what size backpack for travelling

To know that, what size backpack for travelling is best, we should come to know what a backpack is? The backpack may be a suitcase, bag, or any suitable container you need to carry with you having the necessary items you may require for your journey. The first thing you need to think about is what kind of trip you are doing.

Now the question arises in the mind, what size backpack for travelling or what size backpack do I need. Due to many verities, a person confuses to choose the best backpack for travel for himself.

To choose a good size of a backpack and to clear our mind that How Many Liters backpack carry on and How Heavy should a Backpack be. we should come to know what a backpack is. For a good-sized backpack, you also click on this link that what size backpack for hiking. when you are satisfied then buy your best choice. 

What Size Backpack For Travelling | Complete Guide 2022

There are all some details about the size of the backpack, that good for you. if you read and then you follow these steps then definitely you buy a good backpack for yourself.

How To Choose Your Backpack

Choosing a backpack depends mostly on the nature of your journey or trip. If you know how many liters backpacks carry on and how heavy should a backpack be enough for you then it will be easy to choose the backpack most suitable for your trip it will make your trip more enjoyable. 

There are many options available and sometimes it may be a confusing affair, but once you get it right, it will surely be a comfort and more reliable for you day after day. This is another article on what size backpack is best for backpacking, read it.



When you want to choose a backpack, you must consider what size backpack for travelling, also ask the following questions from yourself.

  • Where do you want to go?
  • When your journey or visit is planned?
  • What will be expected whether you have to face it?
  • How long is your trip maybe?
  • How much you should carry?
  • What type of things you should take with you?
  •  Type of activities will you be doing?
  • What area will you be visiting?
  • How many loads you can carry?

They all are claiming that their backpacks are most comfortable and suitable for you.

When you clear your mind answering the aforesaid questions you have to formulate a guideline to choose a good size of backpack required for your journey keeping in view the under-mentioned subsections.

Subsections  Of A Backpack

  • what type of backpack do you require.
  • Suitable size and capacity of a backpack.
  • Main features of the backpack you require.
  • How to fit a backpack for your trip.
  • Any additional accessories or features you need in your backpack.

Choosing a good size backpack tries to get the answer to this question, what is a  good size backpack for traveling.

 It will help you a lot in choosing a good size backpack that will ultimately make your journey comfortable. When it is clear in your mind the area you want to visit then try to mark the time frame when you want to start your journey.

Also, Keep in mind the expected whether you have to face during your visit. You should not overlook the length of your trip. How much weight you are required to carry and how much you can carry is another essential aspect of choosing a good size backpack.

To avoid unnecessary load to take with you on your trip. you should work out your actual requirement and for working out your actual requirement you should keep in mind the activities in which you want to participate during your visit.

Choosing the Right Size and Quality of Backpack

Choosing the right size and quality of the backpack is a big science as a lot of variety and sizes of backpacks are available in the market. Keeping the importance of a backpack on a journey or trip a lot of local and multinational companies are manufacturing the best backpacks.


On the one side, it provides multiple choices for the buyer but at the same time creates great confusion in the mind of the buyer as that which one will be suitable and supportable for his journey.

 To select the best backpack and to save your hours and hours of research you need to work out the following qualities you need in your backpack.

Backpack To Resist Against Water

 You do not require a backpack that is made up of such material that is 100 percent waterproof unless you are going on a trip for an unlimited period and to such areas where heavy rain is expected.

Otherwise, a backpack is made up of semi-waterproof material that is good for your journey. It will protect your things from getting wet in normal drizzling. Now a day’s backpack is made up of materials that are light in weight and provide protection against water, which is also available in the market.

 Their material is nylon type if you drop a glass of water or a cup of tea on it; it will save your things from getting wet. One thing you should keep in mind is that you should avoid your backpack getting wet for a long time as it will damage your backpack.

Such a Zipper Which Can Be Locked

 You should select such a backpack that has many zippers on it so that each of its compartments can be locked. It is not necessary that you should lock your backpack so that someone can’t see what is inside your bag or steal something from your backpack.

Zippers also provide protection to your stuff from falling out from the bag. It also provides you a sigh of relief that someone can’t put something in your bag.

When you want to purchase a lock for your bag always purchase TSA-friendly locks, these locks have a special release valve. That valve allows the TSA- to open the lock without breaking.

If your backpack doesn’t have lockable zippers then you have to use Pacsafe which wraps the lockable metal mesh around your whole bag and you can tie it with any large object.

More Than One Compartment

Always choose a multi-compartment backpack. It will help you to keep your things in multiple divided small potions. It will be easier for you to trace your things. Multiple compartments will provide you the option to keep your clothes in a separate compartment and shoes in separate. The makeup kit can be kept separate in this way it will not get dirty.

