8 Best Hunting Backpacks with Gun Holder of 2022

It is generally challenging to pack a complete outdoor trip. Moreover, it seems more difficult to carry this packing as you can never enjoy any activity without comfort. So, for providing you convenience, the hunting backpacks with gun holder are produced in different sizes.

Thereby, you can buy anything according to your hunting and traveling requirements. However, you can also use them for camping and hiking. Besides this, you must check the capacity of any backpack before buying it. If you are looking for a leather backpack click on the link.


We have tested and reviewed the top 8 best quality backpacks for the ease of our visitors. For a complete guide about the best backpacks, you must go through this article.


1: Badlands Carbon Ox Frame Pack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2: AUMTISC Hunting Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
3: TIDEWAY3400 cu Hunting pack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
4: TIDEWAY5500 cu Hunting Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
5: TURBON Outdoor Day Pack Hunting Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
6: ATAC Pro Hunting Gun Sling Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐
7: Terrain Knoll Hunting Day Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐
8: REEBOW Gear Military Tactical Assault Backpack⭐⭐⭐⭐

Finding a perfect backpack for hunting is not an easy task nowadays. The wide variety of backpacks, particularly for hunting, made it challenging to buy the hunting backpacks with gun holder that contains all the ideal backpack must-have features.


hunting backpacks with gun holder

From childhood to becoming a man, everyone uses backpacks for many purposes. However, if you want a backpack for hunting purposes, put your hands on Badlands Carbon Ox Frame Pack.

As a hunter, you need the best quality backpack for hunting. In our list, this is one of the best hunting backpacks with rifle holders.

Long Haul Comfort

Here, the Badlands of this hunting backpack is very comfortable, and it gets better from time to time. Besides this, the harness of the backpack gives comfort to your body. In this way, this backpack fits the weapons like rifles and guns with easy access.

So, the long haul of the backpack is great for carrying hunting weapons. However, with the reverse tightening feature, you can easily pull the ends of the belt inward. Thereby, the belt gives you maximum carrying comfort.

Carbon Fibres Frame

As this backpack has a great strength-to-weight ratio, that’s why the carbon fiber frame feels very lightweight. Besides this, the lightweight frame is solid and sturdy to carry maximum weight.

Thereby, you can carry this backpack for many miles. Besides this, this backpack has a meat shelf of orange color. Moreover, this meat shelf offers easy access to hip-belt pouches.

KXO Fabric of the Backpack

The fabric used in making this backpack is KXO-32, which is very tough, waterproof, and lightweight. In addition, the DWR treatment of the fabric doesn’t allow the moisture to pass through. In this way, it is waterproof with a hydration capacity of 3L. On the contrary, the total weight of this backpack is about 6 LB.

Bottom Line

As it is waterproof with tough fabric, it is the best hunting backpack. In this way, it is the best choice for hunters and is available at an affordable price in the market. So, you can try this waterproof backpack. Most of the reviewers said in their review this is one of the most comfortable and carries heavy weight easily comfortably.


Brand    : Badlands
Material: Waterproof KXO-32
Color     : Palette Allows
Weight  : 6 Pounds

  • Versatile in Design.
  • Ample space for small items.
  • KXO-Fabric is waterproof.
  • Excellent for carrying guns and rifles.
  • Not a very high gear capacity.
  • Belt clips material needs improvement


If you are searching for the best hiking backpack, then AUMTISC Hunting Backpack is indeed the best option for you. Moreover, this backpack is perfect for many other outdoor activities like camping and climbing. As it has plenty of storage, it is best to handle your necessary items.

Large Compartments

First of all, this backpack is large enough to carry a lot of items. However, this backpack comes in two different sizes. So, the 1st type has dimensions of 12.6 × 9 × 22 inches with a capacity of 40L.

On the contrary, the 2nd type has dimensions of about 12 × 7 × 9 inches with a capacity of 30L. Besides this, the main compartment of the backpack has a large capacity for storing your required items. Moreover, it has two side pockets in which you can put small things easily like a water bottle.

Comfortable and Convenient

Mainly, during outdoor activities, everyone wants to carry those supplies with them that are comfortable. For this, this pack has padding for comfort. Firstly, the shoulder straps of this backpack are padded, which makes it more comfortable. Secondly, the belt is padded to give maximum comfort.

