Can You Wash a Backpack in the Washing Machine | 8 Steps

can you wash a backpack in the washing machine

Can you wash a backpack in the washing machine or how to wash a backpack in the washer or can a backpack be washed in a washing machine? The answer to these questions is yes. Those backpacks which are made of nylon, polyester, or canvas are put in the washing machine. But if the bag has made from leather, then don’t wash it in a washing machine.

A backpack is an essential part of our life, which is mostly used by students, kids, travelers, and everyone how to go for a journey, trip, or commuter. So backpack is the same vital for travelers, kids, students, and professionals; that need to carry their day-to-day life stuff.

A backpack can be expensive, so carefully wash and clean them. With the passage of time food, moisture, and everyday wear and tear can make a backpack filthy and smelly.

So, Nowadays, most backpacks can be washed in a washing machine using detergent or soap, but some backpack wants special care and needs to be washed with hands, depending on the materials they are made from.

So, the question that, how to wash a backpack in the washing machine, is answered in the above paragraph. Now I will further explain; how can you wash a backpack in a washing machine.

When your backpack became dirty and smelly, then you should wash it, but during washing, keep in mind these instructions.

There are detailed and easy guidelines with simple steps on that can you wash a backpack in the washing machine. So follow these instructions step by step. If you want to know how to wash a Herschel Backpack, then read this informative article. 

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Can You Wash a Backpack in The Washing Machine| Step-By-Step

How to Wash a Backpack

When you wash a backpack in the washing machine then you must keep these points in your mind, to know how to wash a backpack in laundry or washer.

can you wash a backpack in the washing machine

Can You Wash a Backpack OR Can I Wash a Backpack

Yes, you can wash a backpack in the washer or a washing machine but must keep these points in mind when you wash a bag.

How to Wash a Backpack in Washing Machine

Step 1: Check The Backpack Care Label

How to Clean a Backpack

Follow the following steps to clean a backpack. Most backpacks have a guideline and instructions, and you must follow these instructions when you wash a backpack in the washer, that come with the backpacks. 

  • First read all the instructions carefully
  • After reading insure, whether your backpack is washable or not.
  • Care labels are usually located inside the backpack along the seam, mostly in the main zipper compartment.
  • Labels usually have recommended information and instruction for the backpack, about the washing and drying of the bag, and ensure its sustainability
  • If there is no label of instruction, then wash a less important part and ensure that the backpack is washable or not.

Step 2: Empty The Backpack Before Washing

Can You Put a Backpack in the Dryer OR Can You Put a Backpack in The Washer

You can wash but must keep the following points in mind:

It’s easy to say, but how many times have you found a forgotten object at the bottom of the machine. So it is shameful to damage your new external battery or your carefully stored memory cards, you will be amazed at what you find.

  • The second step for cleaning the backpack is to empty the bag before washing it.
  • If you have a lot of stuff in a bag, then pour the contents into a plastic bag or a tote bag and put it aside.
  • Leave all the pockets and compartments unzipped
  • Check the pockets and compartments
  • If there is any metal frame in your backpack, remove it before washing.
  • Turn your backpack inside out and use a small vacuum to clean the hard-to-reach interior corners of your backpack that might have small particles of dirt and garbage.
  • If there are any crumbs or dust in the backpack, then use a handheld vacuum to get out as much as you can.
  • Remove all the detachable straps, pockets, or smaller bags and handbags and wash them separately.

Empty The Backpack Before Washing

Step 3: Remove The Stain From Backpack

  • If there are any stains in the exterior or interior part of the backpack, then quickly apply some stain removers with a soft brush or also toothbrush to clean the stains, but don’t use any chemicals, i.e. Bleach
  • If your bag is made of a delicate material, like mesh, you can use a sponge instead of a brush to prevent the fabric from damage
  • And after removing the stains, t let it sit for about 30 minutes.
  • Use some detergent to remove the stains from the backpack.

Step 4: Use of Proper Detergent

  • A question arises what kind of detergent or soap should one use? So use detergents and soap that don’t damage the fabric backpacks.
  • Use these laundry cleaning products or detergents when you are washing your backpack.
  • But always use a small amount of gentle detergent that is suitable for a backpack.
  • Do not use detergent regularly; it damages the fabric material.

Use the following detergent when you wash a backpack

  1. Detergent powder
  2. Detergent cake
  3. Laundry liquid
  4. Stain and odor eliminator
  5. Fabric softener

Step 5: Use Cold Water

  • When you wash your backpack always use cold water, with a gentle cycle, because hot water can affect the colors of the backpack because sometimes it damages the fabric materials.

Step 6: Clean Machine Before Starting

  • Before washing the backpack, run the machine through an empty wash to clean detergent residue from previous washes.
  • Also, keep an eye on the washing machine in case your bag gets stuck on one side and causes an unbalanced load.

Step 7: Clean The Zippers

  • Clean the zippers with the help of a toothbrush gently, clean between the teeth, and keep them running smoothly.

Step 8:  Dry Before Using

  • Before using, where you remove it from the laundry,  must allow the backpack to dry naturally.
  • Leave all the zippers unzipped and hang them upside down if possible.
  • Hang the backpack outside or in your bathroom where any excess water can drip out of the bag.
  • Before using it make sure that it’s completely dry.

dry backpack before using

How to Hand Wash your Backpack

Most manufacturers use nylon in the backpack, which is easy to clean and can be washed in a washing machine. But some backpacks are made from leathers which need to be hand-washed. Some backpack has a waterproof coating on them, and they can be easily determined by touching the fabric on both sides.

If one side of the backpack is smooth and the other side does not smooth, there may be a coating over it, so these backpacks should not be put in a washing machine and should be washed on your hands. Washing a backpack look not only clean but also increases the lifetime of the backpack.

If one of the sides is smooth, and the other side not so smooth, there may be a coating over it, you have no washing machine or your backpack is too large that the cat did not fit in the washing machine, you wash it by your hand.

If you want to wash your backpack by hand, you wash it easily. The same process and steps will be followed for handwashing just like that you followed for, can bags be washed in a washing machine.

Backpack Care Tips

If you want to increase the life span of your backpack then you must keep care of your backpack properly. There are some steps and instructions that help you in this connection.

1. Keep Away Backpack From Water

When a backpack gets wet and is not dried properly before storing or using, then mold can build up. If you want your backpack dry in raining, then use Rucksack Covers. This covers a great way to keep your backpack and its contents dry.

2. Pack a Backpack With Sensibly

So, the questions arise that, how to pack a backpack for air travel or how to pack a backpack for school. So, when you pack a bag for school or for traveling, do not keep anything in the backpack that may cause damage to the bag. Especially sharp things like knives and even the sharp edges also damage the backpack,

Keep In Minds When You Pack A Backpack

  • Keep limited items and essentials in a backpack
  • First, layout everything and decide which one is necessary to keep and what can be left behind.
  • Keep all the items in an organizing way
  • First Pack heavy items
  • In the second Pack medium things
  • Pack light gears at the top in the last
  • Also, pack the pockets
  • Attach items to the outside of the backpack.


After washing, cleaning, and drying, it should look like a new brand and attractive. In this way, you can wash and make clean your backpack. So, I hope that you find the answer to the question of whether can you wash a backpack in the washing machine, or how to clean a backpack.

All this process should take at least 20 to 30 minutes. So it is an easy job to clean your backpack. Wiping down your backpack after a trip is always a good idea., but do not wash a backpack more than once or twice per year. Because more washing a backpack cause damage to the bag.

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