What Size Backpack for Kindergarten in 2022 – (Complete Guide)

Do you know what size backpack for kindergarten school students? Children adore their backpacks and love rolling them on the floor. This means a large-sized backpack for a small child will not be as much suitable.

In this article, we will talk about the school backpack size guide. However, they love carrying their belongings in a colorful backpack, and you, as a parent, do not want to ruin their happiness. So, you buy them the best backpack with which they get happy.

Wait! Before buying your kid a backpack, you must know the right size of backpack you must buy for your kid. Size matters to a great extent. Continue to read further to explore the answer to the question: What size backpack for kindergarten?

Size is an important factor to consider. However, if you ignore this factor, you may end up buying the wrong size for your kid. Every parent wants to choose the best backpack for kindergarten when their child comes of age, so it is important to research the backpacks available in the market relevant to your child’s age.

What Size Backpack for Kindergarten: Selection Tips 

Is a backpack necessary for your kid when they are in kindergarten?

Of course, yes, it is high time to invest in a good-quality backpack for your child. It is important to keep your child motivated, and the backpack plays a vital role in doing so, especially if it is colorful and has those cute little cartoons printed on them.

You might wonder what size backpack for preschool you need for your child. But we are here to guide you to the fullest.

After you determine the right size, you must ponder over getting a superior quality backpack. Aside from that, when your child is in kindergarten, they need a lunch box, water bottles, toys, and other necessities to keep in. Also, when your child sees other children with colorful backpacks, they are all set to get one.

You must know the kindergarten backpack size for your child after you measure the height and width of your child’s back.

Importantly, your child’s self-confidence boosts up once you buy their favorite backpacks. So, start your research now to find the size of the ideal backpack for your child. Also, you can opt for a standard school backpack size.

Guide to Buy The Right Size Backpack for Your Child

You surely need to measure your child’s back and then decide the right size of the backpack that may fit on your child’s back easily. The right size backpack for kindergarten is a must-have for your child.

Following are the two important factors you need to consider while measuring your child’s back:

  • Height
  • Width


Let’s talk about height first. You must know the correct way to measure height. Meaning you should measure from the shoulder line to the waistline of your child. Even more, make sure to do the proper measurements before you are out to buy the backpack for your child.

Furthermore, the waistline lies around somewhere near the hipbone. The measurement is necessary because the backpack strap lies on your child’s shoulder and rests on the waistline.


You can measure the width of your child in multiple ways. Moreover, you can measure rightly by measuring around the ridges of your child’s shoulder blades. Even more, please add two inches to this measurement to have the perfect backpack size.

However, these measurements are extremely important to note. But, if your child is clingy and not ready for that, you can follow the chart below as per our assumption. Also, this chart will help you find the right size for your child. Also, here is a backpack size guide for you:

Right Size Backpack for Your Child

The Ideal Size of Backpacks for Kindergarteners








Ultimately, if you think that your child’s back measures around 12 inches with a width of 6 inches, then this is the right size for your child. Now let us have a look at the different sizes of the

Backpacks For School

Here I’ll express different kinds of school backpacks.

Small Backpacks 15-20 Liters

The ideal backpack for kindergarteners is a small backpack ranging between 15-20 liters. Furthermore, this size perfectly suits your child where they can keep their everyday things. Apart from that, it is the perfect backpack where your child can keep their laptops and tablets easily.

However, even small backpacks can include all the important things. Furthermore, small backpacks are compact but have extra pockets where your child can keep pens and pencils or other important things. Backpack material carries great importance when you are out to buy one for your child.

Medium Backpacks 21-30 Liters

If your child has to carry some additional stuff, then you must make sure to buy medium backpacks which range between 21-30 liters. Additionally, this is an ideal bag because, at this stage, your child has to carry some additional books as per the course requirements.

Moreover, backpacks with 21-30 liters are great and are quite common for school-going students. However, medium backpacks are best for children to store all the necessary stuff, but it is hard to carry for smaller children.

Large Backpacks 31-40 Liters

Older kids require much bigger backpacks for their everyday school. Moreover, they need to focus on not only their studies but also the gym too. So large backpacks are designed that way. Along with providing the right-sized backpacks to your child, you must also focus on the weight of the backpacks.

Your child’s back may be severely hurt if the backpack is heavy. You can still make a wise decision by choosing a backpack with a chest strap and padded shoulders, as they help your child carry the backpack easily all day.

What if You Buy The Wrong-Sized Backpack?