Sleeping Bag Compartment

Such compartments are specially designed in some backpacks to keep sleeping bags in them. This is generally a zippered stash spot near the bottom of a backpack. This can also be used for keeping other gears also.

Inner Frame

 Now a day’s most backpacks have an inner frame. The manufacturer ensures that the backpack is supported by a rod and inner fame which are not visible. Some still have their rods visible. Hiking backpacks mostly have frames, inner frames,s or outer frames. 

Don’t buy that old pattern backpack. Always buy a new type of backpack with an internal frame it will not only looks better but also the rod will not be caught on anything. And your bag will also look slimmer in size.

It will also be easier to move around. The internal frame is made up of fiber which is lighter in weight and more durable.

Frameless Backpack

Mostly this type of backpack is used by climbers. Before climbing they remove the frame to reduce the weight of a backpack.

Backpack with Hip Belt

 Most of the weight of a backpack will be pushed down to your hip. So you need a backpack supported by the hip belt. It will help to carry your load more easily. It will divide the load and reduce your stress. The hip belt should be adjustable so you can adjust it as per your requirement.

Backpack With Shoulder Strap

 Always select a backpack having a strong thick comfortable shoulder strap. A narrow shoulder strip can injure your shoulder and also you will be unable to take your bag for a long distance. It will also divide pressure on your lower back.

Side Pocket

 When side pockets are empty they lie flat. But these are strengthened when we put some weight on them. Like water bottles, tent poles, or any other loose objects.

Hip Belt Pocket

 A hip belt pocket is used for keeping smartphones, snacks, or packets of energy gel, etc.

Scoop Pocket

These pockets are basically flap stitched onto the front of the backpack with a buckle closed at the top. Actually try to hold snow shovels and serve as stash spots for a map, jacket other items that are light in weight.

Front Pocket

These pockets are generally added to the scoop or shovel pockets for keeping smaller and less bulky items.

what pack in travel backpack


How much volume your backpack should have depends upon your journey/ trip. For a short trip or journey, you don’t need to take a large size backpack with you. As you don’t need many things with you.

 Here are some sizes or volumes of a backpack to select.

Short Period or Small Size Backpack

 The short-period backpack is for one or a maximum of two days journey or trip. It is from 20 to 30 liters on the high end. How big is a 30 Liters backpack? This is a smaller size backpack usually used for 1/2 days trip.

In such a type of backpack, you can carry clothes, food, water, and 10 types of essentials with you. You have to make sure that you have the extra volume to take your things with you. It is also called a daypack.

Medium Size Backpack

This type of backpack is used for two or three-day journeys/trips or weekend trips. As for that type of trip you need more gear with you. You need sleeping bags, quilt and sleeping clothes, a stove, tent, cooking pots, and more food.

All these extra stuff needs extra volume and you have to select a bit larger backpack. Usually, a 35 to 45 liters backpack may enough for your trip.

Large Size Backpack

 This type of backpack is used for a three to five days journey. As your journey is extended you need more stuff to take with you and to accommodate more stuff you need large size of a backpack. The size of a multi-day backpack or large backpack may be of 45 to 60 liters volume backpack.

 The size of the backpack also depends upon the careful selection of the gears you want to take with you and if you take compressible things that occupy less space you can reduce the size of your backpack.

Extra Large Size Backpack

This type of backpack has a bit more space and volume as compared to a large size backpack. This can also be used for the same 3 to 5 days trip but you can take a bit more accessories and gear with you. The volume of the backpack may be from 65 to 80 liters.

A Special Type of Backpack

The volume of this type of backpack is from 80 to 120 liter. This type of backpack is used for trekking, camping, and hiking. Due to the heavy internal frame, the weight of a backpack is exceeded which creates a problem to carry it. But if you are going trekking or camping then this may be the best size for you.


In the earlier, paragraph of this article “what size backpack for travelling”, we have discussed in detail what points should be kept in mind about the quality and size of the backpack. When you choose what size backpack for travelling is good or what size backpack do I need. 

But Still, we can’t claim that we have covered all aspects of a good backpack. No one would like to compromise on the quality of his backpack however the size of the backpack maybe it varies from one individual to another from male to female.

Everyone has their own choice of size. It also greatly depends on the body structure of the individual also. Strongly built, good height and young age person can carry heavy and large size backpack with him on his journey whereas if a person doesn’t have good height, don’t have good built can’t carry large-size heavy in weight backpack. Otherwise, it will spoil the whole journey.

The same is the case of females generally the females are not that much strong as compared to males so the size of the backpack fit for males can’t be suitable for females for the same visitor journey.

 So choosing a good size for yourself totally depends on you. You can select your size keeping in mind all the points discussed in the early paragraph and hope that you have selected a good and suitable size for you and your journey and start your journey with full satisfaction to make your journey memorable and joyful.

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