What Size Backpack For Middle School? (Helpful Guide) 2022

During my student life, I have experienced the heavyweight of my Backpack, I also faced a problem due to the capacity and management of the backpack.

Sometimes I had a large bag and sometimes I had a small backpack. But still I couldn’t realize suitable size as well as something lightweight. In addition, I’ve started my first job as a high school teacher, and again I have seen different kind of backpacks of my students, and I also noticed the behavior of students because of the backpacks.

Backpack is one of the important instrument as a school student. However, most of students care more about their fashion instead of recognizing the size and room of the bag that can serve. Bags which have wheels are mostly recommended for school students who need physical support for their bags.

And if you need for your kid than lightweight backpack is great choice. Still I’d like you to see bags by yourself so that you can select the most helpful for your beloved ones.

I know how important is a backpack in school life and what size backpack for middle school, and what effects does a backpack has on student life? If you want to seize the guide for these questions, I’d suggest to take a glimpse on below post.

backpack for middle school

What Size Backpack for Middle School?

Teenagers and kids of my school give more importance to the look of a backpack than the function it. It is a tough job for parents to find the suitable, durable, and exact size of a backpack according to the requirement of their kids.

The required bag should enough in a format that can carry all the necessary books and notebooks with other accessories, and the Backpack also look cool to kids.

In my early school life, I remember that I was jealous of my class fellow, who had an attractive monogrammed on his Backpack. I love that Backpack, but at that time I had no concern with the capacity and weight of the Backpack. I have tried a lot to buy that Backpack, but due to the big size of the Backpack, my parents did’t allow me to buy that Backpack.

You have to buy a backpack for your kids and you want to know what size backpack is for middle school and what should its functionality then this article is for you.

When you find the right Backpack for your child, then you and your child both will feel happy, and your child can show better results when he will concentrate only on studies instead of wishing for other backpacks, and he will have all the required books, notes, lunch boxes, water, etc. in his bag always.

Benefits of Backpacks in School

We all know that healthy and well-nourished children can learn better, mostly present in school and participate in extra activities in the school. Do you know these are the benefits of backpacks in school?

If the Backpack of your kid can feel comfortable for your kid, then your kid will be happy to go to school and to return from school with a bag. Otherwise, he will always feel pressure on his mussels and will not enjoy his school.

The result will decrease the educational and related activities in school. We have found a few Benefits of Backpacks in School for your kids.

If your kid is healthy, then he will enjoy school, and healthy kids have more attendance than sick children. All children of the same level have to carry equal weight in their backpacks.

When you pack a backpack appropriately and ergonomically for your kid according to his body structure, then your kid will remain healthy and also will grow naturally.

So, If a kid is nobody’s problem like pain in muscles, shoulder, neck, and arms, then he will live happily. Although your kid has issues related to his body, then it will affect the behavior issues. If the behavior of a kid is not healthy, then he cannot perform in school and also cannot make friends, so he will not like his school, and you can think about the future of that kid.

Five Tips For Picking The Right Backpack For Your Kids

Here I’ve gathered a few of the essential tips for choosing backpack for yourself or your kids:

1. Safety of Kid and a Backpack

The Safety of a kid is a top priority always. It is unfortunate that in our world, we feel worried and have to care about the safety of our kids. That’s why we need to make safety the top recommendation. It’s advised not to write or put your kid’s name on the outside of his Backpack.

It may have some benefits, but it can make it easy for any unwanted person to follow your kid and to call him by name so your child may feel like a kidnapper as a family friend. You can use a monogram’s initials outside the Backpack; it is a safer bet.

If your kids go to school on a walk or by bus/train and they have to wait at the station, then it is safer to use reflective material so they can’t hide any unwanted content inside a backpack.

2. Price and Durability of the Backpack

The cost and durability are related to each other. If you are going to buy a cheaper backpack, then it may not be durable, and if you have been buying an expensive Backpack, then it must be sustainable.

How long do you expect a backpack? The poor quality backpack will have no quality and it may not last for a long duration. You may have to spend money again on a new Backpack. We will suggest you only buy a backpack that is durable so your child can remember the lovely Backpack of his childhood life, and it will also save your money.

3. Capacity And The Size of A Backpack

What size backpack for middle school, and what should its ability be? All big Backpacks may not have a big capacity. The capacity is a setting of books and other materials inside the Backpack.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that the weight of a backpack should not exceed the 10-20 percent weight of your children’s body weight. We also described the size of Kindergarten backpacks.

The size of the Backpack should be easily adjustable at the back of the kid. The big backpacks are not easy to pack also very have for your kids. The lightweight backpacks are ideal as a school bag.

4. Support and Comfort

Don’t forget that your target is the comfort of your kid. If the bag supports you better, then the kid can carry it easily and will feel pleasure.

Nowadays, it is a big emphasis on back support for the body. Many kids were complaining about pain in their arms, necks, and muscles. Therefore, school backpacks are designed like hiking backpacks. This pain and stress were due to heavy backpacks.

I can remember my high school days when I have to carry many books and notebooks in my Backpack, and I feel it was very tough. Our suggestion is to pick a backpack with a padded back and padded straps that make your shoulders relax. If your kid feels relaxed in a loaded backpack, then it is comfortable for the kid.