Thereby, it is my personal experience that this is the best choice for those who are looking for the best hunting day pack.

Lightweight and Durable

Primarily, it is constructed of camouflage cloth, which increases its durability. Besides this, the thick padding reduces its pressure and weight. Mainly, the weight of this backpack is 1.34 kg only. Thereby, it is easy to carry through the dense woods. It has a separate rain cover to protect your gear from the water.

Bottom Line

It is brilliant and helpful for outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, etc. However, for more information, you must visit the website’s best backpacks for hiking.


  • Brand      : AUMTISC
  • Material  : 600D Camouflage Cloth
  • Color       : A-Camouflage
  • Weight    : 1.32 Pounds
  • Very versatile backpack.
  • Top-quality hiking backpack at a far from the top-quality price
  • The side pockets are handy.
  • Lightweight with large capacity.
  • The clips of belts are of poor quality.
  • Gear capacity is not great

3. TIDEWAY3400 CU HUNTING PACK-Best User-Friendly

TIDEWE Hunting Pack 3400cu

As a hunter, a high-quality backpack is your need. So, you must buy a backpack with enough capacity and great durability. For this, TIDEWAY 3400 cu Hunting packs good durability and a user-friendly design. Besides this, it is made of premium quality fabric and can be used for multiple purposes.

Ergonomic Design of the Backpack

Here, this backpack has several advanced features. First of all, it has a very ergonomic design which wins the heart of the user. Thereby, this backpack offers great capacity for you to store your supplies. Moreover, the total capacity of the bag is about 55L with adjustable shoulder straps.

Besides this, the backpack’s ergonomic Design also has padding, which is perfect for reducing the pressure on your supplies. Moreover, you can also put your rifles and guns in it.

Lightweight and Durable

Mainly, this backpack is also lightweight in its class. However, the weight of this backpack is 3.3 kilograms. As it has a little more weight, this happens due to its largest capacity. In short, you can easily make walks of several meters with this package.

Besides this, as it consists of high-quality fabric, it offers great durability. Moreover, the straps of this backpack keep you comfortable. Thereby, the steel carbon frame secures all your supplies.

Multiple Uses

Besides hunting, you can also use it for various purposes. As it has larger dimensions, so you use it for rifles and guns. Moreover, the side pockets are perfect for storing your pistols or water bottles. That’s why this backpack is known as a 2-in-carrier. Therefore, this hunting backpack with a frame is very beneficial for you.

Bottom Line

As it has many compartments and is used for many purposes. So, if you are looking for hunting backpacks with gun holders, you must go for this backpack. You can easily store all your hunting rifles and guns in it.


  • Brand      : TIDEWE
  • Material  : Fabric & Rubber
  • Color       : Black & Realtree
  • Weight    : 7.27 Pounds
  • Comfortable and breathable.
  • They serve multiple functions.
  • User-friendly and reliable.
  • The fitting of straps is comfortable.
  • Available in one size only.
  • The quality of buckles is low


TIDEWE Hunting Backpack 5500cu with Frame

Do you want to buy a backpack with the largest capacity for storing your essentials? Sure, why not. Then, TIDEWAY 5500 cu Hunting Backpack is another amazing choice for traveling and hunting lovers. Besides its large capacity, the quality of the fabric is also brilliant. In this way, it has many unique features.

Largest Storage Capacity

More storage is the key feature of this backpack that makes it the best hunting day backpack. Firstly, the backpack’s main compartment has enough storage and can easily store your clothes, shoes, and rifles while traveling. Besides the large compartment, this also has additional small pockets.

But relying only on the main compartment for storing your major things. In addition, other small compartments can easily store additional supplies which you can use for a few days. Thereby, the total capacity of this hunting backpack is 90L.

Comfortable and User-Friendly Design

Chiefly, comfort is the main requirement while you are traveling or hunting. Thereby, this backpack offers you complete comfort with adjustable shoulder straps. In this way, this hunting backpack with a frame offers you to customize the size of the straps.

Moreover, the soft padding of this backpack reduces the pressure while you are on a walk of miles. In this manner, it keeps your body comfortable and avoids all the tiredness. Above all, the curved top frame of this backpack is made to perfect your head from being hit.

