleeve on the font size of the bag with a clip in which you can store your keys.

Besides this, the bag has small water bottle pockets on both sides to store your small items. According to our analysis, you can also place the laptop of 15 inches in this bag. Thereby, it’s not a problem to carry your laptop on your trip because the sleeve offers safety and maximum space to store your laptop.

Furthermore, when the point comes to the bag’s carrying capacity, let’s add that the Herschel Classic backpack comes with a carrying capacity of 30L, and everything can fit in it easily.

Undoubtedly, buying this bag is an intelligent choice if you want a durable and large bag for your daily use. However, the well-padded straps and breathable air mesh back make it very comfortable to carry the bag. That’s why you can also use this bag for school and college work.

Bottom Line

Well, you can buy this bag in many sizes and colors. However, if you want to buy a bag with extra carrying capacity, the XL size is ideal for your use. Moreover, it is very durable and supportive.


  • Brand      : Herschel
  • Material  : Polyester Fabric
  • Color       : Black Crosshatch
  • Weight    : 1.29 Pounds


2. Herschel Retreat Backpack-Best For Laptop

Herschel Retreat Backpack
  • Perfect for day and overnight trips
  • The size is suitable to carry
  • It lacks internal storage pockets

Have you ever used a mountaineering-type backpack that is perfect for carrying for outdoor adventures? If still not, then we are sure that you haven’t enjoyed the activities like hiking, or camping with great ease. So, list to add comfort and more fun to your outdoor fun, you must put your hands on Herschel Retreat Backpack, Woodland Camo without any further delay.

Due to the larger capacity and size, this backpack also stands on the list of the best backpack for laptops. Moreover, the duffle structure of this bag gives a stylish look. Besides this, the bag’s overall design also gives a decent look for your casual job routine. On the contrary, some interesting facts about this durable backpack are that it comes with a media pouch, headphone port, laptop sleeve, and many more.

Pressingly, the Herschel backpack quality ensures durability and long-lasting use. In case you are a daily traveler, then this bag is made only for you. However, it is not an ideal choice for students because the front pounce of the bag is much smaller.

Bottom Line

Due to its overall durable construction and mountaineering design, this bag is the top pick of most travelers. That’s why we consider it one of the best Herschel backpacks of the present time.


  • Material  : High Quality
  • Color       : Woodland Camo/Woodland Camo
  • Weight   : 1.54 Pounds

3. Herschel Travel Backpack-Best Organization

Herschel Travel Backpack
  • 30L capacity is a huge pro
  • The laptop sleeve is TSA-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Very expensive

If you want to get a bag capable enough to overcome all your traveling needs, we assume that Herschel Travel Backpack is made only for you. Mainly, this perfect bag is convenient for unisex use.

However, the square type shape of this bag ensures that this bag has enough space to carry laptops, tablets, and many more. However, Herschel backpacks with laptop sleeves are more demanding in the market than those with no laptop sleeves.

This bag comes with a separate laptop sleeve, so it option choice to pick for high school or college students. That’s why we are sure that you will get this name’s name in the articles that are according to school backpacks.

Wow! The interesting thing about this backpack is that it comes with several compartments. Thereby, the main compartment of this bag is large and deep enough that you can see all your necessary items in it.

For instance, you can place your traveling camera, lenses, and several other things that you want to carry for your adventures. Moreover, it is very easy to attach this bag to your suitcase. So, you can easily fix it whenever you are not in the mood to carry it. In this sense, you can use this bag for multiple purposes.

Bottom Line

Due to several compartments and well-padded straps, this bag is one of the best backpacks in the competitive market. Although the price tag is more, the construction ensures safety for all your items. That’s why it is worth-buying a backpack.


  • Material  : Good Material
  • Color       : Dark Olive
  • Weight   : 2.2 Pounds

4. Herschel Nova Backpack-Mid-Volume

Herschel Nova Backpack
  • The price point is affordable
  • Premium quality fabric
  • Suitable for urban adventures
  • Not suitable for outdoor adventures

Do you want to buy a backpack for daily use that comes with an affordable price tag? Undoubtedly, everyone would like to buy a standard bag at a reasonable price. So, you don’t need to search for it anymore because Herschel Nova Backpack is waiting for you. Due to its overall design and construction, we consider it one of the best Herschel backpacks for college. Moreover, the bag is neither large nor small.

In short, it is a medium-sized bag with two water bottle pockets on both sides of the bag. In this manner, you can place your small necessary items in these pockets. According to our analysis, the first thing about this bag that attracts us the more is the carrying handles.

Mainly the design of the handles is different from other bags, and they are easy to grab. Besides this, all the zippers of the bag are of premium quality metal. So, these zippers are durable and will not cause any defect in their functioning.