Apart from looking at the chart for measuring your child’s back, you can even guess the right size for your child. Moreover, you can make the wrong decision by guessing the size because it does not work in all conditions. Lets us talk about the disadvantages of choosing the wrong bag for your child as per your assumption:

Back Pain

The first thing that your child will encounter while using a wrong-sized backpack is back pain. Moreover, back pain is one of the common problems occurring in kindergarteners. Apart from that, an overpacked bag can surely affect your child’s back.

In addition to this, as per medical reports, kindergarteners commonly suffer from spinal issues, and heavy backpacks cause muscle strain at the same time. There are some backpacks for back pain you can buy by clicking on the link.

To sort out the matter, we surely recommend you follow the instructions below:

  • buy the right-sized backpacks
  • Don’t overpack
  • Keeps things organized

Rounded Shoulders

This is, again, a problem that many kindergarteners encounter. The parents need to measure the right size to make it easier for the children to carry the backpack in the right manner.

Aside from that, when they carry the wrong size backpack, they start leaning forward, which is an evident sign of rounded shoulders. You must know What size backpack you need for kindergarten.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Another big health issue your child may encounter while carrying a wrong-sized backpack is neck and shoulder pain. So it is important to choose the right size for your child.

Apart from that, neck and shoulder pain issues have heightened due to excessive baggage on children’s little shoulders. Also, neck pain can be severely toxic for kids.

Vital Considerations While Choosing a Backpack for Your Child

Although this article is truly about the right size to consider for your children, you also need to consider some other considerations before making the final decision. Let’s have a look at those factors:


The backpack’s capacity helps keep the right amount of things; when you know the backpack’s capacity, you will surely keep the right amount of things.

We surely do not recommend overpacking as it may increase the bag’s weight, which may at times become difficult for your child to carry the backpack. Aside from that, kindergarteners are not bound to put much weight in their bags, especially not more than 15% of their body weight.


The next important factor you need to consider while making your final purchase is the construction and quality of the backpack. In addition to this, children drop everything they have. So make sure to focus on the material of the backpack.

If you can afford it, go for a high-quality backpack so that it lasts longer and has increased durability.

However, children are also more into throwing water everywhere, so if you buy a water-resistant backpack, it will be much better to save everything inside the bag. For that, you need to choose nylon or polyester material. But the pitfall of choosing these materials is that they are hazardous to nature and are not eco-friendly.

Quality Zippers

The quality zipper is yet another important factor to consider while buying a backpack. Moreover, nobody wants their child to fight with the zips of their bag. Even more, a good-quality zipper will never catch the fabric.

So be sure to consider the quality of the zippers. Be sure to make a list of the best backpacks, and then buy the one that suits your child’s needs.


Reflectors work wonders when your child either walks or rides on a bus. Reflectors are quite protective. Moreover, you will experience increased visibility once you buy your child a backpack with reflectors. Aside from that, if you forget to buy a backpack with built-in reflectors, then no worries, as you can surely buy them separately and clip them into your child’s bag.

Other than that, there are other options available for you, too, like you can opt for a reflective backpack cover, which may save your bag in wet weather conditions.

You can either go for girls’ school backpacks or boys’ school backpacks, and it is just a matter of choosing the right size. Also, you need to choose the right size of kindergarten backpack for your child so that they feel immense comfort once they carry them along.

Increased Comfort and Fantastic Features

The backpack’s design must be comfortable, and an ideal backpack is one that your child can wear all day long without any trouble. In addition to this, backpacks with back pads and straps are considered the most comfortable carrying.

Even more, a good backpack is the one that motivates your child to be neat and organized. Also, good backpacks have multiple compartments to store some small little things of their use, like pencils and pens.

Design and Color

Another important factor you need to look at is the design and color of the backpack. Apart from that, always keep in mind to buy your kid something they never lose interest in. Also, ponder buying colorful backpacks with some cartoon characters, so they are happy seeing them every single time.

The better deal would be to take your kids along with you when you go shopping so that you can measure them and they can choose the right bag for themselves.

small size backpack for kindergarten

Other Features

Every backpack is different in its style. Moreover, different types of backpacks come with single compartments, while others have multiple compartments. It all depends on the size and capacity of the backpack. Always know what your child takes an interest in and then make a buying decision.


To conclude, there is a wide range of backpacks readily available in the market for kindergarteners. Even more, there are different sizes too. It depends upon the height of your child and which one to choose.

By taking the right measurements, you will choose the right size backpack for your child. Aside from that, kindergarten is the beginning of every adventurous journey for your children, and helping them pack correctly is the best thing you can do as parents.

In this article, we have made an elaborate discussion on the question: What size backpack for kindergarten? We certainly hope that we have removed all the ambiguities from your mind. Also, we have shed light on the disadvantages of not picking up the right backpack size.

For your pieces of information, we discussed how to wear a backpack correctly.

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