How To Wash A Herschel Backpack: 8 Simple Steps 2022

how to wash a Herschel backpack

Are your question is that how to wash a Herschel backpack? yes,’ so I find the right answer to your question. First of all, Herschel released a statement about the best way to wash their backpacks, that use mild soap, and try to clean only the dirty and affected area. You can check Best Hershel Backpacks from this link.

There are different types of backpacks brands in the market, one of them is Herschel backpacks a famous and popular brand of backpacks and bags. The Herschel backpacks are well known for their glossy style.

Some people also ask, can we wash a Herschel backpack in the washing machine? So the short answer is that I recommend that to wash Herschel’s backpack by hand. So hand washing is better than a washing machine.

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How To Wash A Herschel Backpack: Informative Article

You must follow these tips and steps one by one to understand how to clean Herschel backpack. or how to clean Herschel’s bag. These steps can easy your task.

Step#1: Empty Your Backpack Before Washing

How to wash a Herschel backpack the first and very important step is to empty your backpack. remove all gear you pack in the backpack like school supplies books, laptops, notebooks, pencils, and other personal items.  Open all the pockets and compartments and give a handshake. When you empty the bag and everything, then it is ready for washing. 

If anything remains inside the bag it can be damaged by water and soap. So take great care and save your valuable things and gear. Do not remain any crumbs and dirt inside your bag. To use also a small handheld vacuum to empty the backpack.

is Herschel backpack washable

Step# 2: Carefully Read The Lable 

There is a care label in every bag that includes a Herschel backpack. this label offers scrubbing instructions. Some backpacks can be washed by hand and some you can be washed by machine. You can not wash a leather backpack in a washing machine but it takes more care during washing.

Step# 3: Remove The Straps And Attached Pockets

Before washing you can remove the straps and attachable pockets and wash or clean separately. In this way, the volume of the bag is also reduced and easily wash.

Wash the removable straps and pockets with a special chemical of heavy-duty laundry detergents like Tide or Persil. This liquid contains enough enzymes that can break apart the soil so it can be flushed away with warm water.

Step# 4: To Clean Your Backpack Before Washing

When you remove all the things then you clean your bag. Before washing, you must clean the bag. You remove all the spots and dirt on a backpack. If possible take a soft brush, toothbrush, sponge, and clean all the crumbs and dust inside and outside the bag.

Step# 5: Use Mild Soap For Washing Herschel Backpack

This is the third step to wash a Herschel backpack. in this step, you can use mild soap. A mild soap means any soap you can use to wash the dishes by hand. A mild soap can not harm or damage your backpack. but if you can use an organic label soap that is also good.

So it is better to use a mild soap when you hand wash your Herschel backpacks. You also can use dishwashing soap as a mild soap for cleaning your backpack. and you can also use a bar of organic soap.

Step# 6: Set The Bag In A Pot Of  Warm Water

Pour half warm water into a pot or vessel so that it’s mostly full. When choosing a basin or bin, make sure that you’re selecting something that can soak your backpack without overflowing. If you‘re using an especially large basin or tub, fill it up about 6 inches (15 cm) of the way with water. 

So keep in mind that do not use so hot water or boiling water that damages the fabric or color of your bag. 

herschel backpack are washable

Step# 7: Disinfect The Backpack

It is also an important step that you disinfect the backpack inside and outside of the backpack. use mix a one-to-one solution of the disinfectant and warm water. You also can use a clean sponge or cloth to carefully wipe down the surfaces.

Step# 8: Dry The Bag Outside Before Using

When you pass from all the steps that occur that how to wash a Herschel backpack, you must air-dry the bag by hanging it out the side in the sun. so for dry, it is better to hang your bag outside or in an area with a lot of open airflows.

After hanging outside give it a day or two days to dry. Then you can check the bag time by time to see if the material is damp or not. 

Before hanging in outside check all the pockets and sure that all the compartments and pockets and zippers are open. In this way, water is easily removed from the bag. If there is any rain then you can keep or hang your bag indoors. But air-drying is recommended.

How To Remove Common Backpack Smells

  • Use enzyme cleaner, the enzyme breaks down the kinds of bacteria left by sweat or oil to remove smells, without any damage. 
  • Use a spray bottle to spray the vinegar solution on your dirty pack and then let it sit until it’s dry.
  • Any lingering vinegar smell will go away in the washing machine.
  • Keep the bag outside to air it out and give the sun to dry
  • You can use the store-bought deodorizing spray if the smell remains.
  • Use Sprinkle household baking soda into the bag to absorb leftover odors. 
  • Leave kitty litter inside the bag for 1 week to absorb bad smellsUse dry coffee grounds for a potpourri effect
  • Leave a dryer sheet in the bag to mask remaining unpleasant smells

Don’t Use; When You Wash A Hershel Backpack

  • A hard toothbrush or something similar
  • hot or boiling water
  • use of washing machine


Can I wash my Herschel backpack? The best and the recommended option when it comes to cleaning Herschel backpacks is to hand wash them. If you want to wash the Herschel backpack by machine it is against the released statement of the Herschel company.

So this is a complete informative guide that how to wash a Herschel backpack or how to clean a backpack. if you can follow these mention eight steps, do not worry about washing your backpack.

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