To provide extra space to you, the bag also has two mesh side pockets. However, the primary purpose of these pockets is to place water bottles and feeders in them. However, the shoulder straps are very slim but are completely padded. So, you will indeed feel comfortable while carrying this bag. Lastly, you have unlimited color options with the elegant bag.

Bottom Line

Mainly, the overall size makes this bag one of the best Herschel backpacks for work. Due to its lightweight, it is effortless to carry. In short, we truly recommend your invest your money in this bag.


  • Material  : Thicker Canvas
  • Color       : Black
  • Weight   : 1.08 Pounds

5. Hershel GroveBackpack-Small In Size

Herschel Grove Backpack
  • The seatbelt webbing adjusters deliver extra support
  • Ideal option for school-going kids
  • Cost-effective
  • Water bottle pockets are not present

To start, there is no doubt that Hershel company stands among the top companies of the present time. Here, the main reason is that the brand is manufacturing outstanding and durable bags with an affordable price tag. So, if you truly want to buy a bag at an affordable price, we consider that Hershel Grove Backpack is one of the best Herschel backpacks for school.

Although this bag comes in several color options, the black color is perfect for daily use. Moreover, the size of this bag is small, and the total weight carrying capacity of this bag is almost 13.5L.

Thereby, this backpack is popular as a Herschel backpack for kids because it is lightweight and is perfect for kids to carry. So, if you are a parent and want to get a comfortable and supportive bag for your kids, try to avoid local ones and put your hands on this small-sized bag.

On the contrary, the bag has slim shoulder straps that are easy to carry for your kids. Moreover, to offer extra support, the seatbelt webbing adjusters also come with the bag. In this manner, the padding is comfortable and lightweight. Here, the overall dimensions of this small bag are 14 × 10 × 5 inches with a volume of 13.5L.

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, this small backpack stands among the best ones in the market, and it is very demanding. In this manner, we are sure that you will never retreat from buying this decent and durable bag for your kids.


  • Material  : Canvas
  • Color       : Black
  • Weight   : 14.6 Ounces

6. Herschel Settlement Backpack-Lightweight

Herschel Settlement Backpack
  • Comes with an iconic style
  • The high-quality construction of the bag
  • Very portable and supportive to carry
  • It offers only one compartment to store all the essentials

Are you tired of carrying a heavy and uncomfortable bag daily? If yes, then we can understand your problem that how it feels to have an irritating bag. Here, we are talking about Herschel Settlement Backpack, Light Grey Crosshatch which is also very durable and comfortable. On the contrary, the overall design is so elegant that it will capture your heart in the very first loon.

Moreover, there are many important factors to talk about, and the most important one is the warranty. Well, it is not wrong to say that the Herschel backpack warranty is for a lifetime.

However, some bags come with a limited-time warranty, but most of the bags of Herschel come with a lifetime warranty. Thereby, the warranty card determines the durability and reliability of this bag. In case if you find any issue in the construction or design, feel free to contact the brand to solve your issue.

Although many bags in the market are made with superior quality materials, most of them are out of budget. So, this bag is made by keeping your moderate budget in mind. That’s why this Herschel backpack cheap is very demanding in the market for bags.

Moreover, the straps are padded well, which delivers enough comfort to your shoulders. So, you will never feel comfortable while wearing this bag.

Bottom Line

For casual use and to add grace to your look, this Light Grey Crosshatch backpack stands among the best Herschel backpacks for school. In summary, you must not miss any chance to get this lightweight and convenient bag.


  • Material  : Cotton Type of Material
  • Color       : Light Grey Crosshatch
  • Weight   : 15.9 Ounces

7. Herschel Buckingham Backpack-Unisex

Herschel Buckingham Backpack
  • The main compartment is larger, wider, and deeper
  • You can check this bag for multi-purposes
  • It is made with polyester fiber
  • Doesn’t come with waist straps

How can we miss Herschel Buckingham Backpack while talking about Herschel Backpacks reviews? There is no reason to miss this bag because it is a perfect example of style and functionality. However, it doesn’t matter whether you want a backpack for traveling purposes or office work; it is the best option to pick from a wide range of backpacks. Moreover, it adds elegance to your everyday look.

On the contrary, when the point comes to the functionality of this bag, let’s add that it has a maximum weight carrying capacity. First of all, the bag comes with a laptop sleeve to store your laptop for 15 inches. In this manner, you can also pick this bag for traveling purposes because a computer is an essential thing to carry.

According to our analysis, the overall design and construction ensure that a bag is a perfect option for men. However, the school-going girls can also check this bag because it is made for unisex use.

Besides this, the bag has countered straps, making it easier to carry for you in all situations because it is water-resistant. If you want to get a Herschel backpack waterproof, you need to check the websites of waterproof backpacks.

Bottom Line

Pressingly, the bag has extra pockets and compartments, which prove very helpful in keeping all the documents, wallets, and many more. So, we recommend you check this comfortable bag.