Additional Information

Here, the complete weight of this backpack is about 10.47 pounds with dimensions of 10 × 10 × 10 inches. Moreover, the backpack is versatile. Besides this, the backpack’s fabric is Realtree, which offers a trusted quality of this product.

Bottom Line

In summary, it is an excellent choice for those who have to travel for 5-6 days. Because the most significant capacity can store all your useful things, besides this, you can place your heavy pistols and guns in it.


  • Brand      : TIDEWE
  • Material  : Realtree Fabric
  • Color       : Black
  • Weight    : 10.47 Pounds
  • The quality of the backpack is outstanding.
  • It has the largest capacity to store your supplies.
  • The additional external pockets are well-designed.
  • Limited color selection.
  • No hip belt with the backpack


Tourbon Outdoor Day Pack Hunting Backpack

Are you ready to buy an outdoor day pack hunting backpack that is very versatile and durable? Sure, everyone will like to buy this type of backpack for the best usage.

For this, the artistic state of a backpack was developed by TURBON, which is known as Outdoor Day Pack Hunting Backpack. In addition, it offers you several benefits and features.

Rifle Holder

Mainly, many traditional backpacks don’t have riffle holders. But if you are a hunter, you need to buy a backpack with a rifle and gun holder. For this, this backpack has a hunting rifle holder which can easily carry your guns during a walk.

In this manner, a strap to hold the guns can be secured to this backpack. Besides this, the straps consist of strong fabric, which efficiently holds your riffles. In this manner, this backpack will help you a lot during hunting, traveling, and camping.

Hunting Day Pack

Mainly, this is a hunting day pack backpack which means that it is not big. So, you can store your supplies for limited days only.

The dimensions of this backpack are 16.23 × 9.45 × 5.51 inches. As a day pack backpack, it has no external pockets or compartments for extra storage. So, you just have the option to store your product in the main compartment of the backpack.


As a hunter, you must have a backpack that is very versatile and durable. So, it offers complete comfort to your shoulders and body while traveling. However, the total capacity is about 44L.

Bottom Line

Mainly, it is the best hunting backpack for those who have to travel for a few days. So, you can store limited-time supplies for traveling. For detailed information, you can visit more websites to find the best backpacks for traveling.


  • Brand      : Tourbon
  • Material  : 600D Nylon
  • Color       : Camo
  • Weight    : 1.43 Pounds
  • Brilliant quality of waist belt.
  • Perfect schematic of pockets and gear
  • Low price for professional hunts.
  • No additional external pockets.
  • Capacity is not great


Have you ever used a backpack that can easily hold your rifle or gun by its straps? If still not, then it’s time to buy an ATAC Pro Hunting Gun Sling Backpack. Mainly, this backpack is produced with premium quality features.

Long Haul Comfort

Thereby, the Badlands of this pro-hunting backpack is very comfortable for hunters, and it gets better over time. In addition, the harness of the backpack will increase your comfort level.  In this manner, this backpack holds the weapons like rifles and guns with easy access. So, the long haul of the backpack is great for carrying hunting weapons.

Capacity and Compartments

Chiefly, the main compartment of this backpack has enough capacity for storing many supplies. Moreover, it has two internal pockets in which you can store extra essentials easily.

In addition, the reverse tightening feature of this backpack offers you to pull the ends of the belt inward easily. Thereby, the straps of this backpack give you maximum carrying comfort.

Technical Details

Here, the adjustable gun sling is helpful to hold your gun for a long time. In addition, the paddled back of this backpack minimizes the weight of the fabric. Besides this, the weight of this backpack is about 0.6 kilograms only with dimensions of 42 × 29 × 12 centimeters.

Bottom Line

This is known as the best hunting backpack with gun holder, so it is perfect for carrying your gun. As it has minor flaws, they are not major issues. Thereby, it is a great product overall.


  • Brand      : Atac Pro
  • Color       : Camo
  • Weight    : 1.32 Pounds
  • Two internal pockets increase the capacity.
  • Additional straps to hold rifles
  • They are designed schematically.
  • Affordable price.
  • The size of the backpack is not ideal
  • Straps are of low quality.