Features and Organization

The organization of the backpack is a valuable point while choosing a backpack for school. But your kid may not know about it. Only you have to give value to this feature.

A good backpack has multiple pockets in different sizes. The main compartments should be for laptops & books and the second one for notebooks.

Kids need other small compartments for other study-related accessories and lunches. The outer pocket is for a water bottle.

If you want to save your money, then the best way is to buy a quality backpack. I like to spend on quality always then my kids can use that quality for a few years.

If you don’t go for quality, then the lower quality bag tends to rip, damage, or will create zip problems. Some bags look good from the outside, but their containers are damaged soon from inside the bag.

Do you know what size backpack for middle school is ergonomic for your kids? An excellent ergonomic should not be longer than the back of your child. If you want an ergonomic bag, then you have to measure the height and width of your kid’s back and use it for the maximum height and width of the Backpack.

The bag size, according to your kid-size, will ensure that your Backpack is ergonomic for your kid.

right backpack for students

What to Have in Your Backpack for Middle School?

If it is the first time to go to middle school and you are worried about what to have in your backpack for middle school? Then the following list is for you.

1. Laptop

Nowadays, a laptop is an essential item to put in a Backpack for middle school students.

2. Pens and Pencils

The one small pocket of the bag is reserved for pens and pencils. Always try to keep extra pens and pencils with you.

3. Books and Notebooks

These are the essential items according to the school level. Make sure that your kid has Books and notebooks according to the school timetable.

4. Scientific Calculate

Always keep a scientific calculator in the bag of your kid. It is essential to solving many mathematics and accounting-related problems.

5. Laptop and Phone Chargers

Your kid should have laptop and mobile charges. Most kids do not care about the charging of their laptops and phones. Therefore, they should have chargers in backpacks.

6. Tissues

Tissues are best to develop clean habits. Try to put tissues in the Backpack.

7. Healthy Snakes and Water Bottle

Mostly, schools provide lunch, but you should care about your children and provide healthy snacks in your Backpack for extra hunger. The water bottle is essential to hydrate the body.

How to Pack a Backpack For School?

You can pack a backpack for your kid very easily. To put all the books, notebooks, pens, pencils in the bag is not enough. You have to pack the Backpack in a way that your kid can find access to anything very quickly, and all the books laptops and other accessories remain safe and secure inside the Backpack.

If you want to learn how to pack a backpack for school, then you have to care about the following points:

  1. Load the most substantial books first in the bag (The heaviest items closest to the child’s back).
  2.  Arrange books properly, so they cant slide during a walk of your kid.
  3. Pack the Backpack according to the timetable of school. when there is no class of any subject on any specific day, then don’t include that subject in packing items.
  4. Whether the Backpack is too heavy for any specific day, then your child can hold some items in his hands instead carry all things in the bag.
  5. So if the Backpack is heavy regularly, then you should buy a backpack with wheels. (if schools allow wheels bag, few schools don’t recognize them).
  6. Adjust the straps of the Backpack according to the body structure of your kid.
  7. If Backpack has a waist belt, they must use it. It will help to carry the weight of the bag.
What Size Backpack for Middle School


We have discussed in detail; what size backpack do I need or what size backpack for middle school and different tips related to Backpack. Today’s backpacks are not only to carry books and other school-related accessories, But The backpacks are also traveler helpers.

Kids have to take chargers of laptops and phones, Lunch Boxes, Water Bottles, Calculators, Tissues, and other essential things of self-use. These items are extra from the books and notebooks. For students, the Herschel backpacks brand has some quality backpacks and comfortable for a student in carrying.

So select the backpack for your kids very carefully. The waterproof, weightless, medium size bag with enough capacity and has many compartments to store all required items is recommended best for your kid.

Nowadays, most students buy a rolling backpack. rolling backpacks have many features, and it easy to carry. So, I recommended you some best-wheeled backpacks for school students.


Q1. Do you need a big backpack for middle school?

No, most middle schoolers do not require a backpack that is significantly larger than what they are currently carrying. However, if you feel like you will need more space to carry all of your belongings, then it might be worth investing in a larger backpack.

Q2. What is the standard size backpack for middle school?

The standard size backpack for middle schoolers is generally around 18-20 inches wide, 12.5-14 inches high, and 6.5-8 pounds in weight.

Q3. How to Find the Width of Your Kids Back?

You can measure the width of your kids by measuring between the ridges of your kid’s shoulder blades and then add an extra two inches to the result. It is the width of your kid’s back.
You can adjust the backpack by adjusting the straps of the bag. If the straps are too loose, then the pack will jump during the walk of your kid, and your kid will feel stressed.
The too-tight straps can they can pinch the shoulders of your child and also can affect on movement limit. So the strips should also be set correctly.

Q4. How to Find the Height of your Kids Back?

To find the height of your kid, Measure the distance from the shoulder line to the waistline and add two inches extra. The straps of the Backpack will rest on the shoulder line of the body. This point is halfway between the shoulder joint and the neck. The waistline is simply the belly button. The exact position of the Backpack is two inches below from shoulders and four inches below from waist point.

Q5. Is a 30L backpack too big?

It is possible that a 30L backpack might be too large for your needs. If you are specifically looking for a size that will accommodate the bulkier items in your school bag, then a 30L backpack may be ideal.

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