  • Material  : Good Material
  • Color       : Raven Crosshatch
  • Weight   : 1.91 Pounds

8. Herschel Baby Settlement Sprout Backpack-Best Diaper

Herschel Baby Settlement Sprout Backpack
  • Versatile and comprehensive design
  • Comes with a foldable changing mat
  • Signature striped fabric liner
  • The size is smaller

Among the wide range of backpacks in the market, it has become tough to choose a lightweight, portable and comfortable bag. But Herschel brand is here on your back, and it manufactures several amazing backpacks for kids. Among those bags, Herschel Baby Settlement Sprout Backpack wins our hearts. In this manner, we consider it a perfect option for on-the-go parents.

On the contrary, the bag has very functional details. For instance, the versatile design of this bag allows you to have several necessities for kids in it. Thereby, you can store pampers, diapers, and other important supplies in it without facing any space issues. Besides this, the premium-quality fabric ensures the quality of it and takes the bag to another level.

Due to this, the price tag is more as compared to other local kids’ backpacks. Although Herschel backpack mini is expensive, there is no doubt that it offers excellent functionality to the users.

Besides this, you will surely get easy access to folding the bag mat that is available in the custom compartment. Well, it is essential to check the bag’s dimensions before investing your money because it ensures the size. Here, the dimensions of this bag are 17 25 × 12.25 × 5.75.

Bottom Line

As you know that the parents have different requirements for kids’ bags because they have to place all the toys and other supplies in one bag. Thereby, we will sure you will never regret buying this bag because it meets all the requirements.


  • Material  :  Good Material
  • Color       : Black
  • Weight   : 1.44 Pounds


9. Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack-Best For High School

Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack
  • Comes with a separate sunglasses compartment
  • Lots of internal organization
  • 13-inches laptop sleeve
  • The external material is very thick

Do you want to get a waterproof bag and comes with several storage compartments for storing your supplies? Well, we are sure that everyone wants to buy this type of school bag. So, it’s not a problem because Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack perfectly meets all your requirements.

Mainly, this bag is an ideal option for high school students. However, it offers more compartments and more protective padding as compared to the local ones.

Due to sturdy construction and reliability, this backpack is made only for students. As you know that students have to carry a load of books, copies, and documents, so it is essential to ensure that the bag is comfortable or not.

On the contrary, the most interesting thing about this backpack is that it comes with a waterproof element. Well, this feature wins our hearts because you can carry this backpack in all weather conditions.

Unlike most of the bags that come with water bottle side pockets, this bag comes with a sunglasses compartment, and it is a very cool feature. Thereby, water bottle pockets are not present in this bag.

However, the laptop sleeve is present and cones with the capacity to store laptops of small size. On the contrary, this bag is on the list of backpacks that come with spacious space. Most probably, more than half of the features of this bag are similar to the Herschel Heritage backpack.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this backpack stands on the list of best Herschel backpacks waterproof. It is safe to use under all conditions, so there is no reason to miss this elegant bag for daily use.


  • Material  : Polyester
  • Color       : Raven Crosshatch/Black
  • Weight   : 1.69 pounds

 FAQs: Best Herschel Backpacks for School

Are Herschel Backpacks Good?

Undoubtedly, Hershel backpacks are the best bags in the market because they are very durable and comfortable. Well, these are the main factors in which the company takes pride in the market.

Thereby, the company has captured the attention of a large number of buyers. We collect the best Herschel backpacks for school in this article.

Can Herschel Backpacks Be Washed?


How To Wash Herschel Backpacks

Well, it is not suitable to wash them in a machine. For instance, if you want to clean them, then try to wash them by hand. However, to remove dust particles, clean it with a damp cloth or use a mild soap. After this, leave it in the air or under the sun to dry.

Where To Buy Herschel Backpacks?

Most probably, you can get these bags from any market of backpacks or online stores. However, Amazon is the best and safest place to buy Herschel backpacks. Here, we are selling original and authentic backpacks that are made with synthetic leather and polyester.

Are Herschel Backpacks Water-resistant?

Yes, almost all the Herschel backpacks are water-resistant, and they are safe to use under any weather conditions. Above all, some bags are waterproof also.

For school students must read what to put in their school backpacks, and how to wear a backpack properly.


With so many bags in the market, it isn’t easy to pick one that meets all your requirements. That’s why we pick the best options for one of the most popular brands, Herschel. Here, the top-notch options of the best Herschel backpacks for school are available.

Although the price tag of these bags is a bit more than JanSport bags, there is no doubt about their durability and reliability. Undoubtedly, these all options are best, but two bags are our favorite.

Here, these good-quality bags make it very easy for you to carry all your belongings with great comfort. So, it’s fine to grab a bag that meets all your requirements.

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