Can I Wash An Under Armour Backpack (Important Instructions 2022)

how to wash under armour backpack

If you’re like me, you probably pack your backpack to the brim with all sorts of things – snacks, a water bottles, a change of clothes, maybe even a book or two. But what do you do when it’s time to clean all that stuff out?

So the question that arises here is, can I wash an under armour backpack? The answer is yes! But another question is, How to Wash Under Armour Backpack safely and effectively.

Well, Here’s how to wash an Under Armour backpack the right way. Start by emptying out the contents of your backpack. Next, use a mild detergent and cool water to hand wash your backpack, avoid any harsh chemicals. Let your backpack air dry away from direct sunlight. You’re good to go!

So, you should read this article if you want how to machine and spot clean the under armour backpack or any other queries regarding under armour backpack washing instructions.

How To Wash Under Armour Backpack (Best Method Guide)

This method will help you out and tell you how you can clean your backpacks, school bags, and under armor backpacks in a very easy and simple way. So let us dive into it.

How to Wash a Backpack?

If you have a backpack and it is stinking real bad, just like it ran a marathon? We use our backpacks for many purposes as we use them in gyms, schools, and to carry our stuff anywhere anytime. Some people use backpacks to put their sweaty gym clothes and shoes in their backpack, while some use them as school backpacks for daily use.

If you carry food in your backpack, the smell will undoubtedly transfer to the things around it, including the backpack itself.

You have to wash or clean your backpack also to make it look clean. If you do so, the life span of the backpack increase and will last for more time. Also, the things inside will stay cleaner than before.

The main question here is, can you put a backpack in a washer, or do you have to wash it with your hands? Yes, you can wash it in a washer and clean it with your hands.

read instruction before washing a backpack

How to Wash a JanSport Backpack

Under Armour Storm Backpack Washing Instructions

Here we present you a proper set of instructions that you can follow for how to wash an under armour storm backpack and spot clean it to make it look brand new.

  • First, you have to know what things you need to clean your Under Armour storm backpack.
  • for washing in a machine,
  • You will need a laundry bag, but if you do not have one, then you do not have to worry. You can use a pillowcase instead.
  • A non-bleaching detergent powder is also a must. You will need one of the best detergents for under Armour Keep in mind that it should be mild enough to give a gentle wash and has no bleaching ingredients which will ruin your backpack.
  • It will help if you have a stain remover. You can keep one bleaching stain remover with you to remove any unwanted dirty strains from your bag.

For Spot Cleaning

  • You will need a mild disinfecting detergent powder for sure.
  • Also, it would help if you had some clean rags or washcloths.
  • At the same time, a small but gentle cleaning brush like a toothbrush removes any unnecessary and stubborn stains or dirty patches.

Machine Washing Your Backpack

To machine wash your backpack, you need to follow the following set of instructions.

  • First of all, you have to empty your backpack. Take out all of your important things and documents and keep them aside in a safe place so they do not get lost. If your backpack has some removable items or pockets, remove them as you can wash them separately.
  • Clean the bag and remove all the litter and dust from inside. Empty all the small compartments of the backpack, so there is nothing left behind. You can also use a small vacuum cleaner for this purpose. If you do not have one, there is an easy way to do so. Go outside and hold it upside down and start shaking it.
  • All backpacks come with a care label written inside them. Make sure to read it entirely because each backpack has separate care instructions. You can machine wash some nylon bags or canvas backpacks, while some do not follow this rule. But the first thing to do is read the care label, so you know about it. You cannot machine wash leather bags. This means that you cannot wash or clean any backpack or bag made of leather, but you can spot clean them.
  • For backpacks that you cannot wash in a machine, spot clean such bags. Spot cleaning will help to remove all the unwanted stains in and out of the bag.

How to Wash a Backpack in Washing Machine

How to Spot Clean an Under Armour Backpack

If you are confused and do not know how to wash an Under Armour backpack, like the ones you cannot wash in a machine. Then the only thing you can do is spot clean your bag. To spot clean your backpack, you have to know the following important points.

  • To spot clean, you need to have a cloth or a soft yet gentle brush to apply the bleaching solution or detergent to the dirty stain. Let the detergent solution sit on the stain for about 30 minutes. After that time, start rubbing it gently and carefully to remove it from the backpack. Wash away the detergent from the bag with the help of cold water and use a clean washcloth to wipe it or use a washing machine to wash it.
  • Before washing in a machine, unzip all the pockets and compartments of the bag and empty them carefully, so there is nothing left in them. Also, remove all the removable items so you can wash them separately.
  • Put the empty backpack in a clean laundry bag. If you do not have a laundry bag, you can use an old pillow cover by turning it inside out. The laundry bag or pillowcase will help to protect the shine and hardware of the backpack.
  • Use a small amount of bleach-free detergent. Put the bag in the washing machine and wash it gently in delicate cycles of cold water.
  • After the cycling round is clean, take the laundry bag out of the washing machine and take the backpack or bag out. Turn it right side out.
  • Now comes the part of drying it. Never put the Under Armour backpack or any bag in a dryer as it ruins it. Always air dry it. Leave all the pockets unzipped and open and hang them in a clean and open place for better air circulation. Sunlight and fresh air can help dry the backpack more easily and fast.
to wash under armour backpack


It is quite clear that, like everything, we have to clean our backpacks and bags twice or thrice a year to increase their lifetime and make them look brand new. If you do not know how to wash Under Armour backpack, or how to clean a backpack this article is for you.

Now is the time; to get your stained and dirty backpacks, wash them using these instructions and make them look new!

Can I Wash An Under Armour Backpack (FAQs)

Can You Put an Under-Armour Backpack in The Washing Machine?

You can put the Under Armour backpack in a washing machine to wash it easily. To do this, you need a small amount of detergent and cold water to wash it in the machine. After it washes in the machine, take it right side out and dry in sunlight and fresh air to make it look brand new and dry faster.
We also have already written separate articles on JanSport backpack washing and Herschel Backpack washing for your knowledge.

Can You Dry an Armour in The Dryer?

To wash your Under Armour backpacks, you need cold water and a good but mild detergent so it may not damage your backpack in the washing machine. But unfortunately, you cannot dry it in a dryer. This is because they are made of special materials and fabrics damaged by the dryer’s heat. They may also lose their elasticity.

How Do You Wash a Backpack?

To wash your backpack, you need a gentle or mild detergent and some cold water. Mix the detergent in the cold water and wash the backpack by gently rubbing it with your hands or a gentle or soft brush. When washing in a washing machine, stop the machine from spreading it out and let it wash if it gets bunched up.
For your information, there is the best way to wear a backpack properly, because improperly wearing a backpack cause muscles problems.

Can You Wash a Book Bag?

Yes. You can wash book bags and school backpacks that are made up of canvas and nylon. You can wash them in a washing machine but make sure to read the care label mentioned on the bag. Yet, you only need mild detergent, a sponge, and a soft-bristled brush like a toothbrush to clean the book bag easily.

If you want to know how to wash a North Face backpack then click on the link and read the article.

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