Atac Pro Hunting Gun Sling Backpack

Mainly, Terrain Knoll Hunting Day Backpack is perfect for one-day traveling or hunting due to its average capacity. In addition, it has an additional strip to carry your guns or rifles. Besides this, it has moderate space and can store the supplies for a person easily. So this is a small and the best hunting backpack with a rifle holder.

Comfortable and Convenient

Here, if you want a day backpack that is very comfortable to carry, this backpack is another best choice. Mainly, during outdoor activities, the comfort of the body and mind is the main requirement.

For this, this backpack is padded to reduce the pressure by giving comfort. For this, the waist belt is also padded to give maximum comfort. Thereby, it is a good choice for those who are looking for the best hunting day backpacks.

Large Compartments

Chiefly, this backpack is large enough to carry an average amount of items. Further, this backpack comes with one main compartment. So, the overall dimensions of the main compartment are 21.2 × 16.5 × 5 inches with a capacity of about 2800, but I’m not sure.

On the contrary, the main compartment of this backpack has enough capacity to store your food, clothes, etc. Moreover, it has extra pockets on the front side in which you can store small things easily.


According to research, this backpack is also lightweight like others. Furthermore, the weight of this backpack is 3.25 pounds. As it has a little more weight; this happens due to the heavy and strong fabric. But you can easily make walks of several meters with this backpack.

Bottom Line

A short time hunting capacity is average for it. But if you want the largest capacity for storing more luggage, then try to see the website of the best luggage backpacks for additional information.


  • Brand      : Allen Company
  • Material  : Blend
  • Color       : Olive and Mossy
  • Weight    : 3.2 Pounds
  • The sternum strap is adjustable.
  • Quiet fabric.
  • Removable padded waist belt.
  • The capacity should be enlarged
  • No warranty card is available


REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Assault Pack Backpack

According to complete research, it is another hunting backpack with gun holder of 2022. Mainly, the construction of its frame is strong and sturdy. Besides this, it gives you the same comfort as others. Thereby, all the brilliant features are detailed below:

Military Assault Capacity

After using this premium backpack, we got exceptional results. First of all, the key feature of this backpack is its capacity. Here, the total capacity is 34L which is not the highest of all. But, it is sufficient enough to store your useful items.

Besides this, you can easily guess the capacity of this backpack by its dimensions. However, the overall dimensions of this military backpack are about 11 × 18 × 12 inches which is an average dimension. On the contrary, high-quality material is used in its production.

Additional Information

Here, it is also known as a messenger backpack due to its name. It has double-stitched zippers made up of a utility design to enhance the performance of zips and straps. Besides this, it has an additional padding area which performs well in reducing extra pressure from the backpack.

Moreover, the shoulder straps of this backpack are breathable. So, it provides a complete compression system while you are traveling or hunting.

Hydration Compatible

The extra and unique feature of this backpack is that it is hydration Compatible. It means that the backpack is waterproof and works perfectly for 2.5L. In this way, this compatible hydration feature works well and makes it a waterproof backpack.

Bottom Line

Mainly, this is a hunting backpack with a frame, but it lacks straps for gun holding. That’s why it is an average choice for hunters. However, you can easily buy this backpack from the market.


  • Brand      : REEBOW GEAR
  • Material  : High Density Fabric
  • Color       : Coyote Brown
  • Weight    : 3.13 Pounds
  • The compression system offers extra padding.
  • Extension lashing straps for extra capacity.
  • Versatile and comprehensive.
  • No camouflage options.
  • No straps for holding a gun


Some people are pleased to choose a backpack for hunting. For first-timers, this decision is the most difficult one. Moreover, there is a whole new collection of such backpacks on the market. It is just that you have to select the right one as per your expedition.

In addition to this, these backpacks are in different sizes and designs along with different prices. However, it is also essential to acknowledge that backpacks are unnecessary while hunting, but they make your trip convenient and easy. Additionally, you can just put all your belongings in a single place and get them whenever you need them during your travels.

Additionally, there are several types of backpacks that the hunter can choose from depending on their travel period. When it comes to hunting, there are mainly two types of backpacks:

  • Hunting backpacks
  • Bowhunting backpacks

We have experienced almost all types of hunting backpacks. Therefore we are here to help you give a perfect guide about the backpacks and the key consideration you have to keep in mind before buying a particular backpack.

So below are the factors you can consider before buying the hunting backpacks with gun holder:

Hunting Backpacks Types

The first thing that you need to consider is the types of backpacks available in the market. Moreover, backpacks are divided into different categories. If you are traveling for a single day, then it is useless to buy a large-sized backpack.

It is essential to buy a small sized-backpack so that you can store your necessary items for a single day’s travel. Also, if you opt for smaller backpacks, then they are highly convenient for you to carry. You can have them anywhere.

However, if you plan to travel overnight or for a longer period, then we recommend you buy a larger backpack so that you can keep your essentials in it. Sometimes, the larger backpacks are heavier to carry when there is a long distance.


Size is the next big factor you must consider before making a purchase. The size of the backpack does not decide the weight the backpack can carry, but your body type must also fit the backpack. In addition to this, no matter what the size of the backpack is, it must be comfortable enough so that every hiker can carry it.

Even more, if the backpack does not fit your body type, you will experience extreme back pain, which will ruin your hunting. Furthermore, the length of the backpack must be to your torso so that there is enough comfort.


Another notable factor you need to consider is the design of the backpack. Moreover, you need to decide whether you want to go for an external frame or an internal frame when it comes to the hunting backpack.

Moreover, if you opt for an external frame, even if you carry the meat in your backpack, it will never rot. Besides, the external frame keeps your backpack cool, so you are comfortable on warm days.

Notably, the backpacks with external frames are a bit uncomfortable as they do not attach to your back as you have to hold them away from your back, and if they are larger, they are not ideal for you as you will not be able to carry them easily.

On the other hand, internal frame backpacks do not tend to carry heavier weight as they are designed that way. Besides that, these backs are comfortable to carry and come in small sizes, so carrying these backpacks for longer hikes is just a piece of cake for you.

Also, these backpacks match your body type, so you can surely enjoy maximum stability.

These backpacks are perfect for you if you do not carry meat or any other eating item that requires some cold temperature.

Storage Capacity

The next thing you need to make sure about is the storage capacity of the backpacks. Make sure that backpack you are buying has some additional pockets to store small and big things inside the backpack for easy reach. Also, there must be some divider in the backpack to easily store your clothes inside the backpack.


These are the question about hunting backpacks with gun holder that arise in your mind anytime.

What Is The Best Hunting Backpack?

After complete research, Badlands Carbon Ox Frame Pack Backpack stands first for its classical features. Thereby, it is known as the best hunting backpack on the market.

Besides this, it is an excellent option while hunting, hiking, traveling, and many other outdoor activities. Above all, it offers you a large capacity with complete comfort.

What is The Best Multi-Day Hunting Pack?

Here, TURBON Outdoor Day Pack is the best multi-day hunting backpack. As it has the average capacity, the additional pockets offer you enough capacity to store your little supplies. Moreover, it is very reliable and versatile in its class and can be used for many outdoor purposes.

What Should I Look for in a Hunting Backpack?

Before buying any backpack, you must check the carrying capacity of the backpack. Because it is important to ensure whether it is useful to carry heavy objects or not, check the backpack’s comfort level before buying it.

What Do You Put in a Hunting Day Pack?

Mainly, the day pack has less capacity than other backpacks. So, you can store only useful supplies in it. As for outdoor activities, clothes and food are a must to have. Thereby, try to store your few clothes with the required amount of food and water.

What to Pack in Hunting Backpack

What gear needs a hunter in a backpack. So, we have already written a complete article on the hunting backpack checklist.


Thereby, the hunting backpacks with gun holder are reviewed above after complete research. So, if you are willing to buy any backpack, try to buy it according to your needs. Besides this, the largest capacity is vital if you are a professional hunter.

So, this article is written entirely after spending many hours on research to provide complete information about backpacks.

However, the Badlands Carbon Ox Frame Pack backpack is the most demanding and popular among hunters and travelers as it has a large capacity with strong construction. However, according to my suggestions, these two backpacks are outstanding and the most demanding in the market:

  1. Badlands Carbon Ox Frame Pack  (Reliable)
  2. AUMTISC Hunting Backpack   (Lightweight)

Mainly, both backpacks are considered outstanding because of their larger capacity and great durability. Besides this, these backpacks are suitable for many outdoor activities. To understand what to pack in a backpack read this informative guide